Babilu Venture


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Presentation of the Babilu Venture.
A initiative promoting a Universal Medium of Speech.

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Babilu Venture

  1. 1. Promotion of a Universal Language of speech
  2. 2. ABOUT 6.8 BILLION PEOPLEcommunicate in over 6,809 different languages
  3. 3. THAT IS A LOT OF VARIETY butdominated by just a view
  5. 5. A ACADEMIC BACKED RESEARCH WORK• reckoning economical considerations of language• was initiated and conducted by the author (2007-2010)• within the MBA Program of the Vienna University of Technology and the Vienna University of Economics and Business with the specialization on Entrepreneurship & Innovation.• supervised and guided by Professor Nikolaus Franke, the director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  7. 7. Direct communication ability is a key to social and economic benefit
  8. 8. DIRECT COMMUNICATION ABILITY• Because language effects economic variables, earning and trade and economic processes effects language dynamics.• Despite the different language choices, preferences, suggested solutions or national language policy and regardless of the involved method, model or approach almost all research work share one common conclusion:• Direct communication abilities have higher economic benefits than involved costs and thereby an international auxiliary language would be of great benefit to the world. It is the desired, aimed, suggested, constructed, etc. solution, which is the focus and centre of discussion.• The question is now on the topic of “how” and “which” and not any more on “weather” to establish a language for global direct communication
  9. 9. Maintaining cultural identity by maintaining language identityis a strong human need and the network effects of language limit the number of common languages to 2
  10. 10. COLLECTIVE CULTURAL CAPITAL• Although we have seen a very strong individual movement towards direct communication abilities and the benefits sprawling from this ability, the current centre of language policy is not on how to leverage this benefits, but rather on the preservation of cultural and linguistic diversity.• Why?• As language embeds cultural identification, sometimes being called “collective cultural capital” it became a very important subject for national, cultural and political identity.• Remember the French Toubon Law and the similar global discussions about the importance of linguistic issues to “modern” nationalism as cornerstone of the emerged national consciousness.
  11. 11. COLLECTIVE CULTURAL CAPITAL• These cultural considerations and some encountered Global English aversions are so high, that many Language Policy makers are just concerned with the spread of English and the allowedly massive political consequences of this spread.• Archibugi for example, who advocated the social advantages of DC therefore argues that “democratic politics must be in Esperanto” because he concludes that “cosmopolitans would prefer an impoverished but directly understandable language to a myriad of more colorful yet non-accessible languages” thereby clearly expressing his disfavor to Global English.
  12. 12. A COMMON TONGUE MUST BE SECOND TO THE NATIVE• Continuative further finding and analysis implicitly says that the problems of mounting and maintaining a language network are so large that, regardless of population size and number of languages, only two common languages can exist between any pair of countries.• This leads to the finding: A intended common language MUST be second and maximal third to the native language!
  13. 13. The future development of English as a globallanguage might be less straightforward than had been commonly assumed
  14. 14. ENGLISH AS LINGUA FRANCA• English is the current dominant candidate for an Universal Medium of Speech but without a cooperative environment and goal-oriented process English will not be globally adopted.• De Swaan declared the current changes to our global language system as a “blind process” and the “unintended consequences of a myriad of individual decisions (and non- decisions, resignation and compliance)” which selected Global English as the currently dominating language.
  15. 15. ENGLISH: A LINGUA FRANCA WITH CLEAR LIMITS• The importance and significance is undoubted, but the adoption of Global English is not an explicit one and• not accompanied within an committed process and• not within an goal oriented process and• not within an cooperative environment and• not continuously self-expanding• It is based on the current dominance and significance of English and on individual and unintended choices and is predicted to only have a potential of reaching a certain global literacy rate.
  16. 16. A entrepreneurial endeavour conveying a Universal Medium of Speech must be established
  17. 17. UNIVERSAL MEDIUM OF SPEECH• We want to introduce an adopted terminology for such a global and universal language to distinguish from the legacy and to put the emphasis on the global ability to directly communicate regardless of the solution• We call this: An Universal Medium of Speech
  18. 18. THE BABILU VENTURE• Based on the findings it is clearly not a language we are missing, but a commitment of adopting one with a preceding cognition and admission of the explicit need!• Therefore we suggest a language and country independent, diversified venture with the chief aim of promoting such a Universal Medium of Speech!• We call our aim: The BABILU VENTURE
  19. 19. BABILU VISION• The vision and foundation of the Babilu Venture is the establishment of a cooperative environment conveying a Universal Medium of Speech!
  20. 20. BABILU MISSION• Establishing a philanthropic organization with the chief aim of promoting a Universal Medium of Speech.
  21. 21. GET INVOLVED!
  22. 22. PARTICIPATE!• We have started a financing effort to raise money to be able to bring the Babilu idea to live.• And we are looking for: • professional Investors or foundations with a significant funding potential enabling a first round of financing • talented and dedicated contributors• Don’t forget we are at very early stage!
  23. 23. COPYRIGHT• Although the intention of this project is to use an open licence, for right now this does not apply!• The content and programs on this site are protected by copyright. All rights are reserved.• Parts of this presentation may contain images, texts or sounds that are subject to copyright of third parties.The copyright notices in these cases are noted in appropriate places. Information on this website, including text, images and sound, may not, unless expressly stated otherwise, reproduced, transferred, distributed or stored without the written permission of the publisher. This applies equally to all of us created templates. Modifications of the contents of this website and all it contains templates are expressly prohibited.