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Holy City Bible Code


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Holy City Bible Code

  1. 1. 80 -1-
  2. 2. Holy City Bible CodeA Comprehensive Look into the Word of GOD. Ed Jay 12/21/2012 -2-
  3. 3. Table of Contents 1) Origin of GOD’s Name..………………..….………………………………..…...…… 7 YHVH2) GOD revealed to Man………………..……….…………………………………….… 9 ‫יהוה‬3) GOD..…..…………..………….….………………….……………….…….…...…………… 10 YÄ4) Origins of the Name Jesus….……………….………..……….…..………………… 115) Revealing The Truth………………………………….………….........................…....….page 12 GOD The Father 6) Messiah……………...….……………….…....…….……………………...………...…… 13 Jesus is the Christ7) How evil was separated from GOD…………...………..……………….…….… 17 † Cross8) The First Rules…………..….……………………..…………………………………...… 19 The Important challenge made from the foundation of the world 9) The Night……...…………..….…………….…...……………………………..……… 21 Of Darkness10) The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil……….….....………….…...…… 23 Lucifer11) New Facts in GOD’s Word…………….……..…….…………………….…...…… 25 Proof of rules12) The GOD Numbers…………………….…….……………….…………….…...……… 26 Proof of rules in numbers13) Write The Book..…………………..……….…………………………………..……… 27 This Book14) Holy Bible Code……….……….……………………………………………………… 28 God Graph15) The Day is JEHOVAH’s..…………..……….…………………………………...… 30 The AKJV Bible16) Pentecost.…………………………………..………….….……….……………..…….…… 31 Former Rain17) Feast of booths….……..…………….………………...………………………….....…… 32 The Latter Rain18) English is the AKJV Structure…………………..……..…………..………..…… 3419) Comparing versions of The Bible….……..….….……………….…….………… 3920) The Kingdom’s GOD..…….…………………………....…….....………….….……… 43 Born again21) Testament……………………………………………………………………….…….…… 44 Old  New Testament22) Take up cross † and Follow Jesus……….…….….………………..……...…… 4523) Lucifer’s number(s)..……………………………….….…………………..…..….….….page 47 222, 666, 88824) Discussing confusion……..….………………………….……………………..……… 54 The Religious25) Jonah Code.…………….…….………..……...………..…………………………..……… 60 Changing World Empires26) Trinity Idea…………………..…………………………………………...……………….…page 64 Overcoming Lucifer’s rules -3-
  4. 4. Preface: A Topical Outline This new book, called “Holy City Bible Code,” graphically diagrams, numericallycalculates, and linguistically declares the Truth. Associated ideas contribute to suggestthe truth of design. Associated theological ideas linked together with The God Numbersprovide evidence that there is a source originating outside of time. The God Numbers represent certain specific numbers that connect theologicalideas, which reduce associated language limitations. Through the extensive use of[theomatic encryptions = 63x4], great and mighty things of GOD are now beingrevealed, greatly increasing the knowledge of truth. (Jer. 33:3) Current individual perceptions are limited of GOD as A Heavenly Father becauseof false and limited information that is being propagated. The Holy Spirit, God’s Word,is essential in communicating the truth of GOD. (Rom. 10:17) In general the attempt todistance God The Father, from God’s Word is done in part through title-substitutions. Systems of religion and traditions of men communicate distortions of truth,confusion of mind, and distraction of spirit. Limits caused by false religious doctrinesand misleading title-substitutions are possible to overcome through a smart GODoriginating outside of time. Bible perception sees and understands, “I the LORD GOD” isThe Kingdom’s God tabernacling within all individual perspective. (Luke 17:21)YHVH, confirmed by English Theomatics, is the intelligence originating outside of time. Holy City Bible Code offers one rock solid proof that YHVH is GOD. Holy Citycategorizes three different and interconnecting perspectives: [A Heavenly Father=151],[Jesus Christ=151] and [Holy Spirit=151]. The God Numbers and [Trinity idea] are bothrepresented consistently throughout the word of YHVH=63, The Bible=63. Debunkingfalse doctrines will be done on behalf of the God Spirit illustrating YHVH is one GOD. Truth belongs to those who have their senses exercised to discern both good andevil. (Heb. 5:12-14) People teaching only the first principles of God are in need of moreskill in the word of God. Hidden manna (Rev. 2:17) is for the teachers of God’s Wordwho want more. This book aims to use selected Bible verses and their exegesismeanings to illustrate Lucifer’s first challenge, resulting ultimately in his final defeat. -4-
  5. 5. Introduction This book is not your typical book. The language and subject matter of this readboth fit to form its more complex ideology of the subject matter. This book is notintended to be controversial, but rather a perspective that better represents a clear viewof the overall complete Truth. Correct conclusions draw their essence throughcomprehensive investigation. At first, all the facts in this book may seem difficult to absorb or even perceive,however with truth seamlessly interconnecting together, the big picture clearly shows.All presented opinions are merely perceptions of ideas derived exclusively throughcomprehensive investigation. The author’s view of the truth of GOD is presented,explained, and based on provable facts. In this book, help is presented to all with worldly perspective through acompelling amount of statistical information intended to provide aid to theunderstanding of spiritual truths. God created and gave us perceptions so that all theworld’s complexities could be selectively perceived on a personal level as well asspiritually on a collective level. Pre-drawn conclusions, even if correct, seem to meetresistance through worldly perception. Religionists sometimes even label new materials as ‘apostate’ based on misledopinions of truth. Fragmented information then, leading to the correct conclusion isbetter than “all-out discloser” because there is less resistance. This type of informationcan be seen as complete truth. Correct conclusions, based on understood information,allow for clearer choices. Choice is intended for our unencumbered growth. God gives freewill to everyone indistinctively because God is “NO respecter ofPersons.” People are destroyed for lack of knowledge and because they choose to rejectit. (Hosea 6:8) It’s better to consider new information rather than to precipitately rejectit; this the AKJV Bible labels as folly. (Prob. 18:13) Debuted in this book is a newly discovered Bible code called “Holy City” havingboth the same spiritual inspiration and intelligent Influence as the Christian Bible.Overall, information from the Authorized King James Version (AKJV) of the Bibleinterlaces together with these codes into a perfect overall fit. This Bible code andaccompanying text called “Holy City Bible Code” is like a magnifying glass or moreprecisely a microscope in that it allows the spiritual light of truth to be seen with thenaked eye of worldly vision. -5-
