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Lisa Stadler - Social Media in the Newsroom


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We all know that social media is one of the keys for modern news organizations to interact with their users and to reach them. But not all of us know how to successfully deal with social media in our everyday worklife. Lisa Stadler is working as a social media manager for four years now. She is talking about the integration of social media into all important departments of Austria's biggest online newspaper

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Lisa Stadler - Social Media in the Newsroom

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE NEWSROOM How the Austrian newspaper is using social media Lisa Stadler
  2. 2. INTRO
  3. 3. • Daily newspaper • Online: July 2013: 15.700.000 visits (Austrian web analysis) • One of the biggest online communities
  4. 4. The newsroom
  5. 5. •Social Media Team (me and my colleague Johanna) •Community and Social Team: Community on our website Community Team
  6. 6. •Morning meeting: getting an overview about today‘s topics •Selecting articles to spread them on different platforms (twitter, facebook, google+), posting breaking news asap •Monitoring the platforms •Talking to the users, reacting, answering questions, ... •Involving users to create content, crowdsourcing What do we do all day long?
  7. 7. Creative content
  8. 8. •Adapting news content for social networks. • Creative content reached 250.000 people, sported on reddit,etc.
  9. 9. Employer branding
  10. 10. Behind the scenes
  11. 11. • React to internet hypes
  12. 12. Using meme formats for news
  13. 13. Featuring User Postings
  14. 14. Creative content
  15. 15. Selling and tracking
  16. 16. •is it really worth it? •Improve our image •Gain loyal readers •Increase traffic •Sell our newspaper Ok, this is fun, but ...