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SSBG Boarding Manuel 2015


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SSBG Boarding Manuel

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SSBG Boarding Manuel 2015

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2 Greetings Leaders, Parents & Participants, On behalf of the Bay Area Council and the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our high adventure programs that offer a variety of unique nautical experiences. These programs will feature traditional outdoor camping themes and Scouting values, while blending in innovative on the water activities that will introduce you to the waterways of the Texas Gulf Coast Region and Galveston Bay. Setting your mind and sail for adventure is the easy part, it’s the planning and preparation of the course ahead, with the ability to handle the unexpected that is the hard part. The Scout Motto is “Be Prepared”, and without a doubt, the Troops, Teams, Crews and Ships that are prepared, clearly will have the most positive and truly memorable experiences while participating in the Sea Scout Base ~Galveston Program. This Boarding Manual will serve as the basis for successful planning and should be consider as more than just a manual, but essentially your paper compass. Trust it, and it will always point you in the right direction with the questions you may have as you progress forward in the planning process. In addition, I am pleased to announce 2 new programs for 2015. Our Sea Scout Specific Adventure and Cub Scout Splash Weekend! Both programs are sure to bring another level of uniqueness to our facility, and more importantly meet the needs of the overall Scouting program. As you work your way through the manual, at certain locations you will discover areas entitled Anchor Points. These points are not requirements, but simple extra advice to help you along. Plus you will notice that there are a number of charts. These charts are designed for you to easily find the answers specific to the adventure you are planning to attend! We look forward to welcoming you aboard!!! Eric Steele Director of Camping Services, Program Development & Properties Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston Bay Area Council, BSA
  3. 3. 3 SHIP’S MANIFEST OF CONTENTS 2015 Summer Program Schedule & Fees 4 Program Adventure Eligibility & Requirements 5 Specific Program Design & Schedule 7 Incentive Discount & Refund Policy 8 Required Forms, Training & Validation 9 Youth Protection & Texas background Check Requirements 10 Additional Registration Notes 11 Packing List 12 When You Arrive, Swim Checks & Lifeguard Skills 14 Facilities & Equipment 15 Need To Knows, General Rules, Do’s & Don’ts 16 Mail, Visitation, Emergency Procedures, Evaluation & Check Out 23 Online Resources & Social Media 25 Important Phone Numbers Key 26 Driving Directions 27 Required Health & Medication Forms 28 Captain’s Log & Notes 30 Mission Statement Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston is a high adventure marine and maritime destination. Our aquatic programs educate and foster independence of body, mind and spirit, while instilling lifetime leadership and team building skills.
  4. 4. 4 2015 SUMMER PROGRAM SCHEDULE & FEES Program   Start  Date   End  Date   Total   Nights   Base  Fee                                                                     (Incentive  Not  Included)   Deposit                                                                       (Non-­‐Refundable)   Balance   Due  if  Paid   in  Full  by   March  20,   2015   Balance   Due  if  Paid   after   March  20,   2015   Galveston  Nautical   Adventure  A   June     22   June   27   5   $3,600/Crew  of  6   $500     $2,800     $3,100     Galveston  Nautical   Adventure  B   June   29   July   4   5   $3,600/Crew  of  6   $500     $2,800     $3,100     Galveston  Nautical   Adventure  C   July   6   July   11   5   $3,600/Crew  of  6   $500     $2,800     $3,100     Galveston  Nautical   Adventure  D   July   13   July   18   5   $3,600/Crew  of  6   $500     $2,800     $3,100     Galveston  Nautical   Adventure  E   July   20   July   25   5   $3,600/Crew  of  6   $500     $2,800     $3,100     Galveston  Nautical   Adventure  F   July   27   August   1   5   $3,600/Crew  of  6   $500     $2,800     $3,100     Sea  Scout  Adventure   August   1   August   7   6   $450/Individual   N/A   $400     $450     Cub  Scout  Splash  Adventure   August   7   August   9   2   $170/Parent  &  Son  Combo   N/A   $150     $170    
  5. 5. 5 PROGRAM ADVENTURE ELIGIBILITY & REQUIREMENTS The summer program at Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston will focus on 3 primary areas of the overall Scouting program and meet the needs of a Boy Scout Troop, Varsity Team, Venture Crew, Sea Scout Ship or a new Cub Scout/Webelos parent and son combination!!! Below is a break down of each adventure. Galveston Nautical Adventure – Registration opens April 1, 2014 Age Minimum: 13 & Completed the 8th Grade Open to: Boy Scout Troops, Teams, Venture Crews & Sea Scout Ships Crew Size Minimum: 4 Total Participants Crew Size Maximum: 6 Total Participants This number includes both youth and adults. Adults: At least 2 adults must attend with a crew. Crews that bring youth female participants, must also bring an adult female. Fee Note: There is no individual participant fee, the fees are the same weather 4 participants attend or 6 participants attend. Double – Quadruple Crews: Flexibility is available for units bringing multiple crews to fill up the crew with 5 youth per crew and the option of only 1 adult per crew. These crews will be paired together to meet Youth Protection Standards. Other Notes: The max number of adult participants per crew can total no more than 3. Sea Scout Adventure – Registration opens September 2, 2014 Age Minimum: 13 & Completed the 8th Grade Open to: Registered Youth & Adult Sea Scouts Only Crew Size Minimum: 0, the adventure is designed to meet the needs of an individual currently enrolled in Sea Scouting working through the Sea Scout advancement and training programs. Fee Note: This program is an individual only fee. Other Notes: The program will give Sea Scouts the chance to work on advancement through individual scheduling starting at the Apprentice rank and working through to the Able rank. Individuals who have already