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Erika Vaughn Research Paper


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Erika Vaughn Research Paper

  1. 1. Vaughn 1Erika VaughnMs. BennettBritish Literature9 September 2011 Heads of Colors Is your hair colorless, plain, and just no fun? Within this research, there will bediscussions about the pros and cons of coloring and bleaching hair, along with why people takethe time and money to change their look. Whether having one’s hair done professionally or athome, hair dying can be very dangerous, especially if bleach is being used. If the color is notapplied correctly the result can be a total loss of hair, or permanently damaged hair. Hair dying isa great way to express how a person feels, or even where a person came from. If coloring issomething that is wanted to be done, it definitely should be done, even if there are advantagesand disadvantages to coloring hair. Hair dying can be an non-permanent experience of change ora permanent experience that can take weeks or even months to get rid of. Some people have beenknown to have color stay in their hair for years due to the fact they cannot get rid of it, even afterthey have it professionally fixed. Overall, hair dying is a great experiment to play around with,but at the same time should be done with great care. There are three main types of hair color; temporary, semi- or demi- permanent, andpermanent. People who want a daily hair color change should definitely go with temporary haircolor, because it will wash out in just a few washes, due to the fact it is just a gel or cream thatcoats the hair (The Beauty Brains). This way of coloring is one of the best overall. A person doesnot have to worry about having a certain hair color for a long period of time, especially if theperson will end of hating the way it looks.
  2. 2. Vaughn 2 Semi and demi permanent hair color is the next type of hair dye. This hair dye stains thehair, and takes much longer to wash out (The Beauty Brains). After six to twelve washes, the dyestarts to fade (Natural Beauty Care). Semi and demi hair dyes are also known as “direct dyes,”since they stain the hair (The Beauty Brains). This hair color is harder to work with. It does notallow people to be able to put lighter colors on top of dark colors (The Beauty Brains). Forexample, people will not be able to put blonde highlights on top of black or dark brown hair. The last type of hair dye is permanent. Permanent hair dye is more tedious than the othertwo types, due the fact that people will have to keep the hair touched up just about every month.There is also a lot of mixing of chemicals that has to be done before a person can start dying theirhair (Natural Beauty Care). Most of the time, especially if people have dark hair, they have tobleach their hair (The Beauty Brains). Bleaching is where oxidative like chemicals are applied tothe hair to remove the natural color of the hair (The Beauty Brains). For example, if aprofessional had a client come in and she had black hair but wanted blue under layers, thehairdresser would have to strip all of the black off of her hair by using bleach before he or shewould be able to apply the blue. There is only one big down side to permanent hair color, and itis that it damages the hair because of all the chemicals that have to be applied to the hair (TheBeauty Brains). Bleach can be worn as a color also. Bleach turns hair to an off-blond color. Using bleachis a big concern, as stated above. Bleach comes in many strengths; some are even illegal to get(Helium). For example, the eighteen percent or sixty volume bleach can be illegal to get(Helium). Bleach is safest when it is used at its weaker stage (Helium). Bleach dying is a moreobvious way of coloring due to the fact you can see the changing of the hair immediately,especially on dark brown or black hair. Dark hair, like brown and black colored hair, will have to
  3. 3. Vaughn 3keep bleach applied on the hair much longer than light hair. Some people have to keep bleach ontheir hair for up to an hour and a half. With dying hair, comes responsibility. Just because people can be lazy with none coloredhair, does not mean you can do it with colored hair. Colored hair needs more attentions, due tothe fact you are weakening the hair with the mixture you are applying to the hair. After dying thehair, it would be smart to apply heat seeker before applying a hot iron, curlers or even dryinghair. Heat seeker protects the hair from breaking and frying from the excessive amount of heatthat will be applied to the hair. Another way to protect colored hair is by wearing a swimmingcap while swimming ("Hair Care For Colored"). Even if one uses a cap during swimming, it isimportant to wash the hair after because the chlorine can make certain hair colors turn differentcolors ("Hair Care For Colored"). When washing colored hair, people need to use products thatare specifically made for color hair ("Hair Care For Colored"). For example, one bottle may saycolor shield. This means that that one product is made especially for colored hair. Conditioner isa key factor because it restores all of the natural oils that may have been removed ("Hair CareFor Colored"). If hair is well kept and cleaned, the hair itself and the color will last a long time. Whether one’s hair is done professionally or at home, the main question that shouldalways go through a person’s mind is, “Will I be ok with my hair staying colored like it is forweeks or even months?” Someone who is indecisive should stick with temporary hair color orthe semi or demi color, since it washes out in a reasonable amount of time, but if they want totake the time to have to go back and do touch-ups every two to three weeks, permanent isanother way to go. Hair dying should be taking seriously; it is not something that can be undonewhen done, if done wrong and ends up hurting the individual.