  6. 6. There is an intelligence originating outside of time that can now bemathematically linked to the Christian Bible and even labeled… “GOD”!Unconventional methods such as Theomatics help to bring the Truth to light.Theomatics is the study of topic-related number-calculated factors, shown as patterns,which appear to go beyond coincidence throughout the Bible in both Hebrew andGreek. English Theomatics can be easily understood and used. Theomatics crosses thebarriers of three languages: Hebrew, Greek and English. Language barriers can beovercome with principle tools such as Theomatics, which helps to bridge the great gulfthat stands between our understanding and truth. Receiving truth with understandingcan be verified by searching the scriptures along with using methods such asTheomatics. (Acts 17:11) Truth is the truth regardless who says it. Something isn’t necessarily true simplybecause somebody says it is, even if they fully believe in what is being said. Lies anddeceptions are perpetuated when evidences that substantiate the truth are ignored, or leftun-investigated. The reader’s perception is transposed from deception or deep-rootedlies as facts are layered together, helping to restore truth. Truth does not fear an investigation. Eyewitness testimony, as with anyinvestigation, has a certain amount of irregularities from witness to witness. Slightvariations between different perspectives do not interfere with the overall authenticity oftruth. Truth is like a house that is built on a solid foundation, for example the fourgospels are founded upon Christ. All significant information is needed to fit together in order to form the bigpicture. The significant information contained in this book consistently interconnectsthroughout its entirety; the layering provides for its verification. Don’t assume that allsignificant information is perceived when in truth what is seen inadequately completesthe big picture. If any man builds on the foundation of truth his work shall be mademanifest: for the day shall declare it. The “flame [of] God” will try every mans work tosee what sort it is. If a mans work is burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall besaved; yet so as by fire. (1Cor. 3:12-15) False beliefs are essentially like house of cards, because the foundation is faulty.Adding a foundation of truth to faulty belief structures, removes instability becausetruth is the hidden stability. This book contains the hidden manna that will help us all toovercome the darkness of this current world system. (Rev. 2:17) This book reveals thesame replete truth of God that is printed in the “Holy Bible”, and that is: “GOD is real”. -6-
  7. 7. 1. Origin of GOD’s Name: YHVH=63 GOD’s most sacred Holy Name [‫ ]יהוה‬was given to us directly from the Hebrewlanguage. Correctly translating Hebrew into other languages can be difficult however.First, some basic linguistical rules need to be considered when translating Hebrew texts.These include a lack of spacing between words, as a general rule has no written vowelsand the basic direction in which Hebrew is written (opposite: from right to left).Secondly Hebrew has No [W] sound, No [J] sound, the symbol ‫ ש‬is pronounced “Sh”.Hebrew word spacing is a modern advent that distinguishes one word from the next,aiding both translators and multi-linguists alike. Unwritten “implied” vowel sounds area concern because, correct pronunciations of Hebrew words are at risk. The familiar name JEHOVAH was originally constructed from two differentHebrew words: 1) [‫ ]יהוה‬YHVH (GOD’s Holy Name) and 2) [‫ ]אדני‬Âdônây (meaningLord or Owner). JEHOVAH in English is pronounced J-ä-H-ō-V-ä-H and is a result of acombination of three specific things: 1) the “Jay” sound (as Hebrew has no “J” sound)added to 2) the consonants from [‫ ]יהוה‬YHVH and finally combined with 3) the vowelsderived from the pronunciation of [‫ ]אדני‬âdônây. These two Hebrew words, togetherwith the “Jä” sound, have evolved into the Name we know today as “JEHOVAH”. GOD’s Name (‫ )יהוה‬is difficult to translate into other languages. The Hebrew titlefor Lord (‫ )אדני‬can be difficult to vocalize as well. Here are four phonetically imprecisepronunciations of the Hebrew word [‫ :]אדני‬Âdônây, Âdônīǎ, Âdônôy and Âdônīə. Theblending of these pronunciations will help give the proper enunciation to the English-Orator. But no matter how difficult GOD’s Name is to translate, [‫ ]יהוה‬was The Creator;is LORD of Lords, and will be KING of Kings. Theomatics is a word coined by Author Del Washburn and it is the practice ofassigning number values to each letter of both Greek and Hebrew alphabets. Thesenumber associations can aid in the understanding of ideas through linguistics, especiallywhen translating the word of GOD. Quantifying values of individual words and shortword phrases of Scripture result in some amazing truths, and can be used as a powerfultool, providing strong evidence of GOD’s existence. Theomatics applies to both Hebrew“Old Testament” and Greek “New Testament” scripture, but also extends into theEnglish language in a way that is unfamiliar to the general public. English Theomatics uses a very simple method of assigning numerical valueswhere letters of English alphabet correspond to numbers according to their alphabeticalorder (A-Z1-26). This means corresponding letters and number values are as follows:“A=one”, “B=two”, etc. English Theomatics can then be used to tie words and numberstogether to reflect meanings such as: the Divine=63 Deity=63 of The Bible=63 is YHVH=63.The implications of this statement are obvious. Numbers link the association of certainideas together within a number category that I call “The God numbers”. -7-
  8. 8. GOD’s Name (‫ )יהוה‬transliterates directly into English as YHVH because theHebrew alphabet lacks vowel letters. We pronounce GOD’s Name as JEHOVAH,however “YHVH” is the actual translation of GOD’s most sacred Holy Name in Englishand it cannot be pronounced correctly without vowel sounds. Without the inclusion ofthe vowel sounds derived from Âdônây, ‫ יהוה‬is pronounced with its exact preciseness“YÄ-hä-vā”; where ä sounds like that of the word “ah” and the other ā sounds like thatof the vowel in the word “hay”. So when you see the tetragrammation YHVH, the properpronunciation is YÄ-hä-vā. (Psalm 45:17) This point is made because the correctpronunciation was thought to be lost, which led only to translators’ interpretations. -8-