achieved the Able rank, and that need teaching experience for the Quartermaster rank will have the opportunity to enroll in various aspects of the program that will allow them to complete teaching experiences required for the Quartermaster rank. In addition on the water sea time will be available with an overnight experience, and adult volunteers who are registered in the Sea Scouting program are encouraged to register and serve in a staff roll for the week with no fee. Registered Sea Scout adults only may attend in one of 2 capacities by either paying and participating in training experience program, specialized to meet the needs of today’s Sea Scout program. Or they may apply to serve in a volunteer staff position. All potential volunteers wishing to be on the Sea Scout Adventure staff, must complete the application process and be approved by the Bay Area Council Director of Camping Services in advance. If selected to serve in a staff position, your fee will be waived. Registration and specific details for this program will be available on September 2, 2014 at
  6. 6. 6 Cub Scout Splash Adventure – Registration opens April 7, 2014 Age Minimum: Must have completed 1 full year as a Tiger Cub or be starting 2nd Grade in the Fall, new Tiger Cubs joining in June, July or August of 2015 and entering 1st Grade in the Fall of 2015 will not be accepted. Crew Size: 0, this adventure is not designed to be a Cub Scout Den or Pack experience. It is individual based only experience for youth and adults currently registered in the Cub Scout/Webelos program. Open to: Cub Scouts, Webelos & Parent/Legal Guardians. Fee: The fee is designed to allow a combo of 1 Cub Scout/Webelos and 1 Parent/Legal Guardian. If a family is in a scenario where another Cub Scout/Webelos sibling is apart of the family. Registration for that individual should occur off-line by contacting the Bay Area Council directly after the primary registration for the initial Cub Scout/Webelos & Parent/Legal Guardian combo. This will allow a Parent/Legal Guardian the ability to bring a family dynamic such as twins for example. To register an additional sibling please contact the Bay Area Council’s Director of Camping Services at 409.744.5206 Other Notes: This program is fully about the fun experiences that can occur on the water, in the pool and is all about introduction. Because there are some significant safety rules involving Cub Scouts/Webelos on open water, participants should not expect to have experiences such as actual sailing on the waters of Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston. However, the program will give Cub Scouts/Webelos experiences they could only find at the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston facility. Anchor Points: • As you can see the best priced adventure is for the Sea Scout Adventure! This is because the facility was designed for this particular area of the Scouting program to experience. Our overall hope as a base is for individuals in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing to enjoy the traditional programs of the Galveston Nautical Adventure and the Cub Scout Splash Weekend and get a taste of what adventures lie ahead of them on the water and through Sea Scouting. As such, we want those individuals to take that experience back to their home units and return to the base one day to participate in a full Sea Scout Adventure experience!!! • Why only 6 individuals per crew? This number meets the maximum passenger allowance requirement of the US Coast Guard’s Charter Boat Captain’s License. More importantly it is the optimal size to accomplish a more quality focused adventure experience for the entire crew and the individuals. • Each program requires a number of forms, trainings and validations (Page 9), before you register please review this page to make sure as individual or a unit that you’re going to be able to meet the requirements to attend!
  7. 7. 7 SPECIFIC PROGRAM DESIGN & SCHEDULE Program   Program   Day  1   Day  2   Day  3   Day  4   Day  5   Day  6   Day  7   Day   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday       Galveston  Nautical   Adventure   Morning       Crews  will  go  through  a  Kayaking,  Sonar  Sailing  and  Large   Boat  Sailing  rotation  cycle  over  the  3  middle  days  of  this   program.    Specific  order  is  decided  by  random  selection.     Double,  Triple  and  Quadruple  Crews  will  be  placed  in  the   same  rotation  cycle  together   Crew  Regatta   Olympics   Breakfast  &  Check   Out       Afternoon   Check  in,  Swim   Checks,  Lifeguard   Skills  &   Orientation   Crew  Regatta   Olympics  &  Duty   to  God  Program           Evening   Bridge  Meeting  &   Sailing   Orientation   Open  Sailing,   Swimming  &   Volleyball   Open  Sailing,   Swimming  &   Volleyball   Open  Sailing,   Swimming  &   Volleyball   Closing  Fiesta   Luau  Program           Program   Day   Saturday   Sunday   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Sea  Scout  Adventure   Morning       A  4  day  program  that  is  fully  dedicated  to  Sea  Scouting  Advancement,  Traditions   &  Instruction  with  an  overnight  live  aboard  option.      This  week  is  designed   specifically  for  currently  registered  youth  and  adult  Sea  Scouts.   Skills  Competition   &  Duty  to  God   Program   Breakfast  &   Check  Out   Afternoon   Check  in,  Swim   Checks,  Lifeguard   Skills  &   Orientation       Evening   Opening  Program   &  Bridge  Meeting   Closing  Fiesta   Luau  Program       Program   Day   Friday   Saturday   Sunday                   Cub  Scout  Splash   Adventure   Morning       A  rotation   experience  of   activities  that  will   get  you  wet,  with   an  introduction  to   land  based   boating   education.   Breakfast,  Duty  to   God  Program  &   Check  Out                   Afternoon   Check  in,  Swim   Checks,  Lifeguard   Skills  &   Orientation                       Evening   Opening  Program   &  Bridge  Meeting   Closing  Fiesta   Luau  Program                      
