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Adwords fundamentals – part 2


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Adwords fundamentals – part 2

  1. 1. Adwords Fundamentals – Part 2 Key Concepts of AdWords Account Management Prepared by Baburaj Devi Blog –
  2. 2. Key Concepts and Tabs• Home, Campaigns, Opportunities, Reporting, Billing, and My account are the main tabs within the Google ad words interface• Each Tab has one or more pages, by clicking on the each tab take you to pages within the tab• In the next slides we have given overview of each tab and how it is helpful in Account management
  3. 3. Introduction to Search Engine Marketing and Online AdvertisingSix Major Tabs in the Google adwords• Home: it also called dashboard of your account. The keyword account information has shown as a summary in this tab.• Campaigns: This tab is the center of your adwords account and you will spend most of your time in managing set of campaigns in your adwords account. This tab allows you to create and edit campaigns, ad groups, ads, display network placements and keywords. You can the get feel of how your campaigns performing.• Opportunities: This tab is the source for collecting new and targeted keywords and budget allocation & optimization. This tab is the right place for getting ideas how to increase your traffic or sales volume.
  4. 4. • Reporting: now all most all the reports can be extracted from Campaigns tab and under reporting Tab you can get the performance data from Google analytics account.• Billing: This tab includes all your billing details, your entire billing history, as well as print invoices. Billing details can be changed at your wish.• My account: This tab controls who all are having access to Google adwods account and their type of access. This tab also allow you to add users and remove users from the access list.
  5. 5. • Happy Google Adwords