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English text for sandeba greta umbers


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English text for sandeba greta umbers

  1. 1. ENGLISHSandeba is a centre in the Ipelce region of Burkina Faso, led by Pastor Idressa, it houses 75 childrenaged from 0-16.Founded in the 1980s the orphanage has continued to grow and so to have their needs.Government assistance is almost nonexistent, so they must rely on donations to provide the very basicnecessities. Dedicated employees live onsite 24 hours a day, seven days a week and often without pay.My project is to facilitate the Quebecois Association (Corcovado), in their aim to assist the orphanageto become self-sufficient. requires a European, Berlin-based organization that will consistently take small steps towards thisgoal, substantially improving theconditions on site.Together with friends, work colleagues and volunteers, I have, and will continue to organize variouscampaigns to create awareness of SandebaIpelce and their needs.I will also continue to raise funds by selling various items such as books, clothing, electronic goods,etc, which are very kindly donated by thepublic, in Mauerpark flea market.I have already opened a german bank account, to which all revenues and donations collected areremitted.I am looking for potential sponsors and supporters and for people with any relevant and practicalknowledge that can be used on site, in BurkinaFaso, to aid in improving the living conditions for the orphans and volunteers.An example of this would be the permaculture project:With this project, we could improve the agricultural yield which in turn would impact positively on thenutrition and overall health of the children.Furthermore, any possible overproduction has the potential to generate an income. An additionalbenefit may also be made by raising medicinalplants to improve hygiene and to reduce illness and infant mortality.I will collect the statistical data concerning the causes of the local prevailing diseases and mortalityrates of these children, not only to be able tocompare this information in the future, establishing whether the effort made has achieved a result, butalso to gather evidence for alternativeopportunities for development in one of the poorest countries in the world.Text from Greta Ambers.