  8. 8. 8 INCENTIVE DISCOUNT & REFUND POLICY . Incentive Discount: Each program offers an incentive discount for crews and individuals if the fee is paid in full by March 20, 2015. Refund Policy: For the Galveston Nautical Adventures, the initial crew deposit of $500 is non-refundable. Because the Galveston Nautical Adventure is a unit fee, no individual refunds will be granted. It is the unit’s responsibility to replace a crew member unable to attend. For the Sea Scout Adventure and the Cub Scout Splash Weekend Adventure refunds for individuals will only be granted to the original paying customer, whether it is the unit or individual. All unit refunds will be paid to the Committee Chairperson of record for the unit. All but 15% of an individual’s fee is refundable, under certain circumstances (sickness, death in family, summer school, military deployment or relocation only) as long as it is requested in writing, with back up documentation, and received at the Scout Service Center, 3020 53rd Street, Galveston, Texas 77551-5917. Refund requests due to light weather issues, homesickness, schedule conflicts, misinterpretation of printed council policies and procedures or reasons other than those noted above will not warrant a refund. In addition, partial refunds will not be granted for partial camp/event stays. If a camp or event is forced to be canceled by the council, because of severe weather, or other circumstances prior to the camp or event occurring, the council will reschedule the camp/event or initiate the refund process. All requests are due to the Bay Area Council office and in writing by the starting date of your specified program start date. Refund requests will not be granted if the request is submitted during your scheduled program or after your program has been completed. Anchor Points: • Sign up early and pay in full by March 20, 2015. Don’t let money sit on the table! This is a great chance to financially save on your overall fee and the early planning will result in a much better experience for everyone. • Don’t let the required trainings, documents and forms hold you back! You can still register early and complete the required trainings and documents in the time leading up to camp.
  9. 9. 9 REQUIRED FORMS, TRAININGS & VALIDATION Required  Form,  Training  or   Verification   Pre-­‐ Camp   Completed   at  SSBG   Notes  &  Options   Program   Galveston  Nautical   Adventure   Sea  Scout  Adventure   Cub  Scout  Splash   Adventure   Adult   Youth   Adult   Youth   Adult   Youth   Current  BSA  Registration   X       BSA  Membership  Cards  or                                                                                                                           Current  Unit  Roster  confirmed  upon  arrival   X   X   X   X   X   X   Health  Form   X       Reference  the  Health  &  Medication  section  of   this  Boarding  Manual   X   X   X   X   X   X   Criminal  Background  Check                                             (Home  State  Specific)       X   Required  by  the  State  of  Texas   X   Not   Required   X   Not   Required   X   Not   Required   Sexual  Predator  Check                                         (Home  State  Specific)       X   Required  by  the  State  of  Texas   X   Not   Required   X   Not   Required   X   Not   Required   Texas  Face  to  Face                                                   Youth  Protection  Training       X   Required  by  the  State  of  Texas                                                                                                                                           (MyScouting  General  Version  Not  Accepted)   X   Not   Required   X   Not   Required   X   Not   Required   Venturing  Youth  Protection   Training  -­‐   X       Venture  Crew  &  Sea  Scout  Ship  Adults  Only   X   Not   Required   X   Not   Required   Not   Required   Not   Required   CPR  Training   X       1  Member  per  Crew  must  hold  &  may  be  a   youth  or  an  adult   X   X   Not   Required   Not   Required   Not   Required   Not   Required   Wilderness  First  Aid   X       1  Member  per  Crew  must  hold  &  may  be  a   youth  or  an  adult   X   X   Not   Required   Not   Required   Not   Required   Not   Required   Weather  Hazards  Training  -­‐   X       Galveston  Nautical  &  Sea  Scout  Adventure   Only   X   X   X   X   Suggested   Not   Required   Lifeguard  or                                                                   Swimming  Water  Rescue   Training   X       1  Member  per  Crew  must  hold  &  may  be  a   youth  or  an  adult   X   X   Not   Required   Not   Required   Not   Required   Not   Required   Safe  Swim  Defense   X       Galveston  Nautical  &  Sea  Scout  Adventure   Only   X   X   X   X   Suggested   Not   Required   Safety  Afloat   X       Galveston  Nautical  &  Sea  Scout  Adventure   Only   X   X   X   X   Suggested   Not   Required   Unit  Tour  Plan   X       Required  only  for  units  traveling  to  SSBG  from   outside  the  Bay  Area  Council  geographic   Borders                          
  10. 10. 10 YOUTH PROTECTION & TEXAS BACKGROUND CHECK REQUIREMENTS The Boy Scouts of America and the state of Texas have some very specific requirements for adults attending a camp program. • All adults, regardless of the state they declare their residency in, must complete the training on site or show proof of completion with regard to the Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Training program entitled YC06-0014. This training is not an online training, and is an actual Face-to-Face training. Upon your arrival to the base, all adults over the age of 18 will have the opportunity to complete this training. • All adults participating as a Sea Scout or Venturing Leader must complete on site or show proof of completion with regard to the Boy Scouts of America Online Venturing Youth Protection Training. • All adults, regardless of the state they declare their residency in, must submit to a criminal background check and all the truthful answering of any questions associated with the background check’s completion. • All adults, regardless of the state they declare their residency in, must submit to a sexual predator background check and all the truthful answering of any questions associated with the sexual predator check’s completion. • For both the criminal background and sexual predator checks, you may be required to show proof of official photo identification, such as a driver’s license. • The Texas Youth Camp Safety and Health Act & Code require the above be completed by all licensed camps in the entire state. Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston is qualified and recognized as a licensed camp.