  9. 9. 2. Revealing GOD to Man: ‫62=יהוה‬  [‫ ]יהוה‬GOD’s Name [‫ ]י‬Yod [‫ ]ה‬Ha [‫ ]ו‬Vav [‫ ]ה‬Hey YÄ-hä-vā & [‫ ]יה‬YÄ (Chart Page 3. Bible Code)…….….…..(Strong’s con. Heb. # 3068, 3069 & 3050) In Judaism, ‫ יהוה‬is reverenced to the degree that they don’t dare speak GOD’sName for fear of saying His Name in vain. (Ex. 20:7) The spoken use of name-omittingicons was inspired by this fear of saying GOD’s name in vain. The primary icon used forindirectly referencing ‫ יהוה‬is [‫ ]אדני‬Âd-ô-nây meaning Lord or Owner. The secondaryicon used for indirectly referencing ‫ יהוה‬is [‫ ]ה שם‬Hä-Shəm meaning “The Name”.Name-substitutions have negatively affected people for many generations; producingthe uncertainty of how exactly to pronounce GOD’s Name. The use of name-omittingicons has effectually distanced (‫“ )יהוה‬GOD” further and further from His Word. Direct reverence of YHVH will bring people closer to their Creator. HebrewScriptures have two titles that more directly reverence the Father, these are: [ ‫ ]אל‬ĔL“GOD” (The Eternal Existing One) and [‫ ]אלהים‬ĔL-ō-Hêêm=63 (“The Mighty God” or“YHVH=63 in the plural”). Christians can reverence (‫“ )יהוה‬GOD the Father” knowingwith certainty that YHVH is GOD. Jesus taught us to reverence ‫ יהוה‬with the title Father. Title substitutions such as Lord, God, and “LORD GOD” are being used in manyreligious circles. Titles are often used in church services as substitutions for callingGOD by His personal Name. Most English-speaking people either know GOD’s Nameas JEHOVAH or not at all. The AKJV Bible has sometimes replaced [‫ ]יהוה‬YHVH withthe correct title, “GOD”. However LORD in all-capital letters, is predominantly used asthe exclusive replacement for ‫ יהוה‬in the AKJV Bible. LORD is an even less accuratetitle. This title-substitution occurs over 6,000 times in the AKJV Bible. An example ofthis is in Psalms 8:9: “O LORD our Lord, how excellent is thy Name in all the earth!” The Authorized King James Version is the most common translation of the Bible,and can be proven to be as inspired by GOD the Supreme as the original Hebrew andGreek texts themselves. The AKJV Bible has GOD’s Name (‫ )יהוה‬translated four timesas JEHOVAH, and once as JAH; JEHOVAH is also used in three phrases. Whosoevershall call upon the name of “The LORD” shall be saved. How then shall they call on inHim whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom theyhave not heard? (Rom. 10:13-14) The identity of ‫ 62=יהוה‬is GOD=26 spoken as YÄ=26. -9-
  10. 10. 3. YÄ=26 is GOD The title of CREATOR means, “causes to become”, and its origin comes from themeaning of the name YHVH. The Creator gave people certain unalienable rights that areequal for all. In 1776, the framers of the Declaration of Independence considered suchcreated truths to be self-evident. Part of representing GOD to the public is telling peoplethe proper pronunciation of the personal Name of GOD=26; [‫( ]יה‬pronounced YÄ=26) isa part of the phrase “Hallel-u-Jah,”1 which means “Praise-you-YÄ”. YÄ is part of GOD’ssacred Holy Name [‫ ]יהוה‬YHVH (pronounced YÄ-hä-vā). (Psalm 45:17) “YÄ is YHVH” 1 Hebrew: [‫=]הללויה‬Hallelujah [‫/הלל‬hâläl] Praise [‫/ו‬ü] ye [‫/יה‬YÄ] the LORD. Greek: [αλληλουια]=Ălləlüēä. Both of these phrases mean Praise ye the LORD. - 10 -
  11. 11. 4. Origin’s of the Name Jesus=74 Paul’s Greek-written manuscripts have the Hebrew name [‫ ]יהשוע‬YÄ-shü-ătranslated into Greek as [Ιησους] Ē-Ā-Soos. Note the similarity in pronunciation andTheomatic values for both Ē-Ā-Soos=74 and Jesus=74. While Theomatics keepsmathematical connections in English, it tells nothing of GOD’s name [‫ ]יה‬YÄ beinglinguistically distanced further and further from His Word by re-transcribing a previoustranslation. Specifically, instead of transcribing the authentic Hebrew Name (‫ ,)יהשוע‬theKing James linguistics instead transcribed the Greek name for Jesus (Ιησους); which isunauthentic because it is a “translation of a translation”. [‫ ]יהשוע‬translates directly into“English” as [Joshua=74] and pronounced YÄ-shoe-ă=74. Jesus’ authentic name [‫ ]יהשוע‬YÄ-shü-ă has a direct connection to GOD’s name[‫ ]יה‬in that YÄ is the first part of Jesus’ Hebrew name. GOD’s name is not vocalized inthe English translation of the name Jesus and therefore misses the precise exactness anddirect authentic connection to God’s Hebrew name [‫ ]יה‬YÄ. Jesus’ Name in Hebrew‫ יהשוע‬means: (“YÄ is salvation” [‫ )]יהשוע[=]ישע[+]יה‬or the salvation of “GOD theFather”. Therefore [‫“ ]יהשוע‬Jesus” name authentically establishes [‫“ ]יהוה‬JEHOVAH” asthe Highest Name. (Phil. 2:9,11: Wherefore Holy Spirit=151 has highly exalted Jesus=74giving Him a name which is above every name, to the glory of GOD The Father=117.)Neither is there salvation in any other name: for there is no other name given amongmen (‫ ,)יהשוע‬whereby we must be saved. (Acts 4:12) People speaking fluent Hebrewknow that in essence, [‫ ]יהשוע‬YÄ-shü-ă means: “YÄ is Savior”. The Hebrew word [‫ ]ישעו‬Yəsh-yü-ă merely means ‘He will save’. Distancing[‫’]יה‬s salvation from the man Jesus is a rejection of YÄ-shoe-ă=74 as Messiah=74. Thissubtle distinction of [‫ ]ישעו‬Yəsh-yü-ă purposely substituted for [‫ ]יהשוע‬YÄ-shü-ă usuallygoes unnoticed when heard by a non Hebrew-speaking person; nevertheless, this whollyimplies a specific denial of Jesus as Lord and Savior. Jesus being found in fashion as aman, humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even His death on the cross [ †].(Phil. 2:8) Along with Jesus, either the phrase |‫ |יהשעו הירצנ מךל הםידוהי‬or the acronym ofit was posted on a plaque and nailed to the Cross=74. This Hebrew inscription means|YÄ shü ă of Nazareth the king of the Jews|. YÄ-shü-ă means: “YÄ will save” because“YÄ is YHVH”=117 and “YHVH is GOD”=117. Which means: GOD the Father is Christ’sSavior (Gal. 1:1) and ours (1Cor. 6:14). “GOD the Father”=117 “is” “The Savior”=117. - 11 -
  12. 12. 5. Revealing the Truth about GOD the Father=117 This subject, of GOD the Father, is “the Savior”=117 to all who walk the ground.[‫ ,]יה‬in the AKJV Bible, “JAH”, is the highest GOD. Praise Him that rides upon theheavens by His Name JAH rejoicing before GOD. JAH, GOD the Father is “father” to thephysically fatherless Jesus. (Psalm 68:4-5) Luke 1:32 says, Jesus shall be called Son ofthe Highest or “Son of Jehovah”=117. I the LORD GOD=117, the “Spirit of God” said inPsalm 82:6: “All of you are children of the most High.” Jehovah’s portion is [in] hispeople. (Deut. 32:9) The prophet Micah’s name means: who is like YÄ. [‫ ]יה‬did confirmHis inheritance, when it was weary. (Psalm 68:9) Psalm 83:18 says, to know Him whosename alone is [‫ 711=יהוה חאלהים‬Jehovah God] as the most high (GOD) over all the earth. GOD The Father=117 is at the center of all truth in this large universe even untothe smallest of particles. The Largest book is the Psalms, the smallest chapter andBible’s Center is [Psalm 117]. GOD the Father is at the center of everything andmaintains fractal consistency from the seemingly insignificant to the enormity of allthings. From small to large, GOD is both the central focus of both the Bible and of allreality; that GOD may be perceived as all in all, because “YHVH is GOD”=117. Like oxygen, GOD cannot be seen with physical eyes. GOD’s Kingdom is Spiritand can only be seen with “spiritual eyes”. No man has seen [Father=58] YÄ-hä-vā=58with the ‘naked eye’. (John 1:18) The kingdom of God comes not with observation(Luke 17:20). GOD’s vesture is not physical but spiritual having ‘a name’ (two titles)written on the thigh of His vesture, KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. (Rev. 19:16) The full Hebrew title of GOD the Father=117 is: [‫ ]711=אל אלהים‬ĔL ĔL-ō-Hêêm,which in English means: “The Eternal Existing Mighty GOD”. The Father’s namecombined with the title “God” is: [‫ ,]711=יהוה חאלהים‬which means: YHVH is GOD=117.He is also “LORD of Lords”=117 and “KING of Kings”=101. The 26th prime number is 101.101 is Theomatically the fractal counterpart to twenty-six because the KING of Kings isGOD=26, known as ‫ ,62=יהוה‬who is YÄ=26. Jesus the faithful-witness and prince spokeof our King, (‫ )711=יהוה חאלהים‬Jehovah God. (Rev. 1:5) 1Tim.1:17 says: Now unto theKing Eternal, immortal, invisible only wise GOD. Jehovah God=95 “is” Almighty=95. Listen “little flock of GOD”=151, the truth=120 is that it brings GOD the Fathergood pleasure to give to you the “Kingdom of GOD”=120. All who realize that GOD theFather sits on the throne as KING of Kings, is already part of GOD’s Kingdom becauseYHVH GOD is One=151. (Luke 12:32) YHVH=63 will be=63 King over all four cornersof the earth in that day. And will be=63 one YHVH=63, and His name one [ ](Zech.14:9) - 12 -
