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Birth Certificates In Dubai


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One of the leading companies to providing the Baby Accessories and Baby Birth Certificates in Dubai UAE.

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Birth Certificates In Dubai

  1. 1. Baby Accessories UAE, Birth Certificates in Dubai. Baby Steps is a division of Middle East Assistance (MEA). We have been helping expat Families in the GCC for the last three years during their time of need by offering services to get a baby passport in Dubai or visa for your new born baby in Dubai, UAE. We also support our clients in getting a birth certificate in Dubai and other certificates in UAE.
  2. 2. Birth Certificates in Dubai, Baby Visas in Dubai, Visa for Newborn Baby in Dubai UAE. We help immigrated parents to get residence visa for their baby in Dubai. MEA has established very good relationships with the various Embassies and Ministries over the years and this has enabled us to develop and bring you the Baby Steps service. MEA is committed to improving our services by better understanding customers' expectations and continuously working to innovate and improve our services and processes.
  3. 3. Baby's Passport in Dubai. In addition to offering services related to Birth Certificates in UAE,Baby Visas in Dubai,Visa for new born baby,Baby Visas and Passports in Dubai we are also into promoting kids activities and also supply baby accessories in Dubai.
  4. 4. Residence Visa for baby in Dubai, Kids zone in Dubai, Kids Activities in Dubai, Registration of Passport for Child in Dubai Please visit our Kids Zone in Dubai to get wide spectrum vision about our services.