  11. 11. 11 ADDITIONAL REGISTRATION NOTES • Advanced registration is required for all Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston programs, with information online at on how to sign up. Individual Registration is not permitted for the Galveston Nautical Adventures. It is however permitted for the Sea Scout Adventure and the Cub Scout Splash Adventure Weekend. • The max crew size consists of 6 total, with the minimum size being no less than 4 individuals. • Traditional crews consist of either 4 Youth & 2 Adults or 3 Youth and 3 Adults • No walk in or day of registrations will be accepted. • If you or unit shows up without the required forms, trainings and validations…you will put yourself or your crew in jeopardy of being not permitted to participate in the program or at the very least significantly alter your opening day schedule. • For the Galveston Nautical Adventure you will be required to submit your final unit roster after you initially register as well as the remainder of your crew fee. Information on the final roster and payment completion date will be sent to you in January of 2015. • For some local units, you may want to swap out adult leadership midway through the adventure. This is allowed, but the replacement leader is subject to all of the opening day orientations and swim check validation. It is advised that replacement adults come in the night before their first full day during the open program period to complete the check in process.
  12. 12. 12 PACKING LIST Item   Galveston  Nautical   Adventure   Sea  Scout  Adventure   Cub  Scout  Splash   Adventure   Completed  BSA  Annual  Health  &  Medical  Record   x   x   x   Medical  Insurance  Card  Copy   x   x   x   Swimming  Trunks  -­‐  Males   x   x   x   One  Piece  Swim  Suite  -­‐  Females   x   x   x   High  Level  SPF  Sunscreen  &  Chapstick   x   x   x   Sunglasses  (Polarized  Advised)   x   x   x   Sunglasses  Strap  or  Float   x   x   x   Bug  Repellent   x   x   x   White  Sole  Non  Marking  Shoes/Sneakers   x   x   x   Water  Shoes   x   x   x   Day  Backpack/Bag   x   x   x   Official  BSA  Uniform   x   x   Not  Required   T-­‐Shirts,  Socks,  Underwear  (Specific  to  the  length  of  your  adventure)   x   x   x   Shorts   x   x   x   Home  Unit  T-­‐Shirt   x   x   Optional   Hawaiian  Shirt  for  Closing  Luau   x   x   x   Light  Rain  Gear   x   x   x   Wide-­‐Brimmed  Hat   x   x   x   Toothbrush  &  Toothpaste   x   x   x   Shampoo/Bodywash/Soap   x   x   x   Beach  Towel  &  Bath  Towel   x   x   x   Sleeping  Bag  or  Blanket   x   x   x   Pillow  &  Fitted  Single  Sheet   x   x   x   Personal  padlock   x   x   x   Flashlight   x   x   x   Personal  Scout  Handbook  specific  to  your  program     Optional   Optional   Optional  
  13. 13. 13 Item   Galveston  Nautical   Adventure   Sea  Scout  Adventure   Cub  Scout  Splash   Adventure   Spending  Money   x   x   x   Dry  bag  or  box  for  storage  of  Electronic  Items   x   x   x   16  Oz  Water  Bottle  with  a  clip  (Nalgene's  work  best)   x   x   x   1  High  Pitch  Whistle   x   x   Not  Required   5-­‐10  Carabineers  multiple  sizes  for  clipping   x   x   Not  Required   Pen  &  Notebook/Paper   x   x   Not  Required   Boatswain  pipe   Optional   x   Not  Required   Sailing  Gloves   x   x   Not  Required   Camera/Cell  Phone   Optional   Optional   Optional   Fishing  Equipment   Optional   Optional   Optional   Texas  Saltwater  Fishing  License  (17  years  of  age  or  older)   Optional   Optional   Optional   Seasickness  Pills   Optional   Optional   Optional   GPS   Optional   Optional   Optional   Laptop/iPad  (Adults  Only)   Optional   Optional   Optional   Galveston  Nautical  Adventure  Crew  Equipment  Only   x           File  System  for  all  participant  records   x           Small  Lockable  Storage  Unit  for  Medications   x           Troop/Team/Crew/Ship  Flag   x           A  unique  way  to  identify    your  crew  (Examples:  Wristband,  Hat,  Shirt)   x           Crew  First  Aid  Kit   x           Games  for  downtime   x           Crew  $$$  incase  there  is  a  payment  discrepancy     x           Crew  padlock   x           1  Council  Shoulder  Patch  &  Set  of  Unit  Numbers  to  leave  with  the   base   x           Do  Not  Bring               Fireworks   x   x   x   Bikes,  Skateboards,  Surfboards,  Paddleboards,  Your  Own  Kayak/Boat   x   x   x   Expensive  Personal  Jewelry   x   x   x   Anything  you  don't  want  to  lose!!!   x   x   x  