  13. 13. 6. Jesus is The Messiah=74 Messiah [‫ ]משיח‬Mäh-shē-äkh or Christ [Χριστоς] Chrĭstŏs means to anoint, aswith olive oil. (Ex. 30:24-25) “YHVH”=63, GOD’s Name contains the Theomaticequivalent of “Olive”=63 in English. Christ’s connections to both olive and GOD becomeeven clearer in the Greek pronunciation of “olive”. [ελαια] “ĔL-ă-YÄ”, olive in Greek,matches the pronunciations of both GOD’s Hebrew name [‫“ ]יה‬YÄ” and title [‫“ ]אל‬ĔL”.Jesus Name, (meaning “YÄ is salvation”) has an even stronger connection to GOD,because [‫ ]יה‬YÄ is part of His Hebrew name [‫ ]יה-שו-ע‬YÄ-shü-ă. Theists believe GOD exists and that we should know also that GOD has a name.The ‘Non’-Theist, or ‘A’theist (as ‘A’ means Not in Greek) believes they have no needfor a God that they believe doesn’t exist. The concept of “NOT GOD” directly ties toLucifer’s challenge of GOD (Chapter 8); shone in the pronunciation [ελαια] ĔL-“ă-YÄ”. This verse of the Bible (Ps. 118:8: It is better to [put] trust in “The LORD”(‫ )711=יהוה חאלהים‬than to put confidence in man.) brings to light by a religiouslybelieved and confidently propagated deception. The Bible tells us that by puttingconfidence in a man-king, GOD in effect is dethroned. (1Samuel 8:5,7) This includes thepart of mankind wanting Jesus to be their ‘man king’. The Bible warns us not to corruptourselves in the worship of a graven image [the cross †] or the similitude of a religiouslypromised man king return; these both are forms of idol worship. (Deut 4:16 / Isaiah 2:8) Regarding Jesus’ family tree, the gospel writer Mathew follows a male ancestryline back to David. He attempts to apply a ‘man king’ status to Jesus. This male ancestryline of Joseph, Jesus’ step dad, goes back to Solomon, “son of David”, Israel’s third‘man-king’. This lineage has no application to Jesus because Joseph was not Jesus’biological father. Placing significance in a ‘Man King’ is ‘Antichrist’; even Jesus Christknew this refusing to be their man king once already. (John 6:15) The Bible says inHebrews 13:8: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and to day, and forever. Furthermore,Jesus made the choice to live his life as a servant, showing the lineage of an earthly kingto be irrelevant to the truth of GOD. Jesus talked about GOD’s Kingdom to be receivedspiritually because JEHOVAH is King forever and ever. (Psalm 10:16) Jesus thendeparted “into a mountain himself alone” honoring GOD as King of GOD’s Kingdom. Jesus is called “the branch” in (Zech. 3:8) and “the mountain” He frequented wasMount Olive. The olive branch is historically considered to be the Icon of peace.However, had Jesus=74 given them peace, God wouldn’t have spoken of another day.(Heb. 4:8) This day occurred 54 days after the crucifixion, at Pentecost. It is the spiritthat makes alive; the flesh profits nothing. The word of YHVH, Holy Spirit=151, of whichJesus has spoken is both “spirit” and “life”. (John 6:63) Jesus baptizes us with this HolySpirit (John 1:33), giving us both The Word (Acts 4:31) and peace. Peace is onlyattained through the Holy Spirit, who brings us all the comfort of GOD. (John 14:24-27) - 13 -
  14. 14. [ο λογος] Hō Lōgôs means “the Word [of] God” in English. In the beginning wasthe word, and the word was with God, and the word was God (John 1:1). “God” inEnglish was translated from [θεος] Thēôs. “The Word” was in the beginning within the“Godson”=74 at both the conception and birth of “Jesus”=74. Jesus Christ=151 was withGod in the beginning when the worlds were fashioned (John 1:3) and in spirit-formJesus Christ=151 is with the Holy Spirit=151 as both are given from GOD the Fatherstarting at Pentecost. (John 14:23) “The Word,” in Greek, is [ο λογος] which equals four hundred and forty-three.This is significant because 443 is the 86th prime number in a long list of prime numbers(starting with two). The theological meanings of [ο λογος=443] and [Word [of] God=86]are both associated through the prime number list-values of 443 and 86; helping toillustrate “the word” is the “Word of God”. In the creation account, God in Hebrew,[‫ ]68=אלהים‬ĔL-ō-Hêêm directly relates with the Word [of] God=86 sharing inseparabletheological and theomatic meanings with [ο λογος] “The Word”. Through faith weunderstand that the worlds were framed [made] by the word of God. (Hebrews 11:3) John the apostle reported The Word was in the beginning; Moses’ account testifies‫( אלהים‬ĔL ō Hêêm) as the creator of both the heavens and the earth. Essentially,(‫“ )אלהים‬The mighty God” spoke the worlds into existence by (ο λογος) “The Word”.John’s gospel concerning Jesus, tells of his origin with the Holy Spirit and his helpingwith creation. (Without [Jesus Christ=151] was not any thing made that was made. John1:3) Jesus was with the Holy Spirit during creation, so also was the Holy Spirit withJesus at His inception, as “the word maketh the Son.” (Heb. 7:28) “The Word” speaks in behalf of both “GOD The Father” and “Jesus Christ”, as“God” in the plural. In the beginning [‫( ]אלהים‬ĔL ō Hêêm=63) “YHVH=63 in the plural”created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; anddarkness was upon the face of the deep; and the “Spirit [of] God”=117 moved upon theface of the waters. (Genesis 1:1-2) The waters are peoples, multitudes, nationsand tongues. (Rev. 17:15) The “Spirit [of] God” moved upon the face of the earth’swaters (people), to bring the light of GOD where darkness was, because the“Spirit [of] God”=117 “is the light”=117. The “Spirit [of] God” is the truth of the Biblethat moves=74 people to the light of God. “GOD The Father”=117 is the light of“Bible truth”=117, and in him is no darkness at all (I John 1:5). God said: they have not rejected you [Jesus], but they have rejected Me“YHVH”=63 so that I the “KING [of] Kings”=101 should not reign over them. And He“YÄ”=26 further said, this will be the manner of man king that shall reign over you: Hewill take your sons, and appoint them for himself, and take a tenth of your seed, and giveto his officers, and to his servants. And you (man king wishers) shall cry out in that daybecause of your ‘king’ which ye shall have chosen; “And GOD Himself”=117 will nothear you in that day (because you said) ‘we will have a [Man] king to reign over us.’(1Samuel 8:7-19) - 14 -
