Strollers for dads 2


Published on Perfect srtoller rentals in Orlando that will surely loved by Parents and their babies.

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Strollers for dads 2

  1. 1. Strollers for Dads Stroller rentals in
  2. 2. The typical image of a baby stroller, whetherit’s a rental stroller or otherwise, generallyshows the mother or female caregiverpushing one or two small children in somesnappy modern baby stroller while on ashopping trip, possibly with a latté to go inone hand. But strollers, especially modernones, were designed for dads, too.
  3. 3. Just to keep things simple, in this article aboutstrollers, the term “Dad” will refer to biologicalfathers, stepfathers, foster-fathers and otherprimary male caregivers, whether the childcalls them Dad or not. It can also stand in forbig brothers, uncles, cousins and grandfathers– just fill in the blank to suit your situation orwe’ll never get onto strollers.
  4. 4. When strollers first came along, which waswell before anyone had the bright idea ofstroller rentals in Orlando, they had all beendesigned by men, given the sexist principlesof the workforce before the rise of women’s libin the later 1960s.
  5. 5. Not that women had no say in strollerdesign. It was Queen Victoria who first madethe use of a wheeled carriage for babies andtoddlers popular – the pram – and themodern forward-facing stroller was designedby an engineer after his adult daughtercomplained that it was very hard to get alarge pram on and off an aeroplane.
  6. 6. (It is still, however, hard to get modern strollerson and off aeroplanes, through airportsecurity, etc., which is one reason why strollerrentals in Orlando are so popular.) But all theearlier designs had been based around theidea that it would be a woman pushing thestroller.
  7. 7. But the rise of women’s lib didn’t just bringchanges to the workforce, meaning thatwomen could now be engineers who coulddesign their own strollers, thank you verymuch. Some women were getting into the fieldof ergonomics, design and engineering evenbefore the days of women’s lib.
  8. 8. But one change that this change in the socialstructure in the West brought was that it wasnow acceptable for men to care for children.People realised and accepted that Dads arequite capable of keeping children alive andentertained quite competently, with noquestions about their masculinity, either.
  9. 9. And this brought about changes in strollerdesign and the look of stroller rentals inOrlando. The earlier models of stroller werelightweight and a little flimsy.
  10. 10. Their swivel wheels made for poor handlingand the handles were often lowdown, meaning that a big tall Dad (or a tallMom) had to stoop down to push the stroller.
  11. 11. Add in the fact that these earlier strollershad no space for luggage and you haverecipe for bad backs. What’s more, thedesign of these strollers meant that theycould only be pushed at a brisk walk at most.
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