  14. 14. 14 WHEN YOU ARRIVE, SWIM CHECKS & LIFEGUARD SKILLS • Plan to arrive at the base on time by 1PM on the first day of your scheduled program. • Early day before arrivals will not be permitted, • Lunch meal arrangements are not available for the day of arrival prior to 1PM. You may however bring your own sacks or lunch and utilize a quiet area of the property while you wait to register at 1PM. • Upon arrival you should be prepared to turn over all the required forms, trainings and validations. • For Galveston Nautical Adventures, the above will be completed by the Adult Crew Leader • For the Sea Scout Adventure, this will be completed by the individual youth attending or the adult leader attending with a group. • For the Cub Scout Splash Weekend Adventure, this will be completed by the parent. • After check in you will be assigned to your quarters. • A swim check will occur on day 1 as well as the Leadership Bridge Meeting. • Adults will be given the opportunity to complete youth protection training. Anchor Points: • BE ON TIME...the program schedule is significantly tight on day 1 and is essentially your on site day of orientation and planning for the program week or weekend ahead. • Alphabetize documents!!! • Plan ahead for the swim test, pack your trunks on top of your gear along with your beach towel. The swim test will be one of the very first things you do as a crew. Swimming Ability Requirements & Test: Every participant (Adult & Youth) is required to complete the Boy Scouts of America’s Swimming test as outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting. Please note that, advanced unit swim checks will not be accepted, but are encouraged for practice and training purposes. In order to qualify as a swimmer, the participant must complete the following on site at the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston. • Jump feet first into water over the head in depth and level off • Begin swimming a forward power stroke of 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, or crawl. • Then the swimmer must turn onto their backs and complete 25 yards using an easy, resting elementary backstroke. • The 100 yards must be swum continuously with no breaks in the middle or holding onto the side of a pool, dock or rope line. • After completing the swimming portion of the test, the swimmer must demonstrate an ability to rest by floating on their back for 10 seconds. • At the completion of the test, the base runs all participants through a general lifeguard skills experience.
  15. 15. 15 FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT Doolin Hall (Main Facility) Ground Level Floor: Registration Office, SSBG Shipping & Trading Company, Swimming Pool, Flag Plaza, Restrooms & Storage Floors 2, 3, 4: Sleeping Quarters for both participants & staff Floor 5: Commodore Room, Galley, Conference Rooms & Administration Offices Roof: Crow’s Nest Observation Deck & Roof Top Garden Outdoor Structures & Other Facilities Training Deck: Contains restrooms, showers and a training classroom Chapel/Amphitheater: Able to accommodate religious services, land ship ceremonies, and a variety of programs Main Lawn: Contains an open grass area and volleyball court BaySmart Pavilion: The primary boarding and staging area for the educational BaySmart vessel Wheelhouse Operations: Contains the offices for the waterfront operation, BaySmart program and First Aid Docks & Waterfront: Contains a boat launch ramp, kayaking launch area, and slips for over 50 vessels Equipment • 13 tandem kayaks • 18 Flying Junior Sailboats • 7 Sonar Sailboats • 5 Sailing vessels ranging in length between 35-42 feet long • 110’ Educational Vessel BaySmart
  16. 16. 16 NEED TO KNOWS, GENERAL RULES, DO’S & DON’TS Parking, Trailers & Carpooling: Vehicle space is very limited at the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston. As such it is requested that your crew carpool to the program. If your unit will be utilizing a trailer then please notify the Camp Director in advance of your arrival so accommodations for parking can be made. And also remember to lock not only the trailer, but to lock the hitch system as well before you head out on your adventure. The Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston will not be responsible for any unlocked vehicles or trailers, or vehicles that may be towed away should they be parked in an unauthorized area of the base or city of Galveston property. Opening Night Leadership Bridge Meeting: After dinner on the first night, your unit will send at least one adult leader and one youth to attend the Leader’s roundtable discussion. Here you will meet with the Camp Director to discuss the camp’s program, policies and procedures. In addition this serves as a great time to ask any questions and share any ideas from other crews attending. This will not be required for the Cub Scout Splash Weekend Adventure Crew Tribute for the Galveston Nautical Adventure & Sea Scout Ships only: Naturally after a great week of summer program, a timeless tradition is for a unit to create some kind of a tribute or memento to leave behind. The Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston believes strongly in this tradition, but in doing so will allow only the following method and form. • A Counsel Strip Patch(CSP) along with up to 4 individual numbers representing the Troop, Team, Crew or Ship’s unit number. • The unit numbers should be official Boy Scouts of America patches and should be sewn to the CSP directly at the bottom so that only the CSP and the numbers are shown. • Please do not use any type of cloth, wood, plastic or metal material to affix the patches to. • Also do not include anything more than the patches alone. I.E. individual names or signatures. • The Crew Tributes will be forever housed at the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston.
