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Oracle crm administrator training and placements


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Module 1:Introduction to Oracle CRM Service Fundamentals

● Understand iStore’s shopping cart and ordering functionality and other key features

● Understand features of Oracle’s sales applications

● Create leads and convert them into opportunities

● Create opportunities and convert them into quotes

● Describe Campaign Flows, schedules and target groups

● Under geographic territories and named territories, set up in Territory Manager

● Explain the Basic Sales Flow

● Set up common components, such as Notes, Tasks and Calendars

● Describe the Lead to Order Process

● Create Customers and Contacts using Oracle trading Community Architecture model

● Create Employees and Users, Import Resources, and assign roles and responsibilities to users

● Understand implementation steps required to set up sales products

● Describe integration points between Oracle Sales and Oracle Marketing applications

● Understand Global Address formatting

● Understand Oracle Sales related personalization features available in OA Framework

● Create proposals for leads, opportunities or quotes

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Oracle crm administrator training and placements

  1. 1. Oracle CRM Administrator training and placements Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475
  2. 2. Oracle apps crm online training in australia Agenda • Overview of Presentation – Opening Premise – The 4Cs • Socialized CRM On Demand – Where can I get it? – a Strategy – Implementation – Sales Teams – Marketing Teams – Sharing, Mashup, Metrics • Old Model, New Model – Practical Suggestions – Some Examples • Myth or Reality?
  3. 3. Oracle apps crm online training in bangalore Overview • The objective of this presentation is to address in very high-level terms some of the principles, challenges and applications of Social CRM in a CRM On Demand deployment. • The high-level agenda is : • Where does Social CRM fit in to the CRM On Demand Big Picture? – Why is it important to CRM business? – What Strategy might a company need? – What Tools might a company need?
  4. 4. Oracle apps crm online training in bhubaneswar CRM : An Opening Premise • Traditional Customer Relationship Management • Twenty years ago, businesses knew every client, every contact, their wives, children and pets. • Then we spent the next twenty years trying to dehumanize the relationship – Reduced physical sales interaction in showrooms and shops – increased virtual showrooms like the Internet – Distanced support systems from the customer – Created self service systems to eliminate interaction • This is an extreme example, but it is true to some extent in most industries and companies
  5. 5. Oracle apps crm online training in chennai CRM : An Opening Premise (suite) • Businesses then woke up and realized they needed to analyze, slice and dice all the interactions they had so carefully virtualized and computerized: – Customer Trend Analysis – Performance Analysis – Sales Analysis • But at some point, the customer was going to want to talk to a human – so they jumped on Community Boards, Blogs, and now Social Networking
  6. 6. Oracle apps crm online training in delhi The 4 Cs – Social CRM (re)humanizes relationships with customers – Using the power of the Web 2.0 collaborative tools and the 4 Cs • Collaboration • Creativity • Conversation • Community creation
  7. 7. Oracle apps crm online training in dubai Socialized CRM On Demand : Where can I get it? • Online Forums and Communities – Were the original place where people could go to moan, praise or otherwise judge products and services • YouTube – Started out as a place to watch America’s Funniest Videos, now recognized as a vehicle for consumer concern (try searching for a Supermarket chain) and a place for companies to position themselves in a more freeform environment – Savvy CRM users position videos in Channels • Twitter – The most obvious channel for near real-time communications with peer groups – Positive Media Buzz – Geographic and time-bound searches available
  8. 8. Oracle apps crm online training in hyderabad Socialized CRM On Demand : Where can I get it? • Facebook – 250,000 businesses have a presence on Facebook • Digg / StumbleUpon – Viral Web Page linking • Slideshare – PDF /PPT and other documents] – Groups, Links and Favorites – Integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter • DocStoc – Sharing PDFs and embedding content – Groups, Links and Favorites • Blogs (blogspot, wordpress etc)
