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Matej Michlik - Make your ROI happy!


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In this most competitive environment ever you have to: Look for synergies! Highlight the good and positive! Smile on the social networks! Have your own satisfaction department! All those things will help spread the word. Analyze your customer's issues. Focus your advertisement efforts on what works best, but be careful about your first impression. Maximize the effects and be a love brand. Foster. Your. Advocates.

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Matej Michlik - Make your ROI happy!

  2. 2. Top5MarketCapRanks.png
  3. 3. Growth potential Revenues & Margins Current audience Intelligent efforts
  4. 4. 1. Are you some kind of love brand? 2. Do you use customer data wisely? 3. Do you analyze deeply? 4. Have you applied the "don't piss them off" rule? 5. Have you applied the "please them so much they want to scream" rule? 6. Do you give gifts? 7. Do you give gifts? 8. Do you give gifts?
  5. 5. Services: 1. Have things simple 2. Have things working 3. Have a strong customer care solution and/or team (things f*ck up when least expected)
  6. 6. Matej Michlík @matej43 Thank you!