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BA & Beyond 18 - Svetlana Tarnagurskaja - The power of design and engineering


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This interactive session provides an overview of various methodologies and discusses how each of them can be applied to support design and delivery of digital products and services. The session will explore four stages of Double Diamond and core activities and artefacts applicable for each of the stages. It will also cover the benefits of using Lean for rapid prototyping and how the backlog can be matured as the prototype evolves to feed into the agile delivery.

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BA & Beyond 18 - Svetlana Tarnagurskaja - The power of design and engineering

  1. 1. Eureka Presentation 1 THE POWER OF DESIGN AND ENGINEERING IN THE DIGITAL ERA By: Svetlana Tarnagurskaja
  2. 2. Eureka Presentation 2 1915 Coca-Coal Bottle The first modern typewriter, front stroke mechanism and QWERTY keyboard included! 1900 Underwood Typewriter No. 5 > 200 million manufactured so far 1933 Bialetti Moka Express 1956 Eames Lounge Chair A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE 20TH CENTURY 1979 Sony Walkman Sony co-founder Maseru Ibuka just wanted to listen his favourite operas on the go 1984 Apple Macintosh DESIGN
  3. 3. Eureka Presentation 3 A true visionary re-inventing the rules of the game Martin Marguela’s AW Show 1989
  4. 4. Eureka Presentation 4 Inspiring the whole generation of architects to dream Zaha Hadid’s first building (of many) 1991
  5. 5. Eureka Presentation AirBnB 5 2000 2005iPod 2010 PayPal A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE 21ST CENTURY 2015 Netflix 2018 Tesla Spotify UberiPhone Slack
  7. 7. Eureka Presentation PRODUCTS, NOT PROJECTS! -Product, Design and Engineering working together to define and design collaboratively -Risks are tackled upfront rather than at the end -Solving problems not implementing features
  8. 8. Eureka Presentation 8 D ISC O VER PRODUCT DISCOVERY WITH DD DEFIN E D ESIG N DELIVER Idea Design Brief Prototype
  9. 9. Eureka Presentation 9 DISCOVER - DEFINE: SERVICE BLUEPRINT User Journey Needs, Pain Points, Points of Delight Touch points Front of the house Back of the house
  10. 10. Eureka Presentation 10 DESIGN - DELIVER: THE POWER OF LEAN Zoom-in pivot Business Viability Risks - does the solution work in the context of the wider business? Feasibility Risks - can we build it? Usability Risks - can users figure out how to use it? Value Risks - will customer buy it? Customer-segment pivot Channel pivotTechnology pivotBusiness model pivot
  11. 11. Eureka Presentation 11 SCALING UP: LONG LIVE THE SCRUM
  12. 12. Eureka Presentation 12 STORY MAP User > Goals > User Journeys > Actions > Stories 
  13. 13. Eureka Presentation 13 USEFUL RESOURCES
  14. 14. | BA & Beyond — 2018.05.24 — lean strategy execution: the BA’s cup of tea ? @filiphdr