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The Madras Medical Mission; A social enterprise model


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Madras Medical Mission is a Social Enterprise inspired by the missionary zeal of Bishop Zachariah Mar Dionysius, Metropolitan of the Madras Diocese of the Orthodox Church of India. Strengthened by the devotion and commitment of the members of this Community at Chennai (erstwhile Madras city of TamilNadu ) who promoted the registered charitable society in 1982, it strives to participate in the healing ministry by seeking to foster an environment of caring, compassion and love that enables it to respond to patient needs in enviable ways.

From modest beginnings three decades ago, the synergy of proficient practitioners, prudential management and providential guidance has metamorphosed the Madras Medical Mission into an organization of excellence that promotes some of the finest super-speciality tertiary care medical institutions in India , with superlative infrastructure, leading edge technology and accomplished professionals.

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The Madras Medical Mission; A social enterprise model

  1. 1. The story of a Proverbial Elephant… Social Enterprise for Africa Inspired by Oprah.gvi …meaning different things to different people. © 2006Babu Daniel
  2. 2. MMM: A Church Run Hospital?
  3. 3. MMM: A dream of a group of visionaries, who started with just that…
  4. 4. MMM: Owned by a Well-known Surgeon?
  5. 5. MMM: Promoted by a Corporate Group?
  6. 6. MMM: A Private Money Making Business?
  7. 7. Legal Status of the Madras Medical Mission Registered Society: 1 132 Members elect the Governing Board Members (21) at the AGM Members of the Board 2 Elect the Managing Committee (3) The Managing Committee: 3 Hon. Vice President, Hon. Secretary & Hon. Treasurer Democratic Organizational Structure with 4 Flexibility to amend Rules & Regulations.
  8. 8. The Governance Structure: All of us belong to the Diaspora Orthodox Christian Community from Kerala, S.India
  9. 9. These members do not receive any share of profit or remuneration from the organization.
  10. 10. Development of Volunteerism and Indian Non-Profit Sector Pre-Independence (1810-1947) 1 Church, National Bourgeoisie, Gandhian Philanthropy, etc Early Post-Independence (1947-1960) 2 Religion Based and Gandhian NPOs The 60s and 70s 3 Welfare Oriented NPOs The 80s and 90s 4 Empowerment Oriented NPOs
  11. 11. Madras Medical Mission As a Paradigm of Social Enterprise © 2006Babu Daniel
  12. 12. Paradigm is an entire constellation of beliefs, values and techniques, and so on, shared by the members of a given community Kuhn, T S; The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  13. 13. What do we share in common? A Service Very High Oriented Education and Culture- Self- Empathy employment and Caring Orientation Early Crisis Glue: Cohesion through High Involvement Involvement in Community Core Values Culture Service High Degree of A Culture of Achievement Democratic Motivation Decision Making Enabling, Maintaining & Sustaining Culture
  14. 14. These cultural values of the community are reflected in the Madras Medical Mission, initiated as a Social Enterprise.
  15. 15. Social enterprise is any NGO, revenue-generating business, venture, activity, or project, founded for the dual purpose of earning income and contributing to a social cause.
  16. 16. The Challenge…. Social Impact Vs Financial Viability Are they compatible?
  17. 17. Whenever Bill Drayton spoke about “Social Enterprise” the phrase he coined in the early 1980s his comments met with blank looks. Bill Drayton "The smart ones Social would call it an oxymoron,” Enterprise he recalls. -CLARE GOFF Financial Times March 1, 2006 Wednesday Asia Edition
  18. 18. What Makes MMM a Social Enterprise? Created for a Social Purpose- 1 To Reach Healthcare to the Unreached. Lessens a Social Problem, filling a gap in the 2 Market for the services extended. 3 A Social Asset that Generates Social Value Operates with the discipline, innovation and 4 determination of a business.
  19. 19. Without the Traditional Sources Of Funding…. 1 Foreign Contributions 2 Government Grants 3 Religious Benefaction
  20. 20. A Fee For Service Model MMM: The Social Marketable Services Target Population Enterprise Market The Mission is Embedded in the Enterprise
  21. 21. A Fee For Service Model MMM: Target The Social Population Enterprise Financial self-sufficiency through fees charged for services Income is used as a Cost Recovery Mechanism Surplus (net revenue) subsidizes social Programmes
  22. 22. The Way We Grew.. Invest Leverage 2 1 Provide Re-invest 3 4
  23. 23. How did we achieve this? 1 Investing in People 2 Investing in Technology 3 Using the skill-set of Members 4 With Stable, Committed, Incorruptible Leadership
  24. 24. Committed People
  25. 25. Connect their Ideas
  26. 26. Aggregating Connections
  27. 27. Exponential Increase in Value The Network Effect
  28. 28. Institutions of the Madras Medical Mission 1987: Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases (ICVD) 1999: Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Women's Health 2001: The Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences 2001: Chennai Transplant Centre 2005: The PIMS College of Nursing 2006: MMM Academy of Medical Science
  29. 29. …. night has fallen and the barbarians haven't come. And some of our men, who have just returned from the border, say there are no barbarians any longer. Now what's going to happen to us without barbarians? Those people were a kind of solution. - Constantine P. Cavafy Greek Poet (1863-1933)
  30. 30. The future is not about who is going to hell and who is going to heaven. We are all in it together. It is not about who has it right. It’s about what the best next step is, which can only take us all together. - Betty Sue Flowers Director, LBJ Presidential Library & Corporate Consultant
  31. 31. It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change. -Charles Darwin
  32. 32. “ The views expressed here reflect the views of the speaker alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Madras Medical Mission. “ © Babu Daniel, January 2007 : v-2dt .22.09.08