Why we chose the city mini


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Is the way to have your ideal modern baby stroller, not just for sightseeing but for the purposeful convenience to your babies everywhere you go. This is to make it sure that Baby stroller has a very light frame and are equipped with robust tire. We were quite careful to choose the right sort of stroller for our fleet of Orlando stroller rentals.

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Why we chose the city mini

  1. 1. Babywheelsorlando.com
  2. 2. If you are in the process of checkingout Orlando stroller rentals, then youmight wonder why we’ve got only one style of stroller here at Baby Wheels Orlando.
  3. 3. You might arch an eyebrow at thatone, especially if you’ve seen a singlestroller and a double stroller on offer. Well, it so happens that these are both variations of the same stroller
  4. 4. – kind of like the saloon version andthe estate wagon version of the samesort of car. We were quite careful to choose the right sort of stroller forour fleet of Orlando stroller rentals.
  5. 5. There are a lot of baby strollers andbaby joggers out there in the market– you are likely to have one at home that might be a different brand and/or a different style.
  6. 6. (And if you have decided to leaveyour own stroller at home and book Orlando stroller rentals instead, you’ll be glad you did, as this will save you a world of hassle in airports and the like).
  7. 7. Anyway, you might wonder why wesettled on just one style for our fleet of Orlando stroller rentals when there’s so many out there.
  8. 8. A lot of things guided our decision. Now, from a business perspective, it’s always easiest and cheapest to get a whole lot of the same sort ofstroller rather than a mish-mash of styles – and that has the flow-on effect that we can keep our prices very competitive for you.
  9. 9. But we had to make sure that thestrollers we chose were the best andthe most suitable to fit a wide range of families and their needs.
  10. 10. After all, we want to cater to everyfamily that comes to Orlando for a vacation, whether they’re into visiting the Walt Disney World Resort or not.
  11. 11. The style we have settled on is theBaby Jogger City Mini. Baby Jogger is a company that has been around for 25 years – it got started back when some of the parents reading this and thinking about bookingOrlando stroller rentals were riding in strollers themselves.
  12. 12. And this company is known to deliver quality products and so isvery popular. But we were lookingfor some specific things in strollers for our fleet of Orlando stroller rentals.
  13. 13. Ease of maneuvering: We wanted strollers with wheels that would pivot to allow you to take cornerseasily but wouldn’t skitter all overthe place when you hit the slightest rough patch. Safety: The strollers we chose for our fleet of had to be safe.
  14. 14. We looked for models with good brakes that were easy to operate and weren’t prone to tipping. We also wanted something with a goodsecure harness to keep the occupant of the stroller in the stroller rather than climbing out when Mom or Dad’s back is turned.