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Mobile World Congress 2015 Highlights by Modirates


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The important Highlights From Mobile World Congress 2015 by We focus on new technologies, FinTech and Trends this year on mobile world congress.

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Mobile World Congress 2015 Highlights by Modirates

  2. 2. QUICK SUMMARY Smart Phones &Tablets Wearables & Hearables Payment Systems Connected Cars Home Appliances Robots & Emotional Interfaces Virtual & Augmented Reality Internet ofThings • Every year, we see less smart phones & Tablets in mwC.This year, samsung launched galaxy s6 and s6 edge, while htc announced HTC One m9 but the most interesting devices in this segment were Jolla tablet, black phone 2 and LenovoYoga tablet. • On the other hand, we see more wearables & Hearables, VR Head sets in the show this year. the important detail was, fashion brands were showcasing this year with their designs and partnerships with tech companies. • In payments area, Samsung Pay was the biggest announcement. Google announced their new platform Android Pay and Paypal announced the acquisition of paydiant.All send a clear message to Apple:“you are not alone in this space” • Smart cars, bicycles are announced as the connected smart solutions and underlined the importance of the connected ecosystem and internet of things. • Robots & emotional interfaces seems to be the new trend in product and service design.
  3. 3. SAMSUNG PAY APPLE PAY COMPETITOR ANNOUNCED Samsung has announced Samsung Pay, its mobile payment system which allows Samsung owners to pay for goods and services by waving the phone instead of swiping the credit card. • Samsung Pay will be coming with Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge this summer in the US and South Korea. • Samsung Pay uses NFC as Apple Pay does with eligible POS terminals, but also, it is using LoopPay’s Magnetic Secure Transmission Technology, that works by holding the phone near a traditional card swipe reader, essentially making it backward compatible for nearly all payment terminals. • Samsung Pay is eligible to be used in 30 million POS terminals all around the World. • Samsung Pay will not work on previous devices as they don’t have LoopPay support. • Samsung Pay is working similar to Apple Pay for users. Users swipe their fingers from bottom to top on their phone’s screen (even the phone is locked),Than select your card and use fingerprint to activate the service. Once these steps are done, you bring your phone close to the POS terminal and make the payment. • Samsung Pay keeps 16 digit card number encrypted on the device, as LoopPay is not supporting tokenization, yet. As a mid term solution, transaction tokens is being used for the service. Samsung is still in talks with Visa and MasterCard to increase the security of the solution by tokenizing the card number as Apple Pay does.
  4. 4. ANDROID PAY NOT A SERVICE,A COMPLETE PLATFORM After Samsung Pay announcement, Google Announced their new payment platform Android Pay in MWC. Google has also announced their partnership with major Telco Operators AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile to brought Android Pay pre- installed in Android Devices. • Android Pay announced as a platform, rather than a service compared to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Application developers will be able to add Android Pay as a payment tool through their applications. • Android Pay also targets merchants and enables Android Devices to accept payments in the stores. • Google announced that, Android Pay will work similar to Apple Pay for the end users. This means, reaching Android pay will be easy, enabling will be done with fingerprint and payment will be done through NFC.
  5. 5. PAYPAL ACQUIRES PAYDIANT ANDROID PAY IS NOT ALONE Google announced Android Pay as a platform rather than a service. PayPal answered that move by acquiring Paydient, to become a real payment platform for developers and merchants with enhanced value added services like loyalty… • Paydiant was born in 2010 and was enabling brands to integrate payment systems to their mobile services. Also it was providing mobile wallet solutions to Walmart,Target and Exxon. • With this acquisition, merchants will be able to launch their own digital wallets with built in loyalty programs. • PayPal announced that, Paypal here will work with password login and bluetooth integration to enable NFC for in store payments. PayPal here was announced as Square competitor and will be available in UK and Australia this summer; in US in the last quarter.
  6. 6. ORDER PIZZA WHILE DRIVING BYVISA- PIZZA HUT- ACCENTURE Visa Inc., Pizza Hut and Accenture announced they are working together to develop a proof-of-concept connected car to test mobile and online purchases on the go. The connected car is expected to feature Visa Checkout, Visa’s online payment service, cellular connectivity, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), as well as Beacon technology deployed at Pizza Hut restaurants to alert staff when the customer has arrived and is ready to pick up the order. • Visa Checkout will be used with Voice Control to make the purchase while driving. • Pizza Hut will be providing the menu, restaurant locations, delivery and pick up options on the car application • Accenture is developing the in car application,Visa checkout integration, Cellular and Bluetooth connectivity for the application.
  7. 7. CAR OFTHE FUTURE QUALCOMM AND MASERATI SHOWCASES CONCEPT CAR Qualcomm and Maserati developed a concept car for the future to showcase the next generation connected car concept. • The car has Snapdragon 602A automobile OS, Qualcomm 3G/ 4G LTE Router, Qualcomm VIVE Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi, Qualcomm iZat location services and Qualcomm WiPower cordless charging unit. • The car has multiple cameras on each side, which enables customers to view and recognize all moving and stable objects around the car for creating extra safety while driving and parking. • All passengers in the car are able to use Wi-Fi connectivity inside the car. • All the systems in the car can be controlled by voice commands. • Laptop, mobile phone and tablet screens can be shared with the car’s interactive screens. Android devices can be controlled through these screens.