  15. 15. A ‘man king’ cannot be ‘the antichrist’ as religion has taught for so long; but it isspirit of antichrist ‘to have a man king stand between GOD and His people’. Thesepeople are in bondage to their antichrist type of (religious leaders) standing betweenGOD and them; they are being taken advantage of. Jesus said in Matthew chapterseventeen: Whom do you think religious leaders of the earth take tithes and special‘seed’ $ offerings? (Isaiah 55:1-2) Do they take from their children, or from others?Jesus said: He that seeks to be the greatest shall be servant of all, not the taker of all.(Matthew 17:25 / Mark 10:42-44) Mary’s father’s lineage goes back to Nathan (Luke 3:23-31), which applies toJesus in that, like Nathan, He was a prophet. Mary’s mother’s father has a lineage thatis from the tribe of Levi—making Jesus’ true lineage that of a priest as well as a prophet.This is significant because this tribe (Levi) is the lineage of GOD’s priests. Jesusfurthermore is called a priest after the order of Melchizedek. (Heb. 5:1-6) Melchizedekwas without father, mother or genealogy, having neither “beginning of days”, “nor endof life” but abides a priest continually. (Heb. 7:3) Melchizedek, like God=63 (YHVH=63)has No “beginning” or “end”, Melchizedek means King of Righteousness. [ ‫ ]מלך‬Mĕh-lĕkmeans King and [‫ ]צדיק‬tzĕdĕk means righteous. Melchizedek=101 was also called theKing of Peace. Peace is essentially obtained by doing “GOD’s will”=101. Melchizedek has “No end” and Jesus Christ has “No end”. This comparison isaccurate. Jesus Christ=151 is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and His years shallhave No end. (Heb. 13:8 / Psalm 102:27). And of the increase of his government andpeace there shall be “No end”. (Isaiah 9:7) Lucifer=74 however, has both ‘a beginning’and ‘end’=23. (Rev. 21:6: …‘I AM=23 Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.’) People say {I AM} is a king. (Mark 13:6) Jesus=74 said “to this end was I born,and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Everyone that is of the truth hears My voice.” (John 18:37) All they that dwell upon the earthshall worship {Lucifer=74} the {great ‘I AM’=74}, those names are not written in thebook of life of Jesus slain from the foundation of the world. (Rev. 13:8) People’s namesare added to the Lamb’s Book of Life as they the repent of their evil deeds and turn toGOD, which in turn causes them stop worshipping Lucifer the not so great I AM. I [Jesus] have sent My witness [‫ צד‬means witness (Joshua 22:34)] to testify to youof these things in the churches. ‘I AM’ is ‘the bright morning star’, and the male root theoffspring of David (Adam). (Rev. 22:16) Lucifer’s name means: bright morning star.Jesus has no male ancestry line back to David. How can they say that He is Davids son?David said in Psalm 110:1-2, [And GOD Himself] said unto my Lord [Jesus], Sit at myright hand, till I make your enemy {Lucifer=74} your footstool. Because David calls[Jesus] Lord, how could he possibly be David’s son? (Luke 20:41-44) This helpsestablish the Holy Spirit as the Father of Jesus, Holy Spirit’s only-begotten God Son. - 15 -
  16. 16. Jesus=74 was a priest, a prophet and most importantly God’s only-begotten Son.The apostle Paul wrote, “The word maketh the Son;” “the word” is Jesus’ Father--theHoly Spirit who begot the Godson in the flesh. (Heb.7:28) This occurred when Mary wasbetrothed to Joseph, before they came together in marriage consummation, she wasfound with the child of the Holy Spirit. (Matt. 1:18) Seeing she knew not a man, Maryasked how could there be a conception. (Luke 1:34) Mary’s virgin pregnancy thereforeindicates Joseph is not biologically related to Jesus. The fact that she was found withchild of the Holy Spirit=151 indicates a fulfillment of the prophecy concerning Jesus’birth. (Isaiah 7:14: [God the Father=117] himself shall give you a sign, a virgin (Mary)shall conceive, and bear a Son, and his name shall be called Immanuel.) Immanuel is aHebrew word meaning “God with us”. [‫ ]יהשוע‬YÄ shü ă, means: “YAH is salvation”,indicating the fulfillment of the sign in the prophecy of Isaiah 7:14. Truth says that theGod Spirit=117 begot the God Son=74; Holy Spirit=151 is the father of Jesus Christ=151. - 16 -
  17. 17. 7. How evil was separated from GOD: The † Cross=74 Jesus=74 was responsible for an absolutely remarkable occurrence at thecrucifixion [†]; evil was forever separated from the “GOD Spirit”. With Jesus’ death, aseparation occurred between the spirits of (‘Lucifer’=74 & GOD Spirit=117). Jesus saidto GOD the Father=117, “Father, if thou be willing, remove this [crucifixion] from me:nevertheless not my will, but thine (GOD’s Will=101), be done.” (Luke 22:42) Jesus said “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” Jesus also saith unto them,“My meat is to do the will of Him that sent Me, and to finish His work.” (John 4:32-34)The work that Jesus finished was this separation in Himself made between {Lucifer=74}and the [GOD Spirit=117], which occurred at His death. Jesus also said, “Father, into thyhands I commend my Spirit.” (Luke 23:46) Jesus then said, “it is finished”; as Jesusbowed his head, and gave up the Holy Spirit=151, (John 19:30) Lucifer=74 and hisinfluence were to be forever finished=74, because Jesus was crucified at Calvary. Christ crucified [†] is to the religious a “Stumbling=117 block” and to theatheists foolishness. (1Cor. 1:23) (Jesus(74)+Block(43)=117) Jesus=74 is a stone=74 ofStumbling=117, and a rock of offense to the disobedient religious who stumble at the useof the word. (1Peter 2:8) They stumble at The Word partly because they don’t know thatThe Word is the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not speak of himself; but he spoke of His Father,the Holy Spirit. He gave us a commandment, what we should say, and what we shouldspeak. (John 12:49-50) The Creator of the world then gave over control to the people who were “filledwith the God Spirit” beginning at Pentecost. Spirit filled believers are supposed to livethe Christ-filled life bringing glory to God. People often beat others down with whatthey believe to be God’s message, which are mostly empty and false doctrines. Whilethey proclaim God’s message, these misled husbandmen often disgrace God, bycollecting tithes and seed-based offerings. being subsidized by the public while at thesame time promoting a perversion of truth. Misled religionists will kill your influence;and in doing so, they will imagine that they are rendering a sacred service to God, byexcommunicating you from their religious organizations. The practice of speakingdiscrediting words, spoken against God’s children, must end. The Holy Spirit in God’schildren will convince all the ungodly that God is indeed tabernacleing in His children.The kingdom of God is within you and you shall be called the city of YHVH. (Isaiah60:14) And GOD Himself=117 shall be with you, and be your God, and you shall behis people. (Rev. 21:3 / Ezek. 37:27) Whoever shall fall upon that white stone (Rev.2:17) shall be broken; and ground into dust. (Luke 20:9-18 / Job 40:12-13) - 17 -
