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Market research by christian babet


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Explanation of primary research. The types of primary research.

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Market research by christian babet

  1. 1. Business Studies Form VMarket ResearchPart 1: Primary research
  2. 2. 1. Video on market research
  3. 3. 2. Video on market research
  4. 4. Market ResearchPrimary Secondary
  5. 5. Primary research is also known as fieldresearch, it is the collection of originaldataPrimary Research
  6. 6. ConsumerQuestionnaires panels Observation Experiments Primary Research
  7. 7. Questionnaires
  8. 8. Consumer Panels
  9. 9. Observation
  10. 10. Experiments
  11. 11. • 1. Give two types of market research• 2. List four examples of primary research• 3. Search and write the process of primary research• 4. Use your Business studies books and search the advantages and disadvantages of questionnairesQuestions