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Awesome gift ideas for mom to-be’s and babies


Published on There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to baby’s great gift ideas. Think a lot more useful like diapers and baby’s clothing, all for one just right here in Baby naturale.

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Awesome gift ideas for mom to-be’s and babies

  1. 1. Awesome Gift Ideas forMom-to-be’s and Babies
  2. 2. Babies will not be foreverbabies so if you are a momwho wants to give the bestgift for her darling baby onhis or her birthday, well, a lot of thinking needs to be done.
  3. 3. Or for a Mom-to-be who’s going to have a babyshower, unique gift ideas will make the occasion more exciting!
  4. 4. So what do you think will be the best gift ideas for babies or mom-to-be’s?
  5. 5. BabyNaturale has the bestgift ideas and here are just some smart choices…
  6. 6. Plush Kitten Diaper Cake
  7. 7. This cute kitten cake wouldmake any mother happy to receive this.
  8. 8. This cake come wrapped in cellophane and tied with curling ribbon and an ingredient tag attached.
  9. 9. Plush Boy Horse Diaper Cake
  10. 10. This cute diaper cake is perfect for that special baby shower or just to giveas a gift to the Mom-to-Be.
  11. 11. This cake comes with an ingredient card and will be wrapped in cellophane bagand tied with curling ribbon.
  12. 12. Pink Horse Diaper Cake
  13. 13. Ingredients:* 52-Size 2 Pampers Swaddlers( up to 18 lbs.)* 1- plush pink Quilti Horse 5 inches1-* Pink Horse Bib by Mullin Square* 1-Creeper 1- 1 fl. oz. Johnsonsbaby lotion*1- 1fl. oz. Johnsons body wash*Ribbon for decoration
  14. 14. Maya Moses Basket Gift Set
  15. 15. 5 piece Moses Basket gift set includes:mattress (polyurethane foam) 100% cotton removable sheet
  16. 16. Maya pink/brown polka dot & stripe wrap bumper (100% cotton) chocolate brown basket (100% maize)Maya print pink/brown polka dot & velour receiving blanket (approximately 30” x40”)
  17. 17. Max Moses Basket Gift Set
  18. 18. Basket is approximately 27” long x 13” wide x 9” deepwith tapered sides. Mattress is 1½” deep of dense foamwith tapered sides for tight fit.
  19. 19. Aren’t these so sweet gift ideas?
  20. 20. More gift ideas and otherbaby accessories and stuff at