Letter to the Judges Erika Vaughn


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Letter to the Judges Erika Vaughn

  1. 1. 1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 3011520 March 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:My name is Erika Vaughn and I am a senior at Creekview High School. Ever since I wasold enough to work, I was constantly asking friends and family members what differentjobs were. I have worked in truck dealerships, worked on vehicles, and worked in andgrown up around cosmetology. These three jobs run widely in my family. I have triedthem all and only one has really caught my interest; cosmetology. My main goal with mylife is to start my own salon and spa called Southern Comfort. I have already beendrawing up ideas and have been writing down tools that I will need. I also plan to go toPaul Mitchell Cosmetology School next year. For my Senior Project, I chose to use amannequin head and my mother to show different aspects of cosmetology. During myproject I have also gotten to work in a salon, where they taught me different aspects andthen I was to go home and try them (due to no open times to try them at work).My main product was my mannequin head. Her name is Rachele, and I did treat her as areal client. I colored and bleached her hair to show the effects of coloring and bleachingyour hair. Rachele’s hair is real human hair so the effects of the color and bleach are real.In my research paper, I talked about how using certain products can damage your hair oreven make it fall out. When I applied what I researched to the actual application this wastrue. When I bleached Rachele’s hair, the majority of it fell out when it was washed andcombed. It thinned her hair out so much that the natural color, which was left underneaththe bleach part on purpose, shined through. One thing that I learned was that when youuse semi-permanent color, which is a stain, it actually stains your scalp, whereaspermanent color does not.My topic and research relate to cosmetology because it is a style industry career. In thiscareer, if you do not act the part, people will not take you as seriously as someone whodoes dress and act the part. While working on this project and getting to work in a salon, Ifound out that this was no joke. Everyone was down to the point and often came off rudewhen they were correcting things that were wrong with me. I also found out that during aregular work day, the top stylist of a salon does not have any resting time until they lockdown for the night.Overall, I have great appreciation for this career. Even though I was called a few choicewords in the salon, because my hair was green and blue, I knew it was because they cared
  2. 2. about what was best for me. In the end I came out with a new haircut and color, and newtechniques that I will carry on to Paul Mitchell. Thank you for your time.Sincerely,Erika Vaughn