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Head Office:
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Transmittal letter (Attached)
1.0 – 1.5 Company profil...
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PATRA CONSULT is a consulting firm with strong focus on ...
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designed to increase individual, community, group and organizational effectiveness a...
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PATRA CONSULT undertakes planning and execut...
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BELLO B. (DR) – DVM, MNIM, MITD. He is a Prin...
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ISHOLA SOLA (DR) - Bsc, MSc M. Comm., Phd.
Sola is an Associate par...
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Name of Ogranisation Client Arrow Head or Word of Mouth person Phone
1. AL HAQ H...
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Below is a list of some of our training courses w...
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Positive contribution and commitment to the sustained growth of our c...
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PATRA CONSULT - Profile - 2013


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Agriculture, Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Research Consultants.

Published in: Business, Education
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PATRA CONSULT - Profile - 2013

  1. 1. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 0 PROFILE PATRA CONSULT Head Office: 24, OLAYIWOLA STREET, NEW OKO-OBA. LAGOS. NIGERIA. 0802-354-0401, 07025180444, 0802-322-9239, , 0805-795-4941, 01-7920621. Email:, Email : Email: PATRA CONSULT is a corporate member of NIGERIAN INSTITUTE OF TRAINING AND DEVELPOMENT (NITD).
  2. 2. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Item Page _ Transmittal letter (Attached) 1.0 – 1.5 Company profile 2 - 7 2.0 Satisfaction List 7 3.0 List of some Training Programs 8 4.0 Conclusion 9
  3. 3. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 2 1.0 1.1 ABOUT PATRA CONSULT PATRA CONSULT is a consulting firm with strong focus on providing solutions that enhance individual and group/organizational performance. PATRA CONSULT‘s principal partners have over 25 years cognate experience in the service industry, community service and agricultural subsector. PATRA CONSULT is a corporate member of Nigerian Institute for Training and Development (NITD) and Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Lagos State. 1.1.1 Our Vision To be a frontline provider of cutting edge performance and capacity enhancement solutions that allow organizations stand out in a crowded market place. 1.1.2 Our Mission To deliver sustainable and quantifiable growth in the performance and value gains of our clients, partners, associates and other stakeholders by developing mutually, materially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually rewarding long term relationship. 1.2 SERVICES 1.2.1 BUSINESS AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT SERVICES These services are targeted at organizational and individual clients business and capacity development and performance management. BUSINESS PLAN AND FEASIBILITY STUDY SERVICES Improper budgeting, inadequate market predictions, epileptic financing, disjointed operational plans, compounded by poor monitoring system often combine to make projects fail. Given the long years of experience of its Principals in the related subsector and their depth of understanding of the economic, social, and political terrain of Nigeria, PATRA CONSULT is in a veritable position to conduct feasibility studies and prepare business plan for investment projects to forestall failure of the project’s activities in the Country. Based on antecedents, we are well positioned to provide business and human capital development services to corporate bodies and specialized projects such as Non-Profit Organisations, Fadama development projects and Rural Finance and Institution-Building Programme (Rufin) and Community-Based Agricultural and Rural Development Programmes. 1.2.1 .2 TRAINING AND MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT SERVICES HUMAN CAPITAL EMPOWERMENT/TRAINING PROGRAMS Against the background of the rich experience and the quality exposure of our frontline principal partners in one of the best human capital development culture during their long years of corporate working career with PFIZER NIGERIA/LIVESTOCK FEEDS PLC, PATRA CONSULT organises and coordinates training programs for various categories of Public functionaries, Business Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs, Community Leaders, Farmers, Pastoralists, Group Users and Service personnel, especially sales and marketing. Our courses are
