3 Killer Ways On How To Drive Quality Traffic To A New Blog


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Yesterday I was discussing with a friend about blogging and she asked me one interesting question which is “How to drive traffic to a new blog”. I also did remember seeing that same question at yahoo answer sometime back, so … Continue reading →

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3 Killer Ways On How To Drive Quality Traffic To A New Blog

  1. 1. onenaijablog.com http://onenaijablog.com/2013/09/3-killer-ways-on-how-to-drive-quality-traffic-to-a-new-blog/ babanature September 19, 2013 3 Killer Ways On How To Drive Quality Traffic To A New Blog Yesterday I was discussing with a f riend about blogging and she asked me one interesting question which is “How to drive traf f ic to a new blog”. I also did remember seeing that same question at yahoo answer sometime back, so I decide to make that interesting question my today’s post. I decide to write on the topic because I know that it will help a lot of new and upcoming bloggers, don’t you think so? When I created my blog newly, I could still remember that the f irst thing I did was – shared my blog to over 250 social bookmarking sites. If you ask me why I submitted my site to those bookmarking sites, I’ll simply say – to get backlinks and as well as quality traf f ic because Google love blogs that has quality backlinks . Must Read: Running A Slow Blog? Try This 5 Simple Steps To Speed That Slow Blog Was adding my blog manually to all 250 social bookmarking sites a waste? Nah!!! Af ter adding my blog to those bookmarking sites, my traf f ic increased by 60 percent. For a 2weeks blog, I started receiving 300 unique visits per day which to me I f eel is a good thing (as at that time) . If you are a new blogger and you want all search engines to index your site 3x f aster than usual, I’d suggest you read this post on: 250 SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES THAT CAN DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG Now let’s move on to the main show, shall we? 3 Best Ways On How To Drive Quality Traffic To A New Blog I am going to be discussing the 3 easiest way of getting traf f ic to a new blog which I know will be ef f ective and even more f un to do. Hey! I am not talking about SEO on this post, I am talking about working smartly and getting connections in the process so do pay some good attention… The f irst on my list should be…
  2. 2. 1. Good writing skill with exceptional title: The f irst thing any blogger should think of doing to his blog af ter doing security check and impressive design, is to have good and attractive titles when writing his blog posts. Must Read: Top Secret Tips On Writing a Really Good Title When people search online or you comment on commentluv enable blogs, what attracts these kinds of people to your blog is not because of you, it is because of your eye catchy title. So as a new blogger (even the old bloggers), it is best to always spend time on your title because that title can take your blog to places you’ll never imagine . 2. Social Networks: Social network should not be taken lightly f or it is one of the most powerf ul ways of getting traf f ic and at the same time building connections with top bloggers. But many new bloggers, who have been trying to get traf f ic f rom social networks, still can’t get over 50 visits per day . Why is that so? They are not doing what they should be doing to get traf f ic f rom such places… How to truly get traffic from places like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ Getting traf f ic f or f ree f rom the above mentioned social networking sites might look hard f or a new comer but f or people who’ve been constantly using them, it’s not. Hey! My way of using these social networks might be dif f erent f rom the other bloggers but my style will def initely work f or you if you put it to practice. Best tips for Facebook, Twitter, Google + How to get traffic from Facebook: Bef ore you became a blogger, all your Facebook f riends are just regular people right? If you’re in the blogging tips niche, those Facebook f riends will likely not click your links because your topics are not their interest. Don’t get me wrong, when you post your links on your Facebook timeline, some f ew f riends will click it out of love but with time, they will stop the clicking (f act). Must Read: Top 50 Active Blogs With Commentluv Enabled Tip 1 - Now as a new blogger, try as much to add new f riends to your f riend list that have the same interest as you. - Add and connect with bloggers that are in your niche - do not always drop links! Links!! Links!!! Try to be interactive with your f riends Tip 2 Join some Facebook communities that are in your niche: For every link you submit to these communities, try to as much; - Add excerpt to the link: Make sure you give a little insight to what you are sharing. Doing this will make you exceptional and the community members will want to check out your link. Some will even wants to connect with you… - Try to use harsh tags once in a while because it helps - Show appreciation to people who like and comment on your link by telling them “Thank You”
  3. 3. How to get traffic from Twitter: The thing is, Even if you don’t have many f ollowers, you can still get your blog post across to as many people as possible. But how can I make other bloggers retweet my tweets when i don’t have much f ollowers? With sites like Justretweet and triberr, you can get your content to as many readers as possible. In case you have not registered with those 2 communities, I will advise you to do so. Quick tips - Learn how to use harsh tags because it is needed - Register with Justretweet and triberr. And start sharing other members contents and they will share yours too How to get traffic from Google+: Google plus is one cool place to get quality traf f ic f rom. If you want your blog posts to get f aster indexing, you should consider using G+. I have written some cool post on Google+ and how to get traf f ic f rom them; you can check the post links below 3 Proven Methods Of Getting Traf f ic Through Google Plus Active Lists Of Google Plus Communities and Hash Tags You should Know 3. Social Bookmarking Sites: Do you know that social bookmarking sites can drive great amount of traf f ic to your blog? Well, I guess you already know that but what you don’t know is many bloggers are too lazy to submit their blogs to social bookmarking sites. And f or those who do, they use automated way (which I f eel is bad). Now if you are a new blogger and you are lazy to submit your site to 250 and more social bookmarking sites, then I will list out just 4 social booking sites where you can get tones and tones of traf f ic f rom. So should I list? - Stumbleupon - Reddit - Bizsugar - Delicious Do you know why I mentioned the above f our? They are easy to understand and almost any reasonable post you submit can drive traf f ic to your blog. Must Read: Top Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Traffic From Reddit My advice to you guys is to check out the above f our and learn how to use them wisely. Relax and don’t stress yourself: Getting traf f ic to your blog can be time consuming, so my advice is – make sure you always schedule your time f or generating traf f ic to your blog because if you don’t, you might just spend the whole day trying to drive traf f ic to your blog. And also remember that getting traf f ic is like an addiction, once your traf f ic starts increasing, you will always want more. Trying to make money online can be dangerous to your health so relax and don’t stress yourself . Conclusion
  4. 4. I am 100% sure that f ollowing the above steps will give any new blog traf f ic – no matter the niche . Over to you It looks like I have talked so much about so much on this post, now will be the perf ect time to make the post more interactive . Must Read: How To Disable Or Enable The Google Plus Auto Share On Blogger Blog When you started blogging, how did you drive traf f ic to your blog? What other method can a new blogger drive traf f ic to his or her blog? Please do drop your answer using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, answers, questions and thoughts are highly welcome and appreciated . Be social Was the post interesting enough? Then do click the like button, share us and recommend us to f riends because you’ll never know who among your f riends might be in need of a lovely post like this . Do not f orget to subscribe to our f eed f or your latest updates on the go… Don't Miss Any Post Again. Subscribe To Our Feed And Be Updated Enter your email address below: Powered by OnenaijaBlog