The wheel thing concept


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The wheel thing concept

  1. 1.
  2. 2. So you now know the difference of eight Baby stroller classification.Earlier you viewed theirrespective definitions and uses.
  3. 3. There’s probably a few more. But which innovation is the most important? You could easily argue that althoughbrakes and restraint systems are very important, the wheels are even more important.
  4. 4. Because it’s the wheels thatmake a stroller a stroller. Otherwise, we’d be usingthose travois things as once used by Native Americans(now, wouldn’t these make Orlando stroller rentals look a bit different?).
  5. 5. Badly designed wheels make strollers a nightmare but good wheels make things, quite literally, run smoothly.Wider wheels are perfect for negotiating a range of surfaces.
  6. 6. Thin wheels as seen on olderstrollers were fine on hard sidewalks and the like but were an absolute pain on anything else, such as mud, grass or gravel.
  7. 7. And if you’re looking to go a number of places on yourFlorida holiday, you’ll need Orlando stroller rentals that allow you to gowherever you fancy, so these big wheels are a must.
  8. 8. Wheels do need to swivel a bit so you can negotiatecorners and dodge obstacles easily. This was one of the disadvantages of the olderprams: the wheels didn’t turn, as they were were just jammed on the ends of the axles
  9. 9. Cornering had to be done with brute force or pickingyour angles well in advance. Seventies strollers couldswivel independently, whichmade cornering a lot easier,
  10. 10. but because the wheels were narrow, if one wheel hit a stone, it would often swing through ninety degrees and make you stop suddenly.
  11. 11. Pushing one was rather like pushing a very lightweight supermarket shoppingtrolley, and you could get the wheels all pointing in different directions if you didn’t go over something marble-smooth.
  12. 12. Modern strollers have the independent swivel design factor, but because thewheels are big, they don’t end up in different directions when your back’s turned.
  13. 13. A lot of the models you’ll see used for Orlando stroller rentals have thickrubber tyres rather than the solid old things found on prams or older seventies strollers.
  14. 14. This means that going downsteps and over bumps is less jarring for the small passenger. Compared to older strollers and prams, modern strollers are wheely easy to use!
  15. 15. Looking for more info to dig in?