  18. 18. Pentecost began fifty-four days after the crucifixion. The numbers [63+54=117]help to conclusively prove YHVH is GOD=117. YHVH=63 as “Spirit [of] God”=117 indwellsin mankind starting after a 54-day period which began at the crucifixion and ended atPentecost. Pentecost=117 brings a close to the fifty-four day period that began at Jesus’death. On day four, Jesus is living again, GOD the Father=117 raised Him back to life.(Gal.1:1) Pentecost in Greek means fifty; which started fifty days after the resurrection. The following sentence depicts a simple box designed to show Jesus’ return to HisFather. Notice the consistent number-pairings in this concept. The box=74 of Jesus=74joins back to The Large Box=117 of GOD the Father=117 . After Pentecost, Jesusbecomes known as Jesus Christ=151 to the entire world through the Spirit [of] God. GODraised Jesus back to life, because GOD=26 is the Tree of Life=101. Theomatics shows thistruth because the 26th prime number is 101 in a long list of prime #’s (starting with two) GOD the Father=117 raised [‫ ]יהשוע‬YÄ-shü-ă back from the dead. (Gal. 1:1)[‫ ]711=יהוה חאלהים‬JEHOVAH GOD did raise Jesus up to set Him at His own right hand.“The LORD” [‫ ]יהוה‬said unto My Lord [‫ ,]יהשוע‬sit thou “at MY Right Hand”, untilI The LORD GOD=117 make thine enemies thy footstool. The LORD [‫ ]יהוה‬shall send therod of thy strength from Zion. Rule thou in the midst of thine enemies with the rod ofJesus’ strength, the “Spirit [of] God”=117. (Psalm 110:1-2) The “Spirit [of] God”=117 hasexperienced and knows the fierceness and wrath of God Almighty and so He knows howto rule with a rod of iron. (Rev. 19:15) I John saw the “Holy City”=117, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out ofthe heavens=74, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voiceout of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell withthem, and they shall be his people, And GOD Himself=117 shall be with them, and betheir God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no moredeath, sorrow, crying, nor shall there be any more pain: for the former thing are passedaway. (Rev. 21:2-4) The Spirit filled understand that YHVH is One GOD=151 . We speak the hidden wisdom of God as a mystery, which God has ordained; thiswisdom is to be known among them that are perfect. God has revealed this hiddenwisdom unto us by His word, the Holy Spirit=151: for the Spirit searches all things, yeaeven the deep things of God. We don’t speak with words that mans wisdom teaches, butin words that the Holy Spirit teaches, comparing spiritual things with spiritual. But hisfleshly perception doesn’t receive the things of the Spirit of God; for the spiritualmeanings are foolishness unto him: neither can he understand them because they arespiritually discerned. (1Cor. 2: 6-12) Call unto me [God], and I will answer, showing you great and mighty things,which you did not know. (Jer. 33:3 / Isaiah 48:6) This book is written on behalf of the“Spirit [of] God” exposing the challenge made before the earth began. (Proverbs 25:2)The challenge was, is and WILL BE, for control of our planet… - 18 -
  19. 19. 8. The First Rules=75 Before the earth was, a challenge ensued between YHVH=63 [YÄ-hä-vā] andLucifer. The Bible=63 says: All that dwell upon the earth shall worship {Lucifer=74},the {great ‘I AM’=74}, except for those whose names are written in the book of life ofthe Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. (Rev. 13:8-10) YHVH allowed Luciferto make up three rules. YHVH then added two amendments to those rules. Theyfinally agreed upon these rules to follow for their challenge; Lucifer’s first rules are: #1. ‘I AM Good’ you are NOT GOOD #2. ‘I AM God’ you are NOT GOD #3. You cannot do anything ‘on your own behalf’ without being BAD and NOT GOOD.The two [unchangeable] amendments that YHVH added to the three Lucifer’s rules are: 1. It is impossible for GOD to lie. (Heb. 6:18) 2. And HE [GOD the Father=117] cannot deny himself. (2Tm. 2:13) GOD’s wisdom allows for people to search Him [GOD the Father=117] out. Thesecret [hidden rules] of the LORD is with them that revere YHVH; and He will showthem His covenant. (Psalm 25:14) (Luke 12:51-52: Suppose ye that {‘I AM’} come togive peace on earth? I tell you, NAY; but rather division: For from henceforth there shallbe five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.) The exegesismeaning of the five in one house represents the three rules issued in the challenge, plusthe two amendments. There is a power lust division between the three rules and the spiritof the two amendments. The Luciferian challenge has directly caused a divinity tensionin the house of GOD. Surely God will do nothing on His own behalf. (Amos 3:7) Though GOD has agreed to comply with Lucifer’s-rules, notwithstanding GOD isstill able to simultaneously circumvent the intentions of Lucifer’s rules while adhering tothe strict compliance in the wording, because there are NO changes. Still, GOD has theupper hand, because we can do things “on his behalf”. These rules, which are revealedunto God’s servants, have caused the prophets to freely act in GOD’s behalf. (Job 36:2) - 19 -
  20. 20. Strong spiritual meat belongs to the more mature who by reason of use have theirsenses exercised to discern both “Good” [YHVH] and ‘evil’ {great I AM}. (Heb. 5:14)How else can one enter into ‘a strong mans house’ (Lucifer’s domain), and spoil his(Lucifer’s) goods, except he [the one] first bind the strong man (great I AM)? He thenwill spoil him and his {‘great I AM’=74} house. (Matt. 12:29-30) Behold, {‘your house’}is left unto you desolate. Jesus has conclusively said: “you shall not see Me again untilyou say (‫“ )ברוך הבא בשם יהוה‬blessed is he that comes in the name of YHVH=63.”(Matt.23:38-39) “I the LORD GOD”=117 will be=63 given to you in good measure,pressed down, and shaken together, even running over. (Luke 6:38) For the eyes of theLORD [YHVH eyes=117] see the whole earth, showing Himself strong in the behalf ofthem whose heart is perfect toward HIM. (2Chron. 16:9) The covenant between YHVH and Lucifer I call ‘a forced-agreement’. Misledpeople (when feeling they have the upper hand) try to force others to agree upon thingsthat they would not ordinarily agree upon. This type of forced-agreement is based on atwisted definition of “the golden rule”, saying ‘he who has the gold makes the rules’.They then expect others to hold to a forced promise. Knowing, if the roles were reversed,they would break this type of agreement (as their own word carries little or no value).These same people give futuristic promises (at the drop of a hat) but then something‘always comes up’, which justifies only to them (folding like a cheap suit) their breakingtheir word. (Eccl. 5:4-5) The Bible says: “Love no false oath”, for these things that Ihate, says the LORD. (Zech. 8:17) Believers in God make every effort to keep theirpromises even unto their own hurt; they won’t change their mind. (Psalm 15:4) The realGolden Rule is: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. (Matt. 7:12) It’sopposite is true as well: “what you wouldn’t have people do to you, don’t do to others”. - 20 -