  17. 17. 17 Religious Service & Duty to God: During your time at SSBG, you will have the chance to participate in a religious service as well as have the chance to complete the special “Duty to God” program exclusive to SSBG. Closing Fiesta/Luau Program: Tropical Meets Texas! At the end of each program, a closing Fiesta Luau program will occur with music, songs, skits and the presentation of the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston Patch. You’re unit should plan to attend and have fun with it. Hawaiian shirts and sombreros are highly encouraged, and your crew will be expected to present at least 1 and up to 2 skits, songs or poems about your week’s adventure. The skit, song or poem should be appropriate and original. At this time you may present your Crew Tribute to the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston. Spending Money: We recommend that participants bring spending money for the SSBG Shipping and Trading Company. We also suggest that leaders set up a "Crew Bank" to insure that individual participant funds are neither lost nor stolen. To set up a “Crew Bank” place money in individually labeled zip-lock bags kept by the leaders in a secure place or lockable box. Please remember that the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston has no provisions to store money or valuables for any individuals or the crew. Service & Clean Up: Throughout your time at the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston program, the expectation will exist that the crew should participate in any cleaning, care and repacking of Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston equipment and gear for the next crew coming in to utilize the facility. In addition, a duty roster will be in place to cover needs for opening and closing ceremonies and meals. The restrooms within your individual dorm quarters are specifically the responsibility of the individuals within that room to clean before departure. Lost & Found: A lost and found box will be kept at the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston until August 31. All items not claimed by then will be either donated or thrown away.
  18. 18. 18 First Aid: Depending on the program you are currently underway with, a crew will be with a Captain or Guide that is Wilderness First Aid trained. In addition each crew is required to have at least one participant trained in Wilderness First Aid. This is essential, because the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston is not an “On Site” operation, but actually a mobile operation because in many cases you will be out on the water. For any significant emergencies the proper service responders must be notified immediately and all on the water first aid should be documented in the First Aid Logs and submitted to the camp administration upon your return to the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston. The UTMB Hospital Emergency Room is less than 10 minutes from the base. Homesickness: A 1988 edition of the American Camping Association magazine reported that: homesickness is a very real and natural emotion that can occur when anyone leaves familiar surroundings. If you have a particularly difficult case of homesickness, the camp staff is a great resource to turn to. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with any homesickness . Seasickness: Seasickness is a reality that can occur quickly when participating in the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston programs and without a doubt, ruin your experience. The only real cure or prevention is to make your way to or stay on land. There are a variety of techniques and solutions that are available through some simple online reading. But in general, use of the wristbands, or over the counter medications while staying hydrated, eating properly and being in good physical condition before you set to sea are the best preventive solutions to the new sailors of the world. Please indicate on the Health & Medical form permission for the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston to administer Sea Sickness Pills and water. Hydration: It is crucial to stay hydrated while participating in the program. Please make sure to pack at least a 16 oz water bottle that has a clip feature to it. Clipping the bottle to yourself or the boat will be crucial so that a significant drink of water is never to far away. Hydration backpacks work well too!
  19. 19. 19 Sunburn: The Texas sun and heat is unforgiving. So be prepared to use 50 + SPF sun block daily while participating in the program. Having some aloe on hand is also advised! Physical Condition: Being in proper physical condition is crucial to enjoying the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston Program. The participants should before attending develop an exercise regiment to prepare for the week’s high adventure activities, which can be very strenuous. All participants should also meet the height and weight requirements as stipulated on the BSA Health & Medical Record. Travel To and From: The base will not provide travel to and from the facility. It is the responsibility of the crew or individuals attending. If flying, Hobby Airport Southeast of Houston, is the closest option. But, George Bush International may provide more options on cheaper flights depending on where you are originally departing from. In addition, because Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston sits essentially in the city limits of Galveston…if renting a vehicle, you may want to consider adding to your trip on the front end or back end of your trip to explore. Please note though, that the base does not offer additional days with regard to overnight accommodations. Reporting Child Abuse; Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston staff members have received training to deal with potential victims of any kind of child abuse. If you suspect that a youth is a victim, under the laws of Texas you are required to report it as a primary to the authorities, with secondary notification going to the Camp Director and Scout Executive. If you find yourself unsure on how to report a youth protection issue, please consult with the Camp Director for guidance and clarification.
