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BA and Beyond 19 Sponsor spotlight - RPA process analyses Let's do it the right way


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The right way being for the right reason and context using the right procedure(s) UiPath provides ample of support in sharing methods, tooling and best practices to kick- start the preparation and running of RPA projects. Experience based use of this material augmented with our experience, tools and techniques boils down to our own way. The right way?

Relentless focus on the benefit realization within the budget envelope and timing supports the reason for the RPA technology adoption. This in combination with actual and planned other business and IT projects. The benefits we cluster around increased efficiency for individual(s) in specific roles, for the ‘mood’ of a range of individuals (replacing monotone, repetitive, low value-added manipulations killing the ‘mood’ in man-machine context) or pure cash (fast(er) realisation of benefit realisation than using any other possible approach or techniques).

Related to the procedure(s) in each of the 3 steps (preparation, build and run) the must have’s and do’s will be clarified as conditions to reach a successful RPA program.

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BA and Beyond 19 Sponsor spotlight - RPA process analyses Let's do it the right way

  1. 1. 1 28/03/2019
  2. 2. 2 28/03/2019
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  5. 5. 5 Reference : Lynda Girvan (CMC) WWW.AGILE-ANALYSES.CO.UK !
  6. 6. 6 BDO DIGITIAL - RPA IMPLEMENTATION APPROACH Project Start BUSINESS CASE Process Candidate Identification/ Pre-Analyses/ Analyses Process Intelligence (SWD) (Rapid Prototyping) Benefit Costs Assessment DEVELOPMENT (PROCESS AUTOMATION) Detail Analyses PDD Coding/Testing Configuring Orchestrator UAT & Hyper-Care Execution Monitoring (MORE/STOP) NEW & DECOMMISION Benefit Tracking 1st Step 2nd Step 3rd Step 4th Step 5th Step 6th Step OPERATIONS
  7. 7. 7 BDO CROSSROAD RPA BUSINESS CASE METHOD Identify recurring benefits together with the efforts (costs) to realize them Benefit/Cost overview first 4 Quarter and next 2 years with cash- flow and IRR calculation Business Case overview for the selected candidate processes based on Efficiency, Mood and Cash perspective 4 Financial Impact Templates for every process Assessment of the development cost based on the assessed complexity 2 Assessment of the candidate processes, their Complexity-to- Automate category and the estimated benefit (€) 1 3
  8. 8. 8 Number of screens involved in a process can be takenas a Proxy for number of steps Variations/Scenarios with in the process (Number of If Else kind of Rules) Standard Inputs – Templated inputs, same formator type of inputs across cases Image based automation – VDI/ Remote desktops/ Citrix Free Texts – Flow of information as free text (Unstructured informational flow) with in the process Type of Applications– Java Applications, Mainframe applications, SAP, Web based applications, Dotnet applications, MS Office .. Etc Structured Inputs – Machine readable and digital inputs. Scanned PDF Images/ Free flow texts in Emails are considered to be unstructured inputs RPA DEVELOPMENT COMPLEXITY FACTORS DEV EFFORT
  11. 11. 11 KEEP UP THE GOOD --- MOOD