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BA and Beyond 18 - Rowin Heymans - DDD


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Domain Driven Design is not yet another methodology prescribing what to do when in the software development cycle. Domain Driven Design is a mindset, a philosophy on how to approach everything surrounding software development. Through Ubiquitous Language, the whole team (developers, engineers, clients and others) can collaborate in the same way. This language also determines how the software is built and is different from one bounded context to another. Therefore, Domain Driven Design facilitates verifying whether your team is building the right thing and speeds up the process of noticing mistakes. A positive side effect includes that great software will be produced.

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BA and Beyond 18 - Rowin Heymans - DDD

  1. 1. What’s in it for you? Closer collaboration with the team Avoid common development problems Pick investments wisely Ubiquitous language We get better communication between the team and the domain experts by using the same language. Take for example the case of a restaurant using Deliveroo for deliveries. Bounded context CORE Concepts We need a language we can speak that is understood by all people involved. This language should be very precise, and this language should be everywhere. In Domain driven design we put a strict boundary around the context. This boundary ensures meaning of concepts, as long as you stay within its confines. - Hard to grasp - Confusion Easier to understand - Clear concept - It’s a constant discovery process to understand the problem that a business wants solved in software. We have to see that the business wants to reach business goals. Domain Driven Design assists in realizing those goals by creating applications which deliver true business value. the “Blue Book“ It all started with DDD is a mindset, not a methodology — Anonymous coward Domain Driven Design Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software