  20. 20. 20 BSA Policy on Smoking & Tobacco use: You may smoke in the designated area only. But, it is highly advised to please leave the tobacco products at home. There is to be no use of tobacco in sight of youth, in buildings or structures or aboard any of the vessels. Check with the camp staff upon arrival for the designated smoking location. Cigarette butts are to be collected and disposed of properly. BSA Policy on Alcohol and Illegal Substances: The Boy Scouts of America prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances at encampments or activities on property owned and/or operated by the Boy Scouts of America and at any activity involving participation of youth members, regardless of location. Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston operates under a zero tolerance policy regarding Alcohol and Controlled Substances and will in every situation have the violators removed from the property and notify the authorities if necessary. The camp also reserves the right to not release any youth member into the custody of a parent or guardian under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance because of safety concerns and protection. Anchor Points: • All Adults in the program are role models for the youth. While you may not think of yourself as such, in the end you are a role model in their eyes. Your conduct, behavior, and personal habits will set the right example for many years to come.
  21. 21. 21 General Rules: ! Everyone must have a buddy ! Everyone must wear white-soled shoes/sneakers. The Captains/boat owners are adamant on this issue. The shoes should also be close toed while participating in the program. Exceptions are permitted when swimming or at the closing Luau program. ! Please No Running, especially on the docks or boats. ! No Pets are allowed on camp property. ! Areas Off-Limits to all participants; Private offices, staff quarters, maintenance and storage areas and the docks when not in program. ! Boats when the Captain/Owner is not present. ! All participants must notify the camp administration if leaving for an early departure. ! When the Scout Sign is "up," please be quiet. ! Fireworks are prohibited ! No flames or fire in any form is allowed in tents, covered structures or on vessels (this includes smoking). ! Remember the Guide to Safe Scouting, Rules, Policies, and Procedures of the Boy Scouts of America are always in effect. ! Respect guest instructors, speakers and staff.  
  22. 22. 22 10 Do’s & 10 Don’ts: 1. DO have a pre-camp shakedown to ensure that all participants (youth and adults) have what they need and do not take what they do not need. 2. DO arrive at camp on time. 3. DO volunteer to help where needed. 4. DO lock up valuables. 5. DO let us know if there is a Birthday we need to celebrate. 6. DO plan for the expectation that weather could hinder your trip experience. 7. DO consider bringing your own fishing equipment. 8. DO plan to have a funny skit or song for the Luau closing program and to dress in Hawaiian Shirts! 9. DO plan to clean up your dorm room when you depart. 10. DO bring all of your required gear, forms, trainings and validations. 1. DON’T bring your own crew items, such as tents, and cooking gear 2. DON’T bring liquid fuels. 3. DON’T bring anything to camp that you don’t want to lose. 4. DON’T bring SCUBA gear or your own kayaks 5. DON’T store personal food items on your own without first consulting with camp staff on what is allowed. 6. DON’T expect to be the lead person in charge of one of the boats, and please remember the boats are privately owned and the Captain/Owner is in charge. 7. DON’T plan to leave your unit mark at camp in an extravagant way, in the traditions section there are specific instructions about what is the acceptable form of leaving behind a personal crew tribute. 8. DON’T plan to develop your own agenda and schedule, the pre-scheduled program of the base is the only schedule to be followed. 9. DON’T bring your own Personal Floatation Device (PFD). 10. DON’T plan to have a bad time!!!
  23. 23. 23 MAIL, VISITATION, EMERGENCY PROCEDURES, EVALUATION & CHECK OUT Mail: Letters and care packages from home to camp are a timeless tradition. However the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston is unable to accept deliveries for participants with the exception of emergency situations. Parents and family members are encouraged to write pre letters or pack pre packages that the unit leadership can bring with them and distribute throughout the week at the appropriate time. Phone & Email Messages: The camp will only deliver phone and Email messages in the case of an emergency. Visiting Camp: As the participants will be out in a variety of locations on their adventure during the week, drop in visits are discouraged. If you have a unique situation and find that you need to visit the facility. Please notify the base in advance. Hurricane Season: Hurricane season begins June 1 and continues through November 30. In the event of extreme weather conditions the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston will make the final decision regarding whether to continue with the planned program adventure or to seek shelter and begin evacuation plans. Emergency Procedures: There are a variety of Emergency Procedures at Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston. Upon your initial arrival day, the procedures will be covered with the adult leadership during the Bridge Meeting.
  24. 24. 24 Evaluations: At the end of your program you will be provided with a final evaluation and feed back survey. Your thoughts and concerns are important to us and we encourage you to be honest in your evaluation. All comments, both good and not so good, are reviewed by the staff and appropriate actions taken as necessary. Check Out for Overnight Programs: On your last day you will need to inspect your gear and leave the facility, boats and equipment in better condition than you found them., “A Scout is Clean”. Damaged Equipment: The base fully realizes that equipment overtime wears and tears. However if equipment utilized by your crew incurs significant damage beyond nature wear and tear…or if there is damage within your quarters. It is the expectation that the individual or crew utilizing the equipment or quarters pay for the damages incurred. While at the base, dormitory keys will be assigned to individual participants. In the event a key is lost or damaged, the individual who is assigned a specific key will be charged accordingly, based on the keys replacement value.
