World breastfeeding-week nl ppt presentation sept 11 2013


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World breastfeeding-week nl ppt presentation sept 11 2013

  1. 1. World Breastfeeding Week Theme: “BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT: CLOSE TO MOTHERS” October 1-7, 2013 Credit: Rhonda Roebotham
  2. 2. • Make sure you get the facts about breastfeeding before your baby is born. • Let all your family and friends know about your decision and how they can support you. Infant Feeding So, You Have a Decision to Make… Credit: Malin Enstrom
  3. 3. • Breastfeeding is natural but it may take time for you and your baby to learn to breastfeed together. #Keepin-it-real Credit: Melissa Pelley
  4. 4. “Virtually all mothers can breastfeed provided they have accurate information, and support within their families and communities and from the health care system” (WHO 2003) Breastfeed…You Can Do it!
  5. 5. • Babies are born to breastfeed Be Confident! Credit: Melissa Halford
  6. 6. • Investing in breastfeeding will benefit: • children • families • our economy A Great Investment Credit: Dawn Marshall
  7. 7. You have the right to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.
  8. 8. Breastfeed… “You won’t regret it!” Check out the NL videos on YouTube
  9. 9. Nutrition in the early months and years of life has a significant impact on long-term health Credit: Leisha Sagan
  10. 10. • Get breastfeeding off to a good start with skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth • Mothers and babies should room-in (stay together) throughout the day and night Credit: Amber Snow Skin-to-Skin and Rooming-in
  11. 11. Breastfeeding Helps Women: • Heal after birth • Bond closely to their babies • Return more quickly to their pre-pregnancy weight • Lower their risk of breast and ovarian cancer • Lower their risk of postpartum depression
  12. 12. The World Health Organization and UNICEF recommend that no other foods besides breastmilk be given to your baby until six months of age. Credit: Meaghan Milley
  13. 13. Health Canada recommends that you continue to breastfeed after you start giving your baby solid foods at six months. Credit: Craig Anderson
  14. 14. It is recommended that you breastfeed for two years or longer Credit: Diane Coombs
  15. 15. The longer you breastfeed, the better the health outcomes for you and your baby. Credit: Paula Warren-Gallant
  16. 16. Breastfeeding in NL Credit: Kirstin Kennedy • 68% of women in NL breastfeed in hospital … however less than 15% continue to feed their baby only breastmilk until 6 months of age
  17. 17. As a baby grows, a mother’s breastmilk changes to keep up with the baby’s needs and continues to have just the right amount of nutrients for optimal growth and development. Credit: Getty Images
  18. 18. Did you know? If every baby were exclusively breastfed from birth for 6 months, an estimated 1.5 million lives world wide would be saved each year UNICEF Credit: Whitney Pye
  19. 19. Breastfeeding helps prevent a variety of infections and many chronic diseases, including ear infections, pneumonia, diarrhea, vomiting, asthma, di abetes, and certain childhood cancers. Credit: Aynslie Maher
  20. 20. Credit: Colette Dawson Breastmilk saves lives
  21. 21. Human milk is a living fluid that changes at every feeding to meet the needs of your growing baby #breastmilkisAMaZinG Credit: Saralynn Cheeseman Power
  22. 22. In hot weather breastfed babies do not need extra water Credit: Cassondra Spetter Garner
  23. 23. Breastfeeding protects adults too! Adults who were breastfed have a reduced risk of: • Heart disease • High blood pressure • Diabetes • Obesity
  24. 24. Surround yourself with support from your health care provider, fa mily, partne r and friends. Breastfeeding Support Credit: Bay of Islands Breastfeeding Support Group
  25. 25. #Mother-to- mother- support = breastfeeding success! Credit: Bay of Islands Breastfeeding Support Group
  26. 26. What partners can do to support breastfeeding … • Work as a team with the mom; every family benefits from a loving and involved partner • Show respect and understanding of the mom’s ability to make the perfect food for your baby Credit: Andrew Orsborn
  27. 27. What can friends and families do to support breastfeeding? • Support mothers to reach their breastfeeding goals; encouragement can make a big difference • Help mothers find good information before baby arrives Credit: Janie Lynn Kean
  28. 28. Breastfeeding support from Grandparents is very important …
  29. 29. Have You Spotted the NL Breastfeeding Promotional Posters?
  30. 30. Share the Baby- Friendly business cards in your community
  31. 31. Now that’s what I call a “roadside scoff!”
  32. 32. Where can you go for help & information about breastfeeding? • Public Health Nurses • Dietitians • Doctors • Midwives • Nurses • Doulas • Lactation Consultants • La Leche League Groups/Leaders • Healthy Baby Clubs/Family Resource Centres • The NL Breastfeeding Handbook • Baby-Friendly NL