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Power Point Journalistic Fraud


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how the new york times lies about their news.!.!.!

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Power Point Journalistic Fraud

  1. 1. JOURNALISTIC FRAUD The Future of the New York Times Darius Singleton 3rd Period
  2. 2. Bias, Slander, and Fraud For more than a century, men and A Tradition of Impartiality women of The times have jealousy guarded the paper’s integrity. Whatever else we contribute, our first The Changing Times duty is to make sure the integrity of The times is not blemished during our stewardship. The Agenda is Everything The Low Point Ultimate Responsibility
  3. 3. The Purpose of a Newspaper A Break From the Past The purpose of a newspaper is to give the news, impartially without fear or favor, regardless of party, sect or Influencing Public Opinion interests involved. The Tipping Point Eliminating the Competition the world’ s largest soft Money Operation
  4. 4. Distorting the Lead Who was involved? I have six honest serving men ; They taught me all I knew; Their names are Where and What and When; What Happened? And How and Why and Who. When did it happen? Where did it happen? Why did it happen? How did it happen?
  5. 5. Distorting the Headline It was once said that the function of the head is to tell the facts, not to What could have been : give writer’s comments on the “Bush to vaccinate 500,000 facts. workers against smallpox” was reported by the Times as : “u.s. to vaccinate 500,000 workers against smallpox.”
  6. 6. Distorting the Facts He Fabricated statements. He concocted scenes. He stole material from other newspapers and wire services. He selected details from photographs to create the impression he had been somewhere or seen someone, when 1. Omission he had not. 2. Distortion 3. Falsification 4. emphasis
  7. 7. Distorting with Opinion It was once said that the feeble tremble before opinion, the foolish defy it, the wise judge it, the 1. Quoting someone skillful direct it. who agrees with you 2. Directly injecting your opinion 3. Omitting the opposing opinion 4. Faking fairness and balance
  8. 8. Distorting with Labels It will be my earnest aim that The New-York Times give the news. “May the Best Man All the news, in concise and lose” attractive form, in language that is parliamentary in good society. (November 18,2000) , in which columnist Frank Rich called Katherine Harris “ the sunshine state evita.”
  9. 9. Distorting with Loaded Language Gertrude to Polonius in Shakespeare's Hamlet: More matter with less art. In the end, house Republicans voted unanimously for the bill, and all but 10 Democrats voted against it.
  10. 10. Distorting with Crusades An example of We do not crusade in our news Distorting with Crusades: columns says Arthur Hays Russian Aide Warns U.S. Not to Sulzberger, publisher of the Extend War to Iraq. (February New York times, 4,2002) 1925-1961 Terror acts by Baghdad have warned, U.S. Aides say. (March 13,2002) Iraq offers help over pilot. (April 11,2002)
  11. 11. Distorting with Polls Dick Morris once said this phrase about the paper: What a difference a word makes!! Taken as a whole, the survey Had much encouraging news For Mr. Gore and very little For Mr. bush!!
  12. 12. Distorting with Placement Accuracy involves not only the Direct approach is truthfulness of individual statements the best way Of starting a story; but the co-relation of these statements do not begin in such a way as to convey to the Sentences with participles reader fair and unbiased impression Subordinate clauses of a story. and the like. Make you statements in the Natural order of subject first, then The verb, etc.
  13. 13. Distorting the War Coverage In the United States today we have more than our share of the nattering nabobs of negativism. Relief on end To Uncertainty And fear About wars toll
  14. 14. The Future of the NewYorkTimes Bias The best things , when perverted, become the very worst: so, printing, which in itself is no small advantage to mankind, when it is abus’d may be of most fatal consequences. Fraud Slander The end of the New York Times