  4. 4. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 3 designed to increase individual, community, group and organizational effectiveness and productivity. Training courses or programs targeted at the pastoralists, farmers and user groups are delivered in the relevant local languages: Hausa and Yoruba. The learning enhancement methods we employ are significantly interactive and kinesthetic/hands on. Our highly resourceful facilitators are also available as Field Coaches and Locum consultants to complement Field operations/In-house training and motivational sessions. We also organize a special short duration (one to two hours) lecture and discussion sessions tagged “Patra Inspirational Moments” to fire up executives. .2 STAFF RECRUITMENT AND EXECUTIVE SELECTION We undertake recruitment and executive selection services that help to build the human capital of our clients. We focus on resources for building solid foundation of long term commitment to organizational goals. 1.2.2 MARKETING COMMUNICATION SERVICES PATRA CONSULT’ offers Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) services including development of specialized marketing programs(SMP), event management, marketing public relation (MPR) functions and “word of mouth” product/idea promotions on selected media that are guaranteed to: - Creating awareness for products/services and organizational programs - Providing platform for highest recognition and widest acceptance - Attracting more customers and generate favourable public opinion - Project/position Company's products/Organisation’s services in line with approved promotional platform and as corporately envisioned. - Elicit favourable response from target groups as evidenced in trial/repeat purchase of product. 1.2..3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES PATRA CONSULT provides corporate management services for agricultural and non- agricultural projects to assist investors and stakeholders overcome the nightmare accompanying distressed and abandoned projects due to adverse business, political and economic climate. Our consulting team is highly experienced in rural agricultural project development, design, implementation and management. We are well positioned to undertake supervision or contract management of any of your programs anywhere in the country. 1.2.4 PROGRAM MONITORING AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SERVICES This service segment includes putting our survey, program monitoring and performance evaluation tools at the disposal of a project to ensure constant feedback through analytical and unbiased methods. This service segment also includes periodic reports on the programs being implemented. We are prepared to dedicate staff and material resources to this service segment to ensure constant and real time information generation and dissemination. We also teamwork with Financial Experts for System Control and Audit services to sanitize project financials at the downstream and upstream levels.
  5. 5. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 4 1.2.5 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES PATRA CONSULT undertakes planning and execution of environmental control systems, including - environmental impact assessment studies, - irrigated land salt level control and management, - pest control, - landscape planning, - horticultural designs and pasture land development services, - effluent and waste control services. 1.2.6 DEMAND RESPONSIVE AGRICULTURAL /TECHNICAL ADVISORY SERVICES Our Technical and field support team consist of Veterinarians, Agriculturists, Engineers, and other professionals. Many of them have been involved in several aspects of livestock, crop and rural development for over 20 years. Our field representatives reach key farm settlements, cattle crazing reserves, organized and semi- organized livestock holdings, major fish farms and other parts of the livestock community. PATRA CONSULT offers the following technical services: AMBULATORY ANIMAL HEALTH AND NUTRITION SERVICES This is targeted at pastoralists and organised livestock/poultry farmers. Our veterinarians and paravets provide diagnostic and disease management services. Prophylactic and metaphylactic treatments are encouraged through provision of animal health products and other livestock solutions. The ambulatory service extension also affords our field staff, particularly the Animal scientists, the opportunity to interact and educate the pastoralists and organised livestock farmers on improved nutritional management of their stock. EXTENSION AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR PROJECT BENEFICIARIES We specialise in organising group visitations and group meetings to offer beneficiaries of the project’s programs the full benefits of improved livestock, crop and rural business management. We shall disseminate technical information downstream to the grassroots, as well as undertake advisory services to farms (poultry, fish and livestock farms etc.) for enhanced productivity and profitability. START UP/REPLACEMENT STOCK PROCUREMENT AND SUPERVISION We supervise and procure inputs such as day-old-chicks, fingerlings, calves and young stock of other livestock species for our clients. This service would enable the project to empower the beneficiaries with high quality resources to kick-start the productive aspect of the programs for individuals or groups of farmers. 1.2.7 RESEARCH SERVICES PATRA CONSULT provides research services in forms of industry/market, social, business and marketing/brand/consumer research services for retrospective and prospective studies for clients seeking to improve the quantity of data for decision making and/or those planning to embark on new projects. On-line research or surveys are also available.