  9. 9. Oracle apps crm online training in india Socializing CRM On Demand as a Strategy • Part One - Internal Strategy for CRM On Demand Users • Open the Door in phases and certain groups – Opening your OCOD to new sources of information • Adding Fields for common Social Networking site in the Contact form • Feeding the CRM On Demand System • Sales :Targeted feeds from online information sources • Marketing : Effective Monitoring of Feedback and customer Buzz • General : Monitoring and Assessing feedback, converting it to actionable information
  10. 10. Oracle apps crm online training in kolkata Socializing CRM On Demand as a Strategy • Part Two - External Strategy for your Customers • Engage dialogue – Organize and Classify your Online Presence • Videos, Blogs, Forums – Encourage and monitor the 4Cs • New Segmentation and new Criteria for Lead Generation • Various Approaches – Short Term • Twitter dialogue and monitoring during Trade Show or Product Launch for example – Medium Term • Establishing Document Library in Slideshare or DocStoc – Long Term and Ongoing • Facebook presence
  11. 11. Oracle apps crm online training in kerala Socialized CRM On Demand : Where are the Customers • Where are my customers and what are they talking about? – are you committed to authentically join the conversation with the customer? – Know how to look and how to interpret conversations • Your Customers are smart, and see through you – exploiting a new tactic for the sake of gaining market share. Customers want dialogue, not a one way street – Do you go online as a brand, as a team, as multiple employees, and what is your strategy?
  12. 12. Oracle apps crm online training in london Socialized CRM On Demand : Where are the Customers • Implementation Methods to expose the networks back into CRM On Demand include – RSS Feeds – Twitter Feed (either live or in filtered feed) – Introducing Social News or Shared Documents into the Homepage – Channelled Audio and Video to Homepage from YouTube – Web Site Forms should contain relevant fields for Networking IDs – Embedding Facebook and other Social Widgets
  13. 13. Oracle apps crm online training in mumbai Socializing CRM On Demand : Sales Teams • Levers – Based on Data from the “Where” Exercise • Provide LinkedIn Information • Provide DocStoc / Slideshare Access to private or public documents • Feeds from Competitors • Challenges • For best practice, requires that Sales personnel share information with each other. You may have to adjust – Your Sales Stages and your Workflow
  14. 14. Oracle apps crm online training in pune Socializing CRM On Demand : Marketing • Levers – Often drive the “Where” Exercises • Targets of Campaign • Visitor to Trade Show – Facebook Groups, Pages to gauge – Youtube • Channel release of new corporate video, Google Analytics for results • Challenges – May reveal weakness in your marketing lists and databases – Requires filtering for volume and pertinence
  15. 15. Oracle apps crm online training in usa Social CRM On Demand : Sharing • Provide the Basics – Make Bookmarking and Tagging easy • Encourage users to learn how to use the Favorites & Sticky Notes in CRM On Demand • Reward people who link or contact you on your Web site • Maintain a list in CRM On Demand of all Web Site Contacts and link them to LinkedIn profiles • Reward the regions who generate the most links and the community members who contribute the most – Mashup • Let CRM On Demand users see their data in new ways • Let them search and find unstructured content and link it to CRM On Demand data • Let them share this with others (within reason)
  16. 16. Oracle apps crm online training in uk Social CRM On Demand : Mashup • Mashup – Use internal and external data to create new ways of understanding customer or prospect behavior • Map Prospects, Projects or Service Requests by Type or Channel to LinkedIn Groups, Google Maps, other data • Twitter followers imported and campaigned in OCOD then segmented / assessed – Find / map Channel Partners and focus on recruitment areas – DocStoc or similar for project documents • Public or Private Collections – CRM On Demand and “visual” mapping tool - • For example Mindmap Pro
  17. 17. Oracle apps crm online training in singapore Socializing CRM On Demand : Metrics • Like everything else in CRM, data without measurement or objectives is just, well, data – Lead Conversion – Sales Cycle Time to Close – Hits / Leads from Web Sites / Blogs / other Sources – Feedback Loop – Calculating ROI is tough • Marketing Segmentation can take advantage of the new data and criteria • More advanced data analysis may be required beyond segmentation – Analysis of behavior over time
