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(System Development Life Cycle)

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. PresentationONSystem Analysis & Design.Presented By :Sandeep KumarMCA 1st yr.
  2. 2. System Development Life CycleIt shows the phases through which how thesystem is developed in step by step process.There are 8 phases in SDLC :• Study of the problem :It is necessary to know & understand theproblem before solving it. If the problem iscomplicated the management can take thehelp of analyst
  3. 3. • Making plan :This is the most important phase of SDLC where thefeasibility of system as well as system analyst hasto be practical. Your proposal may be accepted ormay be cancelled in this phase due to thesereasons.o System Cost – the system cost should be inproportion to the capacity of the company.o Time – The time consumed in completing thesystem is also important. For e.g. the companyneeds the system within six months & you decidethe time limit of one or two yr. for it, it could becancelled
  4. 4. • System Analysis :In this phase system analyst analyze theproblem that what should he have to do tosolve the problem. In this he has to make aserious study of the study of he environmentof the system & its boundary, for it data arecollected from different media.After collecting information on all such pointsthe designing of the system is begun.
  5. 5. • System Design :In SDLC phases this phase is most challenging.The outline of system is put in black &white, on the other hand the modern systemanalysts can design it with the help of thecomputers.He decides how the output should beobtained. It means how many modes therewill be of the outputHe prepares the flow chart, the outline of therecords as well as the whole planning of theexecution of the system.
  6. 6. • Program Development :In this phase the system analyst himself createsthe programs or gives it to otherprogrammers. The system analyst asks theprogrammers to create the program as per therequirement of system. For e.g. suppose asystem contains inventory & finance, he willgive finance to only the programmer who hassome knowledge of accounts or financeotherwise he will give training to theprogrammers.
  7. 7. • Programs Testing :After the creation of programs it has to passthrough individual testing & if severalprogrammers have created different programsthey are collected into an integrated software& then whole system is tested.If the system is found successful for allaspects, it is forwarded to its next phase.
  8. 8. • System Implementation :This is the last phase of SDLC. In this phase theuser start working on the new system. Beforethe beginning of the task, to run smoothly, allthe hardware & software are fulfilled. Themost crucial part of this phase is to givetraining to the users
  9. 9. • Maintenance :After the successful implementation of thesystem, starts the period of maintenance ofthe system. This phase has no limit. This phasegoes until there is the need of the newsystem. In this system, both hardware as wellas the software are maintained.
  10. 10. Thank You