  6. 6. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 5 1.3 MANAGEMENT PROFILE 1.3.1 PARTNERS: BELLO B. (DR) – DVM, MNIM, MITD. He is a Principal partner of PATRA CONSULT. Tunde is a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria. Tunde is in charge of all training and technical operations of PATRA CONSULT. He has over twenty five (25) years post graduation experience in the livestock and service industry. He started out as VETERINARIAN/FARM MANAGER at AGRI FARM, Kano and 2-WAY FARMS, Ugbodu (1986-1987). His high profile corporate experience was with PFIZER ANIMAL HEALTH GROUP and later ADSET/LIVESTOCK FEEDS PLC (1987-2001) where he was appointed into various Sales and Marketing Management and Field Sales responsibilities. He won several company awards including Salesman of the year (1989-1991), the best Area Sales Manager (1995). He mid-wived the birth of ADSET CONSULTING, the customer/client service arm of ADSET/LIVESTOCK FEEDS PLC. He is also a Director of PATRA AGRIBIZ LIMITED (1997 till date). He was Editor in Chief (1990-1993) and Chairman (1994–2001) of NIGERIAN VETERINARY MEDICAL ASSOCIATION-LAGOS STATE. He was Treasurer (1993- 1998), Training, Research and Development Officer 2005-2007, and the Deputy Chairman (2007-2008) of POULTRY ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (PAN) LAGOS. He was a member veterinary faculty accreditation team for the Uthman Dan Fodio University’s Faculty of Veterinary medicine Sokoto in 2006. Tunde is a consultant to a number of Livestock farming outfits including – Fred Roberts Farm Ltd, Arigbabowo Farms, Goldlink Farms. He was also a consultant to AI.COMM, a program managed by AED and sponsored by USAID (October 2007 to April 2008). OMOTOSO, MOPELOLA Msc, Bsc Animal Science. Mope is a Principal Partner of PATRA CONSULT and she is a registered animal scientist with the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS). She graduated from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 1983 and obtained her Masters degree from the University of Ibadan in 1985. She started her career in the Marketing department of Livestock Feeds Plc in 1986 as an Assistant Product Manager and was in charge of generation of data on sales, market share and other industry information. She later moved on to the technical department as the nutritionist formulating all the company standard products and the development of new and customized products. Mope became the Quality Assurance Manager (1993-2002) with the responsibility of supervising the chemical laboratory which was established to analyze the raw materials and the finished products of the company as well as assurance of quality during processing in the five mill locations of the company. She held the position of operations manager (2002-2007) and had responsibility of supervising the operations of the four mill locations in addition to the quality assurance laboratory and nutrition. With the reorganization of the company, she was designated as DGM Quality Assurance and held the position until she retired in June 2009. Mope was the pioneer treasurer of the Animal Science association of Nigeria (1995-2001), ex officio member and became President in September 2008. She is also a member of council, Nigerian Institute of Animal Science. ABIDOYE ABDULWAHEED O. (MR). HND Bus. & Fin. (London), BA Com. Abdul is a Principal Partner of PATRA CONSULT’. He is a Finance and Training expert based in London. He is a member of Association of Cost and Executive Accountants (ACEA), London. He is also the Managing Director of BRIGHTER CONSULT SERVICES LIMITED based in London.
  7. 7. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 6 1.3.2 ASSOCIATES ISHOLA SOLA (DR) - Bsc, MSc M. Comm., Phd. Sola is an Associate partner of PATRA CONSULT’. He is a Phd Degree Mass Communication from University of Lagos in 1987. He obtained a Masters Degree and a doctorate degree (from the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies) in Communication Arts from the University of Ibadan. He has worked in corporate communication position with Co-operative Federation of Nigeria. He also worked on secondment with International Federation of Agric. Producers in Paris France in 1991. He was the Executive Director of Independent Journalism Center (1991- 2004), Ikeja, Lagos and he managed a College of Journalism, which is an arm of this organization. He has attended several workshops and training programs on Conflict studies, freedom of expression and communication in Nigeria, France, Namibia, Senegal and Thailand. He lectures full-time with University of Ibadan. OGUNBAYO FESTUS OLUWOLE (DR) DVM, MSc, MBA. Wole is an Associate Partner of PATRA CONSULT. He has worked extensively in the industry as Field sales representative, Manager and Consultant. He is the managing director of DELVET PROJECTS LTD. 1.3.3 COLLABORATIONS The Company, managed by seasoned professionals with long years of experience, also has collaborative working relationship with seasoned resource persons. Many high quality facilitators with varying professional background are also enlisted based on training needs and requirement for collaboration, these include – Management and Marketing Consultants, Financial and System Analysts, Information Management Experts, Pharmacists, Agriculturists, Veterinarians, Engineers, Research and Technical Service functionaries. We are in constant touch with credible professionals and professional associations in the industry with whom we render joint services on a collaborative basis. Our network of resources affords the company the leverage to provide solutions and high quality services to existing and prospective clients. 1.4 CORPORATE ASSOCIATES/COLLABORATORS (Listed in alphabetical order) 1. AFFCOM NIG LIMITED 2. FORMAT ENGINEERING LTD 3. INTEGRATED MICROS LIMITED (Specialises in Information Systems - services and supply). 4. MOWAL NIG LTD (General Contractors). 1.5 OUR BANKERS 1. Guaranty Trust Bank 2. Finbank Plc. Abule-Egba, Lagos. Allen Avenue, Ikeja . Lagos. 3. Skye Bank Plc Lugbe Branch, Abuja.
  8. 8. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 7 2.0 Name of Ogranisation Client Arrow Head or Word of Mouth person Phone 1. AL HAQ HOLDINGS LIMITED – Dr Tunji Nasir (0803-306-1214) 2. ADEWURA FARMS LIMITED – Mr Austine (GM) / Mrs. Evelyn Agbojo (08033088400) 3. AMO BYNG NIG. LTD/AMO FARM SIEBERER HATCHERY LTD – Dr Ayo Oduntan (0803-306-7688) 4. AMO FARM SIEBERER HATCHERY LIMITED 5. ARIGBABOWO FARMS – Alh. S.A Ladejobi (0803-333-9611) 6. ANIMAL CARE SERVICES KONSULT LIMITED - 7. BAWL INVESTMENT LTD – Dr Jide Soyebo – ( 01-290-3112) 8. BIMBA AGRO LIVESTOCK SERVICES LTD. – Mr Bayo Odunowo – (0805-540-2950) 9. DIVERSAY SOLUTION LIMITED 10. BROODERHOUSE LIMITED – Dr Ayo Daramola – (0703-719-6057) 11. DARAM NIG. LIMITED – Dr Akin Ajiboye (08023126302) 12.ECONET WIRELESS (now ZAIN) – Marketing team /Training Dept.(Tony Ebubeh) 13.FADAMA DEVELOPMENT OFFICE, LAGOS. – Mr Kayode Ashafa - (0803-303-0892) 14.FADAMA DEVELOPMENT OFFICE, OYO – Mr Olayinka Ayoade – (08055253860) 15.FIDSON HEALTHCARE LTD. - Ernest Onyejekwe - (08022713737) 16.FIL PHARMA LTD – Mr Tunde Meshioye - (08054280120 / 08034702191) 17.FRED ROBERTS FARMS LIMITED - Mr. Yomi Odusami (0802-313-6720) 18.LUCHARIS NIG. LTD – Dr Charles Igboko – 01-493-2599 19.MIRTH AGRIC NIG. LIMITED – Engr.(Dr) Hassan (02-8105555) 20.MR BIGG’S – 21.NIGERIAN INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL SCIENCE (NIAS) - 22.ROCKWOOL PRODUCTS NIG. LITD – Alh Azeez Bello/Engr Joe Uche – (01-7604491/08032155463) 23.RYTES NIGERIA LTD – Mr Funsho Ogunsina (0803-325-1413) 24.OBASANJO HOLDINGS LIMITED – Dr Tokunbo Ajayi –( 0805-509-5151) 25.SEEPC NIG. LIMITED Mr Emma Okafor (Old staff e.g 0802-224-1602), Dr Makinde (Still a Staff) 26. SUPO OJO & CO – Mr Supo Ojo (0804-418-1783) 27. TAJUKOLA FARMING ENTERPRISES - Mr Taju Onitiju (0803-3435546) 28. TURNER WRIGHT NIG. LIMITED – Dr Tunde Lawal (01-4939334) 29.VIVAX LIMITED – Dr Gbenga Oluyemi 08022236567 30. ZYGOSIS NIGERIA LIMITED – Mr Jide Brown (0803-301-6620) For more information, please contact us as indicated below or visit our website also indicated below: 24, LAYIWOLA STREET, NEW OKO-OBA. LAGOS. NIGERIA. 0808-076-5026, 0802-322-9239, 0802-354-0401, 0805-795-4941, 01-7920621, 01- 4096289 E-mail,
  9. 9. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 8 3.0 LIST OF SOME TRAINING PROGRAMS Below is a list of some of our training courses while others could also be made available as needed and according to training needs of our clients and prospective beneficiaries. COURSE ITEM COURSE TITLE TARGET AUDIENCE 1 Team Building and Teaming for Excellence Directors, project managers, managers etc. 2 Effective Leadership skills workshop Directors, project managers, managers etc. 3 Effective communication skills workshop Managers, Marketers, Communication executives 4 Presentation Skills Workshop Managers, Marketers, Communication executives 5 Safety Appreciation Course for Drivers Drivers 6 Effective Marketing Public Relations Course Public Relation Executives 7 Effective Sales Management Training Workshop Sales & Marketing Managers 8 Performance Improvement Course for Office staff Junior & Middle level officers 9 Brand Management & Brand Leadership Workshop Marketers 10 Appreciation Course for Security Officers Security Operatives 11 Effective Supervisory Management Workshop Managers, directors, supervisors 12 Total Quality Management Workshop Mangers and Directors 13 Strategic Planning Workshop Directors/top executives 14 Internal Audit, Fraud Detection and Prevention and Control Workshop Audit and Anti Crime operatives/executives 15 Cost Improvement, Cost Control, Productivity & Performance Improvement Account/Audit executives/officers 16 Consultative Selling Skills Workshop Sales Executives 17 Developing and Managing Volunteers workshop Charity/NGO Volunteers and Executives 18 Charity/NGO Career Appreciation Course Charity/NGO Volunteers and Executives 19 Customer Service Edge Workshop Customer service executives 20 Changing Workers attitude to Work All staff/workers 21 Executive stress and time management workshop Directors/Executives 22 Livestock and Poultry Management workshop All 23 Integrated Pest Management workshop Sanitation and pest control officers, Crop farmers etc. 24 Vocational Training Courses Unemployed Youths …….and many other training courses as may be needed.
  10. 10. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 9 4.0 CONCLUSION Positive contribution and commitment to the sustained growth of our client’s operational performance and business profitability form the basis for our mission. We are confident that any of our services or training programs will impact positively on your organisation and on the efficiency of human resources with the assured gains in improved efficiency and profitability. Thank you, Kind regards, For: PATRA CONSULT Dr. Babatunde Bello Managing Consultant 24, OLAYIWOLA STREET, NEW OKO-OBA. LAGOS. NIGERIA. 0802-354-0401, 08057954941, 0802-322-9239, 01-7920621, 01- 4096289
  11. 11. …….Reinforcing your power to excel. 10 E-mail:,