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BA and Beyond 19 - Frank Lemmens - 4 stories for a storyteller


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We created 4 stories within the Enterprise Architecture team to show how VRT has to prepare itself to stay relevant the coming years. These 4 stories take into account the upcoming trends, the contract we have with the Belgian government, customer needs and the reality and culture of today.

These stories are clusters of business capabilities, translated in roadmaps by using value streams. Furthermore, these stories are supported by a functional domain model, information model, application en infrastructure architecture to show the impact on the level of: processes, organisation, technology and information.

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BA and Beyond 19 - Frank Lemmens - 4 stories for a storyteller

  1. 1. 1. WHO IS VRT 2. THE STORYBOOK 3. OUR A-MODELS Technology & Innovation - Frank Lemmens
  2. 2. Technology & Innovation - Frank Lemmens VRT WHOAREWE? 1
  3. 3. Honestly, I’m sick and tired of the fact that our public broadcaster can be so left minded. “ Who is VRT– Too …? ” “I can not escape the idea that there is evidence of an existing sympathy for right wing-parties. . ” “In my opinion, it’s about time that VRT reflects about the way they lie on the base of the polarization of our society ”
  4. 4. Whenever I make mushroom soup, the colour turns grey, how can I prevent this? I know adding lemon can help, but can that be done for soup? “ Who is VRT– But also…? ” “I’m watching VRT for many years now, recently I saw something about an older man and horses. Can you let me know which program this was? . ” “Dear, somewhere between 1995 and 1997 I heard a song on Radio 2. It was a typical Peruvian song with a pan flute, guitar and soft voices. The lyrics were like “zazaza”. I hope you can help me finding that song. ”
  5. 5. Who is VRT – Facts & Figures
  6. 6. Who is VRT – Facts & Figures
  7. 7. Who is VRT – Facts & Figures
  8. 8. Who is VRT – Facts & Figures
  9. 9. VRT TODAY VRT TOMORROW The challenge…
  10. 10. Technology & Innovation - Frank Lemmens THESTORYBOOK THE4STORIES 2
  11. 11. The storybook
  12. 12. The Storybook - Disclaimer
  13. 13. The Storybook – Prepare
  14. 14. We want to create content with less human resources and offer this content in more different formats to reach a broader public range" “ The Storybook – Engage ” “We need more time for creativity & the creatives ”“We want to offer more personalized content and create it where it happens ”
  15. 15. The Storybook – Structure • • • • • • • • • •
  16. 16. The Storybook – Define
  17. 17. The Storybook – Ideate
  18. 18. The Storybook – Prototype - Test
  19. 19. Technology & Innovation - Frank Lemmens OUR A-MODELS 3
  20. 20. The A-Models
  21. 21. The A-Models – Functional Model to give context
  22. 22. The A-Models – Functional Model & Application Architecture Model for the rationalization of our application landscape Journey op maat faciliteren Innovatie faciliteren Diensten aan de mediagebruiker Uitvoeren van niet sector-specifieke ondersteunende activiteiten Uitbaten van diensten aan derde partijen Realiseren van content en touchpoints Uitbaten van diensten aan mediagebruiker Uitvoeren van mediasector specifieke ondersteunende activiteiten Versterken van het media ecosysteem Produceren van content Publiceren van content Plannen van aanbod en resources Strategische beslissingen nemen over ons aanbod Aanbod verrijkt met metadata bewaren, beheren en ontsluiten Afleveren aan / Connecteren met mediagebruiker Uitzenden van content Exploiteren van afgeleiden Media- gebruiker leren kennen Succes & appreciatie van een stuk aanbod meten Content klaarmaken voor publicatie Produceren van touchpoints Aankopen van content Aankopen van touchpoints Touchpoints klaarmaken voor release Participeren en interageren Gaming Luisteren naar audio livestream On demand luisteren naar audio content Ondemand kijken naar audiovisuele content Proactief gewezen worden op aanbod relevant voor mij Zelf makkelijk relevante content vinden Artikel lezen Merchandising & afgeleide producten kopen Interactie & Dialoog ondersteunen Wetten en richtlijnen naleven Kijken naar audiovisuele livestream Sturen van gerichte uitgaande communicatie Distribueren via verkoop-punten Concepten bedenken vanuit 360° Redactie Structuur & kwaliteit bewaken Betalende evenementen bijwonen Dienstenaanderdepartijen CrossCuttingConcerns Marketing ... Adverteerder Andere mediabedrijven Evenement Organisatoren Distributeurs VAR & Pebble VIAA (ArchiveringsInstituut)
  23. 23. The A-Models – Functional Model to discuss how our organization must look like
  24. 24. The A-Models – Functional Model and Value Streams to build a value based project portfolio • • •
  25. 25. 1. PLANT IT 2. BUILD IT 3. GO FOR IT Technology & Innovation - Frank Lemmens
  26. 26. 1. PLANT IT 2. BUILD IT 3. GO FAR IT Technology & Innovation - Frank Lemmens
  27. 27. VRT TOMORROW