All about glider boards


Published on If you book a glider board along with your Orlando stroller rentals, you can provide for the elder of your children. A glider board simply attaches securely to the rear of the stroller and gives a nice, flat platform for a child to stand.

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All about glider boards

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Glider boards sound like something that should be up in the air flying around in the sky, and if you’ve never heard of them before, you might wonder why we have glider boards as one of the accessoriesavailable with our Orlando stroller rentals.
  3. 3. How can these help parents whohave toddlers enjoy their vacation in Orlando better?
  4. 4. Many parents have two (or even more) children, and if you’re in thissituation, a glider board might be for you and well worth booking when you make your reservation for Orlando stroller rentals.
  5. 5. If the elder of your two children isstill small enough to ride in a stroller and the younger one is still a baby,then you’d be better off looking at a double stroller, as this will fit the needs of your children better.
  6. 6. But what if the elder of your twochildren is at that awkward stagewhere they don’t want to ride in a stroller all day when you’re out visiting the Walt Disney WorldResort or any of Orlando’s other popular attractions?
  7. 7. This is where glider boards come in and are well worth booking.
  8. 8. But why? Well, you know what it’slike with one of these older childrenwho are big enough to do quite a bit of walking by themselves.
  9. 9. They’re getting bigger and you don’t really want to get a double stroller and push the elder child around as well as their smaller sibling – sure, all strollers give parents a goodworkout, but you don’t want to have that much of a workout.
  10. 10. If you put them into the stroller and keep them there all day, come the end of the day, you’ll be exhaustedfrom all that pushing while the older child has energy to burn and is ready to climb the walls.
  11. 11. So you can’t keep the older child in the stroller all day and a doublestroller isn’t quite the thing for youwhen you make your reservation for Orlando stroller rentals.
  12. 12. But you can’t just make your elder child walk all day, either.
  13. 13. Small legs get tired, and if you’regoing to spend the whole day at theWalt Disney World Resort, that olderchild will have flagging energy levels come the end of the day.
  14. 14. Also, there will be times when youdon’t want that child running ahead or lagging behind.
  15. 15. That is why Glider Boards are must- have feature for any stroller.
  16. 16. So when you are traveling to WaltDisney World Orlando, and you arewith more than just one child, then you better make sure to rentOrlando strollers with glider boards =)
  17. 17. More stroller rental orlando with glider boards at