  21. 21. 9. The Night=91 of Darkness=91 Lucifer is ‘the problem’ that has coerced the AKJV translators to perpetuatea name-distancing title-substitution, ‘the mother of all deceptions’. Current divisions ofthe church trace back to ‘the incorrect’ English translation of [ ‫ .]אהיה אשר אהיה‬Althoughthe King James transcribers translated this phrase into ‘I AM THAT I AM’, it is theGreek where this erroneous phraseology originates. The Septuagint Bible is the first touse this ‘I AM’ phraseology as {εγω ειμι} in Exodus 3:14. The AKJV correctly translated[“‫ ]”אהיה‬into English as [“I WILL”] hundreds of times. The King James translators would have had to transcribe this Hebrew phrase‫ ,אהיה אשר אהיה‬into “I Will That I Will” or “I Will What I Will”, because of the strict“word for word” translating parameters. Neither of these phrases makes much sense inEnglish, so instead they derived the English verse from the Greek Septuagint Bible. TheEnglish AKJV transcribers should have translated this phrase ‫ אהיה אשר אהיה‬instead to“I WILL BE WHAT I WILL BE”; but because of the strict parameters, the AKJV insteadmislabeled this future tense TRUTH (“I will become what I will become”), into a presenttense lie {‘I am that I am’}. The phrase ‘I am’ cannot be translated back into Hebrew.As a matter of fact if the Hebrew doesn’t have a word for something, they believe that itdoesn’t exist. ‘I am’ has become ‘the false god of religion’. (2Thess. 2:4 / Ezekiel 28:2) Moses asked in Exodus 3:13: “When I come unto the children of Israel, and shallsay unto them, The God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me,What is his name? What shall I say unto them?” God’s answer without the advent of therules discussed in Chapter 8: “JEHOVAH”. Don’t people wonder why this wasn’t God’sresponse? The correctly translated answer, “I WILL BE=63 what I WILL BE=63”, bearsout the truth of YHVH=63. JEHOVAH was holding himself to the ‘forced agreement’. ‘Great I AM’=74, is Satan’s=74 title belonging to GOD’s #1 enemy Lucifer=74 asdiscussed in Chapter 8. Satan’s name before he fell was: Lucifer. (Luke 10:18) Lucifermeans: ‘to boast or make a showing and selfish rage or praise’. The name Lucifer alsomeans ‘giver of light and bright morning star’. 2Thess. 2:4 says: {Lucifer} opposes andexalts himself above all that is “called God=63” (YHVH=63), or that is worshipped; sothat he {Lucifer} as ‘I AM god’ sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. I Jesus=74 have sent My witness ‫( 47=צד‬meaning “witness” and pronounced Ed),for Ed shall be a witness between us and testify these things in the churches unto youthat [‫ ]יהוה‬is GOD. (Rev. 22:16 / Joshua 22:34) Behold, the [white stone (Rev. 2:17)]that I [GOD the Father=117] have laid before [Jesus=74] has seven eyes as I haveengraved the graving, “I will” remove the iniquity of that land in one day (Zech.3:9);that is the removing of all apostate religious doctrines from your perspective of GOD.This is “the day of the LORD”; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118:24) - 21 -
  22. 22. God did become what God did become. [GOD “is the light”=117] is the message,which we have heard and declare unto you; and Him is no darkness at all. If we say thatwe have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness=91, we lie and don’t live in truth.(1John 1:5-6) Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but ratherexpose them. (Eph. 5:11,13) All things that are made manifest by the light are exposed;for whatsoever is manifested is exposed in the light, as GOD “is the light”=117. The ‘lukewarm’ say, ‘I AM rich’ and increase with goods, and have no need ofanybody telling me anything; not knowing that they are wretched, miserable, poor,blind, and naked. God counsels them to buy gold(true knowledge) tried in the fire, thatthey may be truly rich, wearing white raiment; so that they may be clothed, and theshame of their nakedness won’t appear. And to anoint their eyes with “eye-salve”, thatthey may see. (Rev. 3:17-18) What I [Jesus] tell you in darkness=91, speak it in thelight. And what you hear, preach on the housetops. (Matt. 10:27) [ I The LORD God=117]come as a thief in the night. Blessed is he that watches, and keeps his garments, so hewon’t walk naked, and nobody will see his shame (Rev. 16:15). You yourselves knowperfectly that “the day of the Lord” so cometh as a thief in the night=91. (1Thess. 5:2) - 22 -
  23. 23. 10. The tree of knowledge of good and evil Do people really take the Bible literally as they say? It is a faithful saying, andworthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom‘I AM’ chief. (1Timothy 1:15) The negative influences of Lucifer=74 are spoken of overand over. The following scripture verses contain a few examples. (Rom.7:24: Owretched man that ‘I am’! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?) (Job 40:4Behold, ‘I am vile’.) The prince of this world {‘great I am’=74} is judged. (John 16:11) (Isaiah 45:20…they have NO knowledge that set up the wood of their GravenImage [†], and pray unto a god that cannot save.) God is a Spirit, and they that worshipHim[the “Spirit [of] God”=117] must worship Him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24) It’sthe spirit that makes alive; the flesh profits nothing: the words that the “ Spirit [of] God”has spoke unto you, they are “Spirit”, and they are “life”. (John 6:63) In Mark 8:29-33Peter obviously didn’t know the plan of GOD the Father=117, which was Jesus’ decease,as the way to rid us of Lucifer. This FACT is mentioned in many verses. For this causecame I [Jesus] unto this hour. (John 12:27) To this end was I [Jesus] born, and for thiscause I came into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that isof the truth hears my voice. (John 18:37) All the fullness of the Godhead dwelled in [Jesus] bodily. (Col.2:9) Similarly, weare also a part of the body of Christ. (1Cor. 12:27) So we may then conclude that all ofus, plus the fullness of the Godhead, are all part of the whole body of Christ. Did notGOD also create {Lucifer}=74 and how is Lucifer connected to the body of Christ? Onlyin death was Lucifer connected to the body of Christ. The key is found in Isaiah 14:19:thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch, and as the raiment of those thatare slain, thrust through with a sword. Jesus is the only person (so far) whose body wascast out of the grave. His body was also thrust through with a spear. Jesus isfurthermore called the branch in Zechariah 3:8. But the significant difference here isthese things happened to Jesus’ body after He was (a corpse)dead; “the body of sin”. Father=58 GOD’s Name is ‫[ יהוה‬YHVH] (pronounced YÄ hä vā=58). The chaptertitled “YHVH=63”, shows the correct translation of [‫ ]יהוה‬into English is YHVH. Thechapter “‫ ,”62=יהוה‬further shows YÄ-hä-vā is the correct pronunciation of [‫.]יהוה‬Lucifer has coerced the miss-pronunciation of GOD’s most sacred holy name, [‫ ]יהוה‬intoEnglish, instead as ‘YaWay’. The title {‘I AM’} belongs exclusively to Lucifer. Thisdeliberate miss-pronunciation attempts to loosely combine the name of GOD, [‫ ]יה‬YÄ,with Lucifer’s title of ‘I AM’. Jesus death gains us access to GOD (in this life). (Gal.2:20) The truth is JESUS was born into this world to take Lucifer down with His (Jesus’)own Decease; believing Our Heavenly Father [‫ ]יהוה‬YÄ-hä-vā would raise Him [‫]יהשוע‬YÄ-shü-ă back from the dead. The scripture also says in Gal. 2:20 {‘I AM’} crucifiedwith Christ, nevertheless I live. And the life is: I [YHVH] Live… (Deut. 32:37-40) - 23 -
