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BA and Beyond 18 - Frauke Neels and Michel Van Montfort - The art of saying no


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When you engage with clients and stakeholders you hear a lot of interesting ideas and problems worth fixing.

When you want to fix a lot of problems with one project/software you’ll probably end up with nothing.

When you want to create value, keeping focus is essential for success.

- Scope selection is a messy but important task. Make a very clear selection of what is in and even more important what is out of scope.
- Keep good relations with clients and stakeholders that have out of scope problems and ideas
- Fall in love with the problem and share this enthusiasm.

Business analyses is about saying no to most ideas and problems while keeping everyone engaged.

We will illustrate this case with real examples.

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BA and Beyond 18 - Frauke Neels and Michel Van Montfort - The art of saying no

  1. 1. Frauke Neels & Michel Van Montfort 24th May 2018 The art of saying no
  2. 2. Michel Van Montfort Product Manager Internal Products & Services
  3. 3. Frauke Neels Product Manager Tax & Accounting
  4. 4. eArchive case § NL – sales department – contracts § LUX – Payroll consultants – mails & agreements § BE – legal department – laws & annotations
  5. 5. Saying no in ideation § Clearly define ‘Scope of work’ § In and out of scope § Fall in love with the problem § A statement that you can’t disagree with has no value § Every problem is a real problem, most ideas have some value
  6. 6. Tax simulation case § Corporate tax calculation & declaration § Complete – all special cases § 100% accurate & compliant § Tax simulation § Timing is most important § Quick & simple over complete 11
  7. 7. Saying no towards MVP § Stay in love with the problem & keep sharing enthousiasm § Ground rules 12
  8. 8. Saying no in delivery - the lego case 14
  9. 9. The end § Don’t forget to stop 17
  10. 10. How to say no In ideation § Recognize most ideas are valuable ideas, respect people and their work. § Realize statements one cannot disagree with have no inherent value. In development § Establish and adhere to ground rules and basic principles in all stages of development. In delivery § When all else fails, remember little Tommy. 18