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  1. 1. Tunisia ByKatie Fannin
  2. 2. Flag
  3. 3. Physical Map
  4. 4. Language and climate• Language• The language that is spoken in Tunisia is mainly Arabic but some speak French,German,Italin,or ,English.• Climate• The climate is in the north they have mild rainy weather and in the south they have dessert , dry summers.
  5. 5. Political Map
  6. 6. Roman type Ampitheatre El Jem
  7. 7. Culture• Food• The food may have come from many different influences around from where the country is located .There is an old wife’s tale that says a man can tell how much his wife loves him by how spicy the food is.• Religion• The people of Tunisia are mostly Muslim , few Chritians and few Jews. Fewer still is any other religion.
  8. 8. Culture• Traditions• The traditions there are the men wear a jasmine flower behind the right ear if married and left if a bachelor. When entering a house one should take off their shoes and don’t refuse the mint tea offered if you do it could be taken the wrong way.• Sports• Sports include golf and scuba diving and deep sea fishing are popular .
  9. 9. Traditional Clothes
  10. 10. Economic ActivityThe county has become increasing middleclass. Tourism is a big part in the ecomy aswell as miming and manufacturing sectors. The GDP of Tunisia is 104.4(2012 est.)
  11. 11. • Middle east Arab• Info please• CIA world fact book• www.easy• ctivtes