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Students perspectives towards Learning centers: Oslo


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This study aims to investigate the first impressions and perspectives of the students on the concept of Learning Centers during their first year of joining the institution.

Published in: Education
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Students perspectives towards Learning centers: Oslo

  1. 1. Students’ Perspectives towards Learning CenterMuharrem YilmazPhD student, Hacettepe University, Turkey,yilmaz.muharrem@gmail.comDydimus ZengeneneInformation Specialist, CCARDESA, Botswana,dydimus.zengenene@gmail.comSanita MalejaInformation Specialist, Library Association of Latvia,
  2. 2. Traditional vs Innovative Education A traditional learning process subject to fixed schedules style, pace and subjectivity of the teacher Innovative learning process cooperative and independent studies a process of building community reflection and productive conversation
  3. 3. Introduction Universities • open, remote and flexible learning • ability both to transfer and gain knowledge • focus on the teaching and lecturing as well as provision of space for learning much the same
  4. 4. Aim• positive and negative differences• evaluation and comparison of the satisfaction levels and differences• impressions and perspectives of students on the concept of Learning Center
  5. 5. Learning Center (1) “one-stop-shop” • combined classroom • library and computing facility • allocated quiet study areas • rooms for group work • lounge area • coffee shops etc. for visitors • open planning Barratt and White (2010)
  6. 6. Learning Center (2)• librarianship and IT support• classroom teaching• assistance with library resource guidance in the class• main duty is to facilitate communication• users generally are self- sufficient
  7. 7. Case Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (Oslo, Norway)• Norways largest state university college, with a student body of approximately 17,000 students and 1,850 employees• 4 faculties located at 2 campuses and Learning Centers in 4 different locations within the two campuses.
  8. 8. Sample• International students in HIOA - DILL students
  9. 9. • Learning Center is part of the marketing jargon• a modern face of libraries - presence of computers• more advanced in terms of functionality and appearance• IT services are emphasized• focused on provision of access to learning material• teaching effective information retrieval;• assisting with academic writing in a rather informal setting etc
  10. 10. Conclusions (1) Feature Traditional Library Learning Center • Most space is occupied • Shared space by books and by books; less space for computers (emphasis on Space computers and browsing computers) • Less space for social • More space for social encounters interactions, group work etc • Traditional • Friendly, free, modernAmbience • Mainly book shelves and • Computers printed materials • Audio visual materials etcEquipment • Reading desks • Few books/bookshelves • Study desks as well as lounge areas
  11. 11. Conclusions (2) Feature Traditional Library Learning Center •Mainly printed • Few books with many information computers •Hard copy periodicals • Online is regarded as the key information source •Electronic resources • Modern, dynamic, up-to-dateCollection accessible from few collection computers • The collection includes •Old collection, rare computers and other audio weeding visual gadgets which can be loaned out •Mostly librarians giving • Librarians and IT staff seen user assistance giving support People
  12. 12. Annabelle Jacobs
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