  8. 8. FORD MODE:ME E-BICYCLE WITH SMART CENCORS It is not only about smart cars, it is all about smart transportation and Ford is aware of that.They showed their e-bicycle this year in MWC. • MoDe:Me has an iPhone application which has navigation, direction support, easy cycling mode and Ford Sync connectivity. The app also measures heart rate and enables easy cycling mode which provides higher speed with less effort. • The bicycle is developed with Dahon, reaches 25km/hr • The bicycle is portable and easy to cary & handle. • Users can charge their iPhone while driving the bicycle. • The navigation support is providing alternative routes as well as short cuts and interest points on the route.
  9. 9. Huawei Watch • Works with Android Wear. • Has the brightest and highest resolution screen 1.4 inch 400x400 AMOLED screen. • Health support is provided by Jawbone and FitBit LG Watch Urbane • Works with Android Wear. • Has P-OLED touch screen, uses Snapdragon 400 • Uses Google’s Gear Fit for health data. • Rounded screen and thick body makes it looks like a classical luxury watch. PebbleTime • Colored E-Ink Screen, up to 7 days battery life • Only smart watch supporting both iOS and Android • PebbleTime Steel is a complete Apple Watch competitor SMART WATCHES WHO WILL WINTHE BATTLE?
  10. 10. HTC +VALVE = REVIVE NEW DIMENSIONTOVIRTUAL REALITY HTC announced their new virtual reality head set with their statement “FINALLY,THE FUTURE” • HTC partnered with Valve, who has an amazing game content as they already have SteamVR. Gaming is considered as the most effective sector for the augmented reality head sets. • RE Vive carries 70 censors and enabling 360 degree viewing. This gives the users, who is wearing the head set the ability to view full 360 degree view and close to a true real world experience. • REVive has no smart phone dependency and this gives it a real advantage compared to the rivals, Samsung’s SamsungVR. • HTC announced content partnership with giant gaming and media companies like Cloudhead Games, Dovetail Games, Fireproof Games,Vertigo Games, Steel Wool Games, Bossa Studios • HTC will release the developer kit in fall,2015 and the final product is expected to be launched on holiday season at the end of the year.
  11. 11. QUALCOMM INTRODUCES SENSE ID SCANNING FINGERPRINT WITH SOUND WAVE Qualcomm will provide more security on touch ID with their new product: Snapdragon Sense ID. Sense ID is using sound waves for 3D mapping of your fingerprint. • Although Apple and Samsung have already launched Touch ID through their mobile devices, it is known that hacking these solutions is hard but not impossible. • Snapdragon Sense ID is measuring the dips and mounds on the finger to measure and copy the fingerprint more realistically. • Also the materials of the touch censor is not important for Sense ID, which makes device manufacturers to be more flexible in terms of designing the devices. • Qualcomm declared that Sense ID will be seen on the new devices later this year. But Apple and Samsung are not using Qualcomm so we won’t be seeing this product on iPhones or Galaxy devices. But, for sure, similar solutions will be used by Apple and Samsung in the near future.
  12. 12. 5 ADTRENDS ON MOBILE 1. Android Gets Most MobileTraffic But Apple GetsThe Spend For Q4 of 2014,Android saw the majority (63%) of mobile ad traffic over that period, with more than six in 10 ad impressions served on its devices. This marks a significant change from 2013, when Android only captured 38%, falling short of iOS’s 43% share of the market. Apple retained a solid lead for revenue generation and monetization in Q4 with a 52% share of spend compared to Android’s 41%. 2. Personalized Services WithThe Help Of Big Data In App Analytics and behavioral data is getting more important. Analyzed data will be used to provide more personalized services, However, it is not easy to develop and test these services, companies who start investing today will be the winners of tomorrow. 3. Asia Is Raising Smartphone adoption rates across 29 Asia Pacific countries spiked from 48% to 60% in 2014 and meant that they accounted for 26% of global ad impressions compared to the US’s share of 44%. 4. User SpendTime In Apps Today, users are more inclined to interact with apps than the mobile browser, which means that in-app advertising is much more lucrative than ever.The apps a user downloads onto their smartphone says a lot about their personality and likely behavior towards ads being served to them. Social networking, music, gaming, video and media categories continue to be clear leaders in traffic volume terms and receive the highest number of impressions globally. Gaming apps present the most significant revenue potential - in Q4 2014, gaming app impressions represented 14% of the total (up from 5% in 2013) and revenue from these jumped from just 3% to 21% within the same period. 5. Africa is Mobile-First Even Africa has become a hotbed for mobile growth.At the end of 2013, the region only accounted for 1% of the global mobile ad market but this grew to nearly 5% by the end of last year.The growth is being driven by the increase in internet usage through mobile devices. In fact, roughly 58% of Africans access the internet from their mobile device and in countries such as Kenya, 99% of internet users gain access through their mobile.
  13. 13. NOT FINISHEDYET… ZTE is allowing to unlock your mobile with Eye Print ID technology. • ZTE announced their new flagship smartphone Grand S3 with a biometric feature called Eye Print ID. Developed by Eye Verify, Eye Pront ID enables its owners to unlock the screen with their eyes. Jolla showed their new Tablet, Jolla Tablet which is running Selfish, an alternative OS to iOS and Android • Jolla Tablet has been developed by ex-Nokia employees. The project was funded in just 2 hrs after launching the Indiegogo campaign for the initial investment.The tablet is a great alternative in the market and supported by Intel. 200GB Micro SD Card?Yes, it is… • SanDisk announced their 200GB Micro SD Card in Mobile World Congress. It is the biggest capacity ever, but is it really worth? Samsung stopped micro SD support on the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and all the smart phones are coming with Cloud Storage packages. This can be the last time that we see such kind of a product.