Presentation Greece-Pella-Kali-High School of Kali


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Presentation Greece-Pella-Kali-High School of Kali

  1. 1. Hellas
  2. 2. Hellas isa country inSoutheast Europe.Athens is thecountrys capitaland largest city.
  3. 3. This country that occupieslimited land space and has asmall population does not onlyprovide a wide range ofremarkable tourist attractions,but also is indicative of greatbeauties, such as mountains,rivers for rafting,crystal clear seawater…
  4. 4. The ParthenonMoreover a great deal of fame is attributedto this country on the grounds of itssignificant architectural ancestry.
  5. 5. And modern architectureRio Antirio Bridge
  6. 6. The Greek Alphabetthe addition of the vowels lead to the development of language
  7. 7. Hellas bears glorious historyLike, the 300 Spartans supreme sacrificewho gave their life for their country
  8. 8. Our two internationally and locally significant historical events
  9. 9. ….and last but not least the title “Mother ofDemocracy” is worthily ascribed to Hellas,as the first democratic polity emerged inancient Athens.
  10. 10. Pella is a prefecture of Greece, located inMacedonia. It belongs to the region of Central Macedonia. Its capital is Edessa.
  11. 11. Our prefecture has:• Two mountains1.Vora 2,524 m 2. Paiko 1,986 m
  12. 12. •Two rivers •One lake1. Loudias 60 km Vegoritida 54 km22.Edessian 29 km
  13. 13. The Spa of PozarLoutrakiIn a remote past, the area was characterizedby intense volcanic activity, which led to today’spresence of mineral water springs. The rich healingproperties of the water flowing out from sixthermal springs are due to the steadytemperatures ranging from 30 to 37 degrees Celsius throughout the year, as well as to the water’s special chemical elements.
  14. 14. The attractions in our county• Waterfalls in Edessa
  15. 15. • The ArchaeologicalSite at Pella andthe Macedonian tombs
  16. 16. Our home village: Kali
  17. 17. KaliKali is avillage of Pella,whice islocated afew kilometers away from Skydra. It is a ruralvillage and itsresidents deal mainlywith the cultivation andharvesting ofagricultural products.
  18. 18. Kali The City Meniidos took its name from the ancient city Meniida w hich was on the hill "Iron Gates", 3.5 kms north of Kali. The ancient city was built beside the river and next to Almopaio ancient roadcommunication of Lower Macedonia Almopi a.
  19. 19. Eventually the village was found. The name ofthis Kalinitsa. The village was then inhabited byTurkish families and few indigenous locals and somefamilies Vlach. Once Angelochorites arrived in theirnew village trying to find houses to set up theirhouseholds. Then commandeered Turkishhouses were built with bricks and after the Turks wereforced to stay in a small part of the village, therest occupied by Thracians. Thelocal indigenous people then, which numbered about 20families lived in a neighborhood in the southeasternedge of the village.
  20. 20. Our village got its present name in 1935. Until thencalled Kalinitsa. In 1922, followed the exchange ofpopulations between Greece and Turkey. The inhabitantswere made to leave their homes in Minor Asia, Thrace andPontos ( Black See ). Residents of Aggelochori, a village in Eastern Thrace, boarded a ship and after a weeks journey, they had a week stay at the port of Thessaloniki. After a few days stay there, they set off to Vertikop, today Skydra. Where they remained until they found the village to accommodate them.
  21. 21. A particularly striking feature of the inhabitants of ourregion, are the dances. From the first year of the relocationof our grandsire Kalinitsa, dances were held in the villagesquare. In the place which is now the Church of the HolyCross was a huge old tree. So the dances and all theevents on days of celebration and notonly given underneath this tree. At the same coffee shop, remember, it arrived and the first radio in 1938.Until 1948 it was celebrated in our area and "Mandolin" where girls of the village playing mandolin in several events.
  22. 22. These are the attraction of our village<<PLATANAKIA>> Church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross
  23. 23. And these are the products which are produced in our village FRUITS Kiwis Apples and Pears Peaches We also produce other fruits as strawberries, oranges and grapes.
  24. 24. VEGETABLES Our production includes many vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, radish, asparagus, cauliflower, zucchini and sprouts.
  25. 25. The High School of KaliFirst floor is the Mid-School and thesecond floor the High-school.
  26. 26. Our school was built in 1980. It is equipped with facilities such as….…..This is our venue where This is our science labthe teachers announcethe decisions theymake. It is on the firstfloor
  27. 27. The computer The WC Lab
  28. 28. And here are our two school yards where wehang out with our friends during the brakes or we do Physical Education
  29. 29. That is the teachers’ room
  30. 30. And here is our beloved principle.
  31. 31. AcknowledgmentsMade by my beloved students: Sofia, Zografia, Therapis, Yannis & Timothy Also… Kiki Efemidou (English Teacher), IoannisParastatidis (Sports Teacher ) thank you for you support 