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How to turn a $10 domain into $250 in 48 hours or less


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The good news is that there is a process to find highly marketable domains. I am going to show you a system for uncovering highly marketable domains that you know they're worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars ahead of time. Once you find an excellent domain name, I am going to show you multiple ways of finding the best buyers for that domain.

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How to turn a $10 domain into $250 in 48 hours or less

  1. 1. How to Turn a $10 Domain into $250 in 48 Hours or LessDomain flipping can be easy and profitable for those who know how. You dont needto write articles or sales copy, all you need is a good domain name and youre in themoney. Article writers get paid about $5 for four hundred words, copywriters makeabout $1 per word. Professional domain sellers can make from hundreds to thousandsand even hundreds of thousands of dollars from selling a great domain name. Sounds good but how can we make it happen?The good news is that there is a process to find highly marketable domains. I am goingto show you a system for uncovering highly marketable domains that you know theyreworth hundreds or even thousands of dollars ahead of time. Once you find an excellentdomain name, I am going to show you multiple ways of finding the best buyers for thatdomain.
  2. 2. There are lots of good domain names available on the market so you dont even thinkthis market is saturated. With the method I am going to show you, you can find 2 or 3words domain names that are highly marketable.So heres a free method you can use to make it work:STEP 1: Go to Google Adwords keyword tool and login. If you dont login your resultswill be limited. Now choose a niche that you know is profitable and type in your main"root" keyword and click Search. Leave the search at broad match and save the resultsin a csv file.STEP 2: open the csv file and arrange the keywords according to their cost-per-clickvalue in the descending order.STEP 3: Copy lets say the first 100 keywords from the arranged csv file and pastethem into domain bulk search box at Click generate domain names withonly the .com extension. GoDaddy will give you a list of available domains. Copy theentire list of available domains.STEP 4: Study the available domain names and look which ones are the most valuableby looking at their cost-per-click value and search volume.STEP 5: Grab the most valuable domains and head over to and paste onedomain at a time and click appraise. With the free search you can only get 2 appraisalsper day. Thats good enough.STEP 6: Once you find a good domain name with a high market value now its time toregister the domain. Go to and register it for usually undeer $10bucks.Step 7: Find buyers who would be interested in buying your domain. Find out whosusing the keywords but does not own the domain name yet. Heres how to do it:- Look at prolific Ezine Articles writers. Search Ezine Articles for your specific keyword.- Set up Google Alerts for your keyword.- Search press releases for your keyword.- Whos advertising in Google for that keyword phrase.Step 8: Go to their websites and find their contact information. Contact them throughemail, phone, skype or through their websites contact form. When contacting themthrough email for example, you should mention that youve noticed that theyreadvertising under your keyword on Google Adwords and its costing them this much perclick which adds up to about this much cost per month. Tell them that you own thisdomain name that is closely related to their keyword and it will help them improve their
  3. 3. SEO and get organic traffic as well as natural search and this way they wont have tospend as much money on Adwords. Do all the domains sell?Of course not but by selling one domain name, you can pay for multiple domain names,from ten to hundreds domain name registrations. Just register one domain at the timeand sell it. With time youll gain more experience and will get better at selling moredomain names.But the best part just begins. What if someone already had 500+ premium domainsthat are highly marketable and they typically sell every day for $200 - $300 on the lowend? And that person is willing to let you SELL his domains as your own. Can youimagine a portofolio of 500+ premium domain names that are already registered andyou can just sell them as your own? This is amazing!To register 500 domain names would cost you about $5000 because they are ten buckseach. Half of those would not even sell so you would be stuck with them and if you hadto renew them every year you would have to pay another $2500 or just drop them andlose the money you invested. Its a big risk. On top of that you need to have a little bitof experience to really know which domains are highly marketable.But here comes the magic: what if you could sell 500+ domain names at any price youwant and keep the profits. What if, in addition to giving you access to those domains tosell(and all the new ones he keeps adding), he also gave you a wordpress plugin youcan install on your site and you can have all these domains listed on your website soyou can sell them directly for whatever price you want and keep all the profits withoutthe domain names investments? Isnt that exciting?Once you find a buyer then youll purchase that specific domain from the owner of the500+ domains. Your cost for any of these premium domain names will be $18 andthats just the base cost of doing the research and registering the domain and making itavailable for you to sell. It does not even cover their costs but they are still making itavailable for you at this price. You dont have to pay that until you have a sale in yourpocket!These premium domains are already researched in advance for you, registered for you,invested in for you. You only sell them when you find the prospect and thats when youinvest 18 bucks in the domain and sell it to your customer for whatever price you want.What if they just give you a whole site you could deploy in less than 2 minutes? If youdont have one, they give you an entire website already pre-done for you with all the500+ premium domains listed. PLUs you can even add your OWN domains to this listand sell them. Youll have a customized website with your domain names andcategories as well. But you can also install the plugin on your own site if you alreadyhave a website developed.
  4. 4. So heres what they have in store for you:  The Wp Domain Clout WordPress plugin-you can have these domains listed on any WordPress site you want-you can add your OWN domains- SELL the inventory as your own and keep ALL the profits- Full video documentation tutorials inside the members area.  A Done For You Domain Marketplace Website- Installs in seconds- Mobile friendly- Customizable, you can modify it any way you want- And a lot more...Its a membership program where you will constantly have access to these 500+premium domain names. Click here to find out more.