  25. 25. 25 ONLINE RESOURCES & SOCIAL MEDIA Area   Link   Bay  Area  Council   Sea  Scout  Base  -­‐  Galveston   Boy  Scouts  of  America   National  Sea  Scouting   My  Scouting  Online  Trainings   Galveston  Island  Information   Galveston  Chamber  of  Commerce   Bay  Area  Council  -­‐  Facebook   Sea  Scout  Base  -­‐  Galveston  Facebook   Sea  Scouts  BSA  -­‐  Facebook   Sea  Scout  Base  -­‐  Galveston  -­‐  Twitter   United  States  Sailing  
  26. 26. 26 IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS KEY Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston 7511 Broadway Street Galveston, TX 77554 Bay Area Council Service Center 3020 53rd Street Galveston, TX 77551 Important Phone Numbers: o Galveston Police Department 409.765.3702 o Galveston Fire Department 409 .797.3850 o UTMB Emergency Room - Galveston 409.722.1191 o United States Coast Guard - Galveston 409.766.5633 o Galveston Beach Patrol 409.763.4769 o Council Director of Camping Services 703.674.8460 o Council Scout Executive 409.744.5206 o Bay Area Council Office 409.744.5206 o Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston (Emergency Only) 409.572.2560 Note: For Questions about the Scouting Programs Contact the Bay Area Council Office directly. Please, only contact Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston directly, should an emergency occur.
  27. 27. 27 Directions to Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston From the North (Houston) • Take Interstate I-45 South, crossing the Galveston Causeway Bridge. • Exit onto the 71st Street Exit to your right. • Travel approximately .5 miles and the base is on your right. From the East (Bolivar) • Take the Port Bolivar to Galveston Ferry • Continue straight on Ferry Road for 1 Mile • Turn right onto Harborside for 6 Miles • Pass under I-45 and make a left onto the frontage road of Broadway • Travel approximately .5 miles and the base is on your right. From the South (Freeport/Surfside) • Travel the Blue Water Highway North crossing over the San Luis Pass Bridge for approximately 35 miles till you come to 61st Street along the Seawall Boulevard in Galveston. • Make a left onto 61st Street for 1.5 Miles • Make a left onto the Broadway Frontage way heading North for 1.5 Miles • Pass under I-45 and make a left onto the frontage road of Broadway • Travel approximately .5 miles and the base is on your right.
  28. 28. 28 REQUIRED HEALTH & MEDICATION FORMS The Boy Scouts of America require all participants regardless of age or sex to provide upon arrival to the Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston, the Annual BSA Health & Medical Record Form. The form carries 3 parts, and you are required to complete the following parts based on your program listed below. The form is available in the back of this guide and can also be downloaded to your computer as a PDF file from the national Boy Scouts of America website through The form is very user friendly and the information can be saved, and thus updated as needed and printed out. Health  Form   Program   Part   Area   Galveston  Nautical   Adventure   Sea  Scout  Adventure   Cub  Scout  Splash  Adventure   A   Informed  Consent,  Release   Agreement,  and  Authorization   X   X   X   B   General  Information  &  Health   History   X   X   X   C   Pre-­‐Participation  Physical   X   X   Not  Required   Please Note: A copy of an individual participant’s health insurance card is required to accompany the form. Required evidence of physical fitness Every participant needs to be physically fit for the strenuous demands that will be placed on their body. You will be in the water a great deal doing high-level activities. In advance of your adventure you should go swimming often with your crew at your local pool. Do some light exercises to increase your stamina. You will be frequently lifting your body in and out of the water onto boats and docks from time to time, paddling and pulling lines on sailboats, while also doing it in extreme heat. Get in shape! Stay in shape! Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston reserves the right to restrict your participation in the program at any time based on your current physical fitness status. The BSA Health & Medical form contains a chart with Max Height to Weight Guidelines. It is advised that you review these guidelines in advance of registering for program participation. Fees will not be refunded if you arrive at Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston and you are declared unable to participate by the SSBG staff.
  29. 29. 29 Medication: All prescription medications are required to be verified by the camp medical officer upon your arrival. They must be in their original container and labeled. Medications must be under lock through either the camp medical officer or the authorized adult leader responsible for administration/dispensing. Exceptions to this national policy are inhalers, epi-pens, and other medicines that must be held on the person at all times. An example of this would be heart medication such as nitroglycerin pills. In those cases, the camper’s physician should note this requirement on his or her medical form. After all medications have been verified, the crew then may secure the medications in the Adult Crew Leader’s lock box (Required Item on the Packing List). If medications are being dispensed outside of the camp medical office, while on an adventure for example, then the authorized leadership must complete the required recording forms to validate time, date and location of the medicine distribution. Anchor Points: • Before you leave for camp, make sure that all medical forms have been completed, signed and include the copy of the insurance card. • Make sure your unit number is on every form and alphabetize the forms to help the camp staff and your unit conduct the onsite registration process as quickly as possible. • Make a back up set of copies and keep them in a 3 ring binder with individual plastic sheet covers for each form. In addition keep them alphabetized and with one of your lead adults. • Do not mail your health forms in advance to the camp or council service center. Bring them to camp with you on the day you arrive. • Sea Scout Base - Galveston only retains medical forms for individuals who require medical assistance while participating in the program. All other medical forms will be returned to the campers or the unit leader at the end of each session by request from the unit leader. • Any medical forms left at Sea Scout Base ~ Galveston after your departure will be destroyed within 24 hours.
  30. 30. 30 CAPTAIN’S LOG & NOTES __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________