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The importance of glider boards in strollers


Published on Glider boards sound like something that should be up in the air flying around in the sky, and if you’ve never heard of them before, you might wonder why we have glider boards as one of the accessories available with our Orlando stroller rentals.

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The importance of glider boards in strollers

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Small legs get tired, and if you’re going to spend the whole day at theWalt Disney World Resort, that olderchild will have flagging energy levels come the end of the day.
  3. 3. Take when you’re crossing the road:you need two hands for pushing the stroller itself, so the traditional parents’ phrase of “Hold my hand while we cross the road,” doesn’t apply.
  4. 4. And you might not want the optionof getting the elder child to hold ontothe stroller handles beside you while you cross the road – if the road is very busy and you need to move quickly (or if the lights have a very short pedestrian crossing phase – it happens),
  5. 5. this elder child might not be able to keep up with your pace and couldget left behind slightly while you’re crossing.
  6. 6. Or if he/she is in a rotten mood, they might not want to hold onto thestroller beside you – which you don’twant when you’re trying to cross the road.
  7. 7. In these situations – crossingroads, tired preschool children – it’sbest if you can get the elder child to ride on the stroller somehow.
  8. 8. In some older models of stroller orpram, which aren’t usually availableas Orlando stroller rentals, both sets of wheels had a solid axle that an older child could perch on whilehanging onto the body of the stroller itself.
  9. 9. This worked tolerably well, but made the handling of the pram/stroller pretty awkward – or should that be “even more awkward”.
  10. 10. On the style of stroller that was commonly in use during the 1970s and 1980s, riding on the side waspractically impossible and if an olderchild tried and managed to find someroom, this would always end up with tipping and falls.
  11. 11. An older child could try to sit on the very front of the stroller for a fewminutes but this makes the handlingrather front-heavy and difficult, and isn’t recommended when you’re crossing the road
  12. 12. the child could fall off halfway across or their weight could affect the handling if you have to dodge an obstacle of some sort in the road – such as people crossing in the opposite direction.
  13. 13. Putting the child on the back of the stroller somehow is a much betteroption. The only snag is that because of the design of the stroller, there’s nowhere for an older child to perch on the back of a modern stroller.
  14. 14. And this is where glider boards come in. If you book a glider board along with your Orlando strollerrentals, you can provide for the elder of your children.
  15. 15. He or she will be right in front of you, meaning that they are moresecure and less likely to wander offor fall behind, and you can still see obstacles in the way of the front wheels.
  16. 16. It is true that having the extra weight of the older child will affect the handling and balance of the stroller as a whole.
  17. 17. However, because the centre of gravity on a modern stroller is already low, the effect will not begreat, and if the stroller does tip, it will tip backwards, which is a lot safer and easier to prevent.
  18. 18. And what if you have three childrenunder the age of five? This is where you book in a double stroller (for Children Two and Three) and a glider board (for Child One).
  19. 19. And book in a parent console – you’re likely to need anice, refreshing drink to hand when you’re doing all that pushing.
  20. 20. More stroller info