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The biggest mistake every bloggers make online


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Everything about mistakes business bloggers make onlin

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The biggest mistake every bloggers make online

  1. 1. Biggest Mistake Every Bloggers Make OnlineOne of the great things about being a blogger is that it offers you the opportunity to expressyourself and make some money while you are at it. Some bloggers have quit their day job andare earning a considerable sum of money through their blogs.If you have a blog and you noticed that it has not been receiving visitors for quite a while,then you need to make sure you know what you are doing wrong – this way, you will be ableto fix the problem…fast!You need to understand that having a very interesting post is not enough; there are otherthings that you need to do in order to make sure that target audiences visit your blogregularly.Here are several reasons why no one is visiting your blog or stopped visiting your blog:The Content of Your Blog is not interestingHave you ever watched a movie that just made you take a left turn to Snoozeville? Well someblogs are like that – they are plain boring! The reason you created a blog in the first place isto attract targeted audiences to visit your website so that they can trust you enough to buywhatever product or services you offer. But, if your blog is not interesting or appealing tovisitors, then it would remain deserted. There are a lot of things that can make a blog appearvery boring such as no images, poor writing and neutral approach on topics discussed.
  2. 2. In order to make your blog interesting, you will need to make your readers “take something”away with them each time they read your blog. The tone of your content should be written tointeract with readers. You can make your blog interesting by simply writing about newesthappening, reviews of recently launched gadgets or offerings of great discounts or deals canbe a really good way to attract visitors to your site.Some blogs are famous for reporting “authentic” Hollywood gossip – it is impossible todoubt the information gotten on these blogs. Many people depend on sites like these in orderto get the newest (true) celebrity gossip. Content InconsistentlyIf you are not regular when it comes to posting new content on your blog, then it simplymeans that you have nothing new to share with your readers. It is just a matter of time beforethey lose interest in visiting your blog. P=Making regular posts is one way to overcome thisproblem. Readers always feel good when they see fresh content each time they visit yourblog. You can count on getting more readers when you post content regularly.
  3. 3. Poor Site DesignIf your site is not physically appealing, then it is perhaps one or the main reason why no oneis visiting your blog. The layout of your blog should include adequate white spaces and thelayouts should not scream “tacky”. Readers should find it easy to read your content.Way Too Much AdsThink about, don’t you just get angry when you see a lot of ads while watching your favoritetelevision show? Readers also get angry when they see way too much ads on a site. Inaddition to this, blogs with too much ads take such a long time to load. Minimize the amountof ads that get displayed on your blog.Navigation ProblemsIf there is problem with your site’s navigation, then readers may experience frequent brokenlinks, page errors, slow loading times etc. You will need to ensure that you get an expert tofix your site’s navigation problem (if any) – this way, your visitors will be able to browsethrough your blog.Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) TechniquesExcessive use of keywords, hidden texts, making use of paid links, invisible links and otherblack hat search engine optimization techniques are known to bring a massive in flow ofvisitors…temporarily. But, if Google penalizes you for making use of unethical SEOmethods, your blog will not only lose ranking, but you would also lose your visitors as well.
  4. 4. You can give your blog the exposure it needs by simply publishing top quality content andproperly marketing your blog; there are reputable SEO companies out there that will help youpromote your blog using acceptable SEO techniques.You can also promote your blog yourself – all you need to do is conduct some research on thebest and easiest ways to promote your blog. Some ways to promote your blog is throughback-linking, social media marketing (posting comments on Facebook, Twitter), submittingarticles to article directories, guest-blogging and commenting on other people’s (popular)blogs.Most Importantly! (This is a Must Read)Post Replies to Comments On Your BlogGet CommentLuv. Have you ever asked a question and waited for ages in order to get a replyto the question that you have asked? You remember how angry you felt? Well, if you takeyour sweet time to reply comments or questions directed at you on your blog, then beprepared to lose your visitors. People get irritated when they feel ignored or not takenseriously. Make sure that you post replies to questions on your blog – be sure to do this ontime! When a reader does not get a reply to his or her question within a period of 24 – 48hours, they may get irritated and never want to visit your blog again.
  5. 5. Never Be Rude!No one wants to be in the company of a rude person, whether online or offline. You need tounderstand that the internet offers people anonymity and some people will use this anonymityto “misbehave”. Yes, it may hurt you when someone has something silly to say about yourblog content or your person – but you MUST rise above this. You must always show that youcan rise above pettiness.
  6. 6. Remember this: the internet offers massive choices for readers. If you are perceived to be arude blogger, NO ONE will want to visit or even recommend your site to anyone else.