  24. 24. YaWay is an especially heinous miss-pronunciation of [‫ ]יהוה‬YÄ-hä-vā, helping toperpetuate the title ‘I AM’ specifically mentioned as ‘thy2 name’; that title name shouldno longer be spoken. YaWay is the way of death of the son of perdition, Lucifer. Thereis ‘a way’ which seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the way of death. (Prob.14:12) Man thought it right to crucify the Christ. {Lucifer} is ‘No God’ (Ezek. 28:2), andthe ‘I AM’ that was crucified with Christ. (Gal. 2:20) Nevertheless “I Live”, representsthe “Spirit [of] God”=117 (God’s Spirit cannot die). YHVH is GOD=117 and lives forever.He kills, and He makes alive; there is none that can deliver out of His hand. He lifts upHis hand to heaven, saying “I Live forever”. (Deut 32:39-40) I [Jesus] kept [all people]in thy name [YHVH]: those you gave Me I have kept (all), and none are lost except forLucifer=74 (great I AM=74) ‘the son of perdition’; fulfilling the scripture. (John 17:12) ‘YaWay’ as a miss-pronunciation of [‫ ]יהוה‬and is wrong for a number of reasons.First, Hebrew has no “W” sound. But it does have a written letter that looks similar tothe English “W”. But the letter [‫[ ]ש‬SHIN] is not in [‫ ]יהוה‬GOD’s Name; and the symbol[‫ ]ש‬is pronounced “sh”. Secondly the letter [‫[ ]ו‬VAV] pronounced “V” is in God’sName [‫ .]יה|ו|ה‬This letter [‫[ ]ו‬VAV] is sometimes used as a vowel substitution, in wordslike [‫ ]יה-ש|ו|-ע‬YÄ-sh|ü|-ă, it is then either pronounced either “ü” or “ō”. Black=29 represents darkness, which is from Lucifer=74. It is ironic that Lucifer’sname means ‘giver of light’. God is light, and in [God Spirit=117] is no darkness at all.(1John 1:5) YHVH “is the light”=117. Satan’s=74 the man of sin revealed, {Lucifer=74}the {‘I AM’=23}, ‘the son of perdition’. (2Thess. 2:3) (Isaiah 14:16-17: They that seethee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, {great ‘I AM’=74} is this{Lucifer=74} that made the [whole] earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; Thatmade the [whole] world as a wilderness, that opened not the house of his prisoners?) The lofty man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be bowed down,and “The LORD JEHOVAH”=151 alone shall be exalted in that day. (Isaiah 2:11)“YHVH is One GOD”=151 and has sworn saying; {Lucifer’s} yoke shall depart from offtheir shoulders. (Jer. 51:26) This is the purpose for the whole earth: and this is the handthat is stretched out upon all the nations. For the “LORD of hosts”=151 has purposed it,who then can nullify it? His hand is stretched out, who can turn it back? (Is. 14:24-27)“YHVH is One GOD”=151 and His truth endures forever. (Psalm 100:3-5) 2 (Nahum 1:14 [YHVH] hath given a commandment concerning thee {Lucifer}, that no more of ‘thyname’ {‘I AM’} be sown; out of the house of thy gods will I cut off the graven image [†]…“I will” make thygrave; for thou art vile.) - 24 -
  25. 25. 11. New Facts=91 in GOD’s Word Previously unrevealed FACTS, written in the scriptures, help to define theLucifer-rules. The God Son and Holy Spirit both help to illustrate Lucifer’s rule #3 inthe next two verses. Jesus said, “I can of Mine Own Self DO NOTHING.” (John 5:30)The Holy Spirit writes through the apostle Paul, “Charity vaunts NOT ITSELF.”(1Cor.13:4) Jesus said “If I BEAR WITNESS OF MYSELF, MY WITNESS IS NOT TRUE.There is another that bears witness of me, and I know that the witness which Hewitnesses of me is TRUE.” (John 5:31-32) And in John 15:26 Jesus said, “When theCOMFORTER (Holy Spirit) is come, whom I will send unto you from GOD the Father,the Spirit of Truth, which proceeds from [GOD The Father], He shall testify of Me.” TheHoly Spirit bears witness of Jesus, and Jesus witnesses of the Holy Spirit. (Zech. 4:14) Here next is the evidence regarding Lucifer’s rule #2. {Lucifer} opposes and exaltshimself above all that is worshipped and called God; so that {Lucifer} as {‘I am god’}sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. (2 Thess. 2:4) Lastly, theevidence regarding Lucifer’s rule #1 is in the following verses. (Matt. 20:15: Is…‘I AM’ good?) Jesus definitively said in Matt. 19:17, “Why do you call Me GOOD?There is none GOOD but one; that is GOD.” YHVH GOD is One=151 , Lucifer has nopart in GOD. (Jer. 51:26) “The LORD is GOOD”=151. It’s interesting to note that“JEHOVAH” and “is GOOD” equal the same Theomatically; “JEHOVAH”=69 “isGOOD”=69. So if JESUS is NOT GOOD and “I” happen to be BAD, then we two togetherwould qualify to do things on GOD’s behalf without breaking Lucifer’s rule #3. (Job36:2: Suffer me a little, and I will show thee [all the proof] that I have yet to speak onGods behalf.) The children (of Reuben, Gad and half of the tribe of Manasseh) calledthe altar ‫[ 47=עד‬Ed]; for Ed shall be a witness between us that [“‫ ]711=”יהוה חאלהים‬is[“GOD”]. (Joshua 22:34) Numbers don’t convey ideas; but numbers can confirm ideas.(Reuben=65 Gad=12 Manasseh=80÷2=40) [65+12+40=117]. Theomatics confirms thatthis number speaks on GOD’s behalf because: 117=YHVH is GOD, GOD the Father=117.He who originated outside of time (GOD the Father=117) verifies the authorship of thisbook as approved of GOD. The purpose of this book is to reveal “Bible truth”=117. - 25 -
  26. 26. 12. Proof of rules by numbers: The GOD Numbers=151 Verification of Lucifer’s-rule #2 is illuminated by use of “The GOD Numbers”. InHebrew and English, JEHOVAH GOD & NOT GOD are equal using Theomatics.‫( יהוה חאלהים‬JEHOVAH GOD) matches meaning with its translation of LORD GOD inthe AKJV Bible. The biblical meanings of ‫( 711=יהוה חאלהים‬LORD GOD=75) &‫( 711=לאאלהים‬NOT GOD=75), are equally represented by different Theomatic matches intwo languages. In English, the Theomatic totals of both LORD GOD & NOT GODequally help to explain the concept of {Lucifer’s} Rules=75. κυριε θεος=117(x7) in theGreek is also translated as LORD GOD in the AKJV. And it’s Theomatic factor of 117matches GOD the Father=117 in English and ‫( 711=יהוה חאלהים‬JEHOVAH GOD) inHebrew. The proof of GOD is proclaimed by His Name [‫ ,]62=יהוה‬and title “GOD”=26in English. In English, the significant number (74) is attributed to JOSHUA=74, Messiah=74;also in the following