  4. 4. Vaughn 4 Caution! Make sure to read instructions. Instructions are the most important step in haircoloring (What the World). If coloring is done incorrectly, a person can be looking at hair loss,or permanent damage (What the World). Most hair dyes also tell people to test the color beforeapplying to make sure the person is not allergic. By testing the dye people will be able to preventirritation. Irritation on the scalp is a very uncomfortable experience and can also make peoplethink you have lice, due to the fact it makes your head itch. It can also leave a rash on the head.This will make it hard to wash the hair, leaving a person to have oily hair, which is veryunattractive. People also need to think about their situations over all. If someone is pregnant, they arenot supposed to get their hair dyed, because of the ammonia in the products. Yes, pregnantwomen can get their hair dyed, but the hair dye is much more expensive than the regular hair dyethat everyone else can use. This hair dye still has all the chemicals as the others do, but is safer touse since the hair dye goes into the roots of the hair. Yes other hair dye goes into the roots, butthey also have the ammonia in the mixture, of which pregnant women are not suppose to bearound. With all the downsides to hair dying, why do people go ahead and take the chances ofhair dying? Some people will change their looks due to what they are called in school, work orjust overall. For example, most blondes are called “dumb blondes,” and it kills their ego, due tothe fact most blondes are not dumb, they are exceptionally smart. Rumors like these can make aperson want to dye their hair, and change their look, to try and avoid getting called names. Someblondes will go to a brown color or extreme dark or neon color. Young people are not the onlyones who dye their hair. The majority of people dying their hair are older people, due to the factthey have gray hair and find it unattractive in most ways. Most people do not like the dull plain
  5. 5. Vaughn 5look that the gray gives, because people think that if they have gray hair than they are old. This isnot true; people in their late twenties are starting to have gray hair (Gray Hair is Sexy). Gray hairhas also been known to fall under a sexual category (Gray Hair is Sexy). People have searchedthe internet studying people and found that most people do not have gray hair; instead everyoneis dying it, due to the fact gray hair is not an attractive appearance (Gray Hair is Sexy). Gray haircan also be viewed from the point that some people, just cannot pull it off like others can. Thedull colored hair can wash people out, not matching their skin tone. Skin tone is another reason why people dye their hair. People with a soft complexioncannot pull off some dark colors; they have to stay with the lighter colors, like blondes and softbrowns. Not just soft-toned complexion people have to watch what color they dye their hair.People with very dark complexions can do over it when they go very dark. People with a goldenglow should stick milder colors, along the shades of browns. Hair dying can change looks, yes,but if people do not match up the right color with skin tones, it can result in the client not likingthe outcome. Again, all hair color mistakes cannot be fixed. Overall, hair dying can be expensive if done incorrectly or can result in complete hairloss. By following the steps correctly, everyone can prevent falling victim to hair mistakes.Following instructions will help in not having to spend large amounts of money to get the hairfixed. Even though people can fix mistakes, people need to keep in mind that some mistakescannot be undone. People do not need to change their look to look better. Everyone looksamazing, just the way they are. People should also not change to fit in, because if one personchanges for another, the people or person you are changing for may just be seeing how far theycan push you.