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Unique and memorable gift ideas for babies


Published on Nothing is much sweeter for a friend of Mom’s to be for being so thoughtful when it comes to giving gifts for the babies. It is much appreciated for it to appear in those trendy cute baskets with baby’s essentials stuffs such as diapers, baby clothes and toys. Visit Baby Naturale!

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Unique and memorable gift ideas for babies

  1. 1. www.babynaturale.comUnique and Memorable Gift Ideas for Babies
  2. 2. Mon Ami Louie Cow Doudou Plush Toy
  3. 3. Mon Ami Plush soft foreverfriends create a memorable gift that is sure to lend smiles to any chic baby.
  4. 4. Mon Ami Sheep Doudou Security Plush Toy
  5. 5. Their plush personalities areirresistible and designed for lots of cuddling. Doudou measures 10.6 x 10.6 inches.
  6. 6. Mac the Monkey Plush Character
  7. 7. Mac the Monkey loves and adventure. Playing hid andseek on the playground is his favorite past-time.
  8. 8. Hes a friendly boy who isalways there when you needhim. Plush monkey designed by Kelly B. Rightsell measures 14 x 17 inches.
  9. 9. Hattie Frog Plush Character
  10. 10. Hattie the Frog is a happygirl that lights up the room wherever she goes. Sheloves to dress up and go on playdates to the park and swing all day long.
  11. 11. She will be there at naptime to help with sweet dreams. Hattie the frog plushcharacter designed by Kelly B. Rightsell measures 14 x 17 inches.
  12. 12. Little Prince Frog Security Blanket
  13. 13. Hops and Kisses blue littlefrog prince security blanket. Very soft velour material surely to be snuggly and cuddly to any little prince! Security blanket measures 18 1/2" X 18 1/2".
  14. 14. Aren’t these gift ideas cute? They are unique items that will make awesome and memorable gifts!
  15. 15.