  18. 18. Oracle apps crm online training in south africa One More Time!• Collaboration – Use the Favorites and Messaging Features in CRM On Demand – Embed enabling tools and identifiers (Twitter, Facebook , Slideshare) in Signatures, Web Applets – Set up Slideshare Private Groups to collaborate on collateral and other « internet » information sources – Set up Web Forms with adapted field on your Web Site • Creativity – Challenge users to create content • Conversation – Blog your OCOD users or your customer and keep the channel open • Communication – Talk to your Web Form respondants! – Reward collaborative behaviour internally and externally – Link to Blog / Youtube Channel / Twitter Feed in OCOD Homepage
  19. 19. Oracle apps crm remoteserver access Now for Some Simple Examples CRM On Demand Home Page With DocStoc Visual Document Library & Twitter Feed Targeting Mashup
  20. 20. Oracle apps crm online training and certification DocStoc Applet • DocStoc Applet Uses – Display DocStoc Documents in graphical format to users of CRM On Demand – Provide One-Click Access to embedded documents or Download by Sales Users and email to Customers in the conversation – Can be interest-based (filtered)
  21. 21. Where are people talking? • Where are conversations happening? – Expect to poll and query Twitter, Facebook and other online communities – Are you monitoring competitor conversations too? Why not? • Manual Queries or automated services
  22. 22. Twitter Applet • Twitter Applet Uses – Short Term Monitoring of event in an specific town or locality – Longer Term Brand and Buzz Monitoring – Contact Detection and Interested Party / Influencer detection – Follow Tweeters directly from Applet – Save as Service Requests or Notes or Leads in CRM On Demand – Create Forum Discussions based on Content or Questions
  23. 23. Where are people talking? Where are my customers?
  24. 24. Feed Management inside CRM On Demand • RSS Lead Generator with Filtering of RSS data and creation of CRM Leads • Leverage Facebook RSS Feed and others to provide one stop shop
  25. 25. Network Integration • Examples of platforms like Ning – allows creation of Social Networks and supplies user and management tools • Apps can connect to CMS or other sources to integrate them into your Social Network • Facebook API and Social Widgets allow a degree of exposure to the Social Network for relatively small effort – Enables you to follow what the conversations are about – Expect the unexpected
  26. 26. Mashup the Conversation Data CRM On Demand Mashup – Targeting Geographically by Date, Status etc
  27. 27. Explanation • Mashup (Opportunities, Tweets etc) with Google Maps – Create Visual Segments for Campaigns – Analyze Target Areas – Identify hotspots and Competitor activity – Target ineffective sales efforts or gaps in coverage
  28. 28. Myth or Reality • A Socialized CRM On Demand , does it exist today? – Does it exist in your implementation? • Possible? • Feasible? • Desirable? • Cost Effective?
  29. 29. Why it probably doesn’t exist today • The weakness of the solutions illustrated – The methodology of selling and servicing embedded in the CRM is still rooted in the old world • CRM processes are based on old models – Any extension to any existing CRM system will largely be a cosmetic one • Making noises or making gestures in the right direction – Most of the solutions proposed are data mart exploitation • Simple data upload and presentation • No analysis or call to action based on the information • No proactive element for the user or the community – We are playing an old game • Quick, on XXX (insert social network name)..they’re talking about us! • XXX Is the new Youtube – stick our corporate videos up there! – We are not listening, we are still trying to dictate
  30. 30. Socialized CRM On Demand • With CRM On Demand – How do you find conversations? – How do you nurture and maintain conversations? – Is it possible to collaborate with externals? – Can you make a community based around CRM On Demand? • CRM On Demand is a CRM tool – Social CRM is not a Tool
  31. 31. Socialized CRM On Demand 2 • An opportunity exists for integration partners to deliver a (relatively) painless way of implementing parts of the Social CRM process set inside an existing CRM solution
  32. 32. Conclusion • Fly with what you have, but realize that it will never allow you to completely implement a Social CRM process set
  33. 33. Question & Answers
  34. 34. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us • • -oracle crm online training contact us: • or +919052666559 • By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, • Bangalore • ,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South • Africa.