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Limitations of astrology<br />Astrology is the study of relations and movements of celestial bodies in the solar system. T...
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Limitations of Astrology


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Here is some of the limitations that falls in Astrology.

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Limitations of Astrology

  1. 1. Limitations of astrology<br />Astrology is the study of relations and movements of celestial bodies in the solar system. These studies can warn a person of the forthcoming dangers or unworthy decisions. It can also expose the past accidents and incidents which have defined a person’s life. Through astrology, the exact time for doing a task can be determined so that the task does not go in vain. <br />It may be surprising that our behavior and fate is to quite an extent dependent on the position of planets. Based on the predictions made, a person can decide to avoid an accident or incident that will come in front of him. But it depends on the person how he would like to decide on the predictions. It should be noted that astrology will not predict as per your expectation, but what the truth is. <br />Long term predictions are made on basis of movements of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto while short term predictions are made through the moon and its inner planets like Mercury, Venus and mars. Positive energy begets positive energy. If a person is willing and ready to perform a task, he can easily overcome the obstacles and achieve his goal. A person with clear mind, he can make decisions aptly and move forward in life. Astrologers says always listen to your intuition as these are voices of the forces that surround you. <br />Everyone has their own perceptions and expectations. The reason for this is that the planets are at different positions on every birth. So the relation between the planets and the birth form the personality traits for them. <br />Astrology has faced a lot of criticism as they are alleged to be too dependent on astronomical factors and less on reality. But be it whatever, it remains the most preferred way to discuss life. <br />