Being patient ii


Published on So you’re probably heading up to the most famous theme park of the world, The Walt Disney Orlando! I bet you’re not coming with baby strollers with you as you read some parts of our blogs and give your trust and confidence to Stroller rentals. While waiting for your stroller rental keep your baby busy as they push their attention with something.. Want to know what it is and more? Kepp reading and check us!

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Being patient ii

  1. 1. What happens if you don’t help your children wait patiently in aqueue? Quite a lot. At worst, your child will start to scream, whine, grizzle and throw a tantrum.
  2. 2. This is miserable for the child,irritating for those around you, and miserable, irritating and embarrassing for you. If your child is more compliant,
  3. 3. he or she might try getting up to tricks while you’re not looking(and the City Mini baby strollersin our Disney rental stroller fleethave a handy see-through panelso you can keep an eye on yourchild while they’re in the stroller.
  4. 4. Tricks might include tinkeringwith the safety harness to see if they can get it undone (rather tricky in the City Mini, thank goodness) or pulling offremovable bits of clothing and chucking them into obscure corners,
  5. 5. leaving your child barefoot andminus that hat you had counted on to keep them safe from the strong Orlando sunshine.
  6. 6. The trick to helping your child bepatient is to give them something to do while they’re waiting. Ideally, these pastimes (derived from “pass-times” so a good word to use in this context)should be of the sort that a child can do solo so you can takephotos and upload them to your Facebook page as you wish.
  7. 7. Nursery rhymes and fingergames are often popular, even if this does mean you have toabandon a little bit of grown-up dignity and squat down beside your Disney rental stroller to sing with your child and teach him/her how the actions to Incy Wincy Spider.
  8. 8. Not that you will be losing muchdignity – most people who notice will probably think that you’rebeing a great parent and admire you rather than otherwise.
  9. 9. Food is another great way to help your child while away the time in the queue, and thisdoesn’t require too much of your input, apart from providing the snack or drink.
  10. 10. Having a chiller pack as an accessory with your Disney rental stroller helps here, as it makes a good place to put thedrinks when they’re not needed so they stay cool, especially ifyou put an icepack in the chiller pack.
  11. 11. For your child’s sake, it’s best tomake sure that these snacks anddrinks are lower in sugar content, as a glucose high will probablymake your child even more prone to being impatient.
  12. 12. Water is a good drink (and won’t go all sticky if spilt), and dried fruit, crackers, crisps, cookies and fresh fruit are good snacksthat (sneaky thought) can take a bit of time to eat
  13. 13. A small box of raisins is quite good, as little fingers take some time to fish all those raisins outof the box and the empty box can be played with later. And remember – the queue will get shorter and eventually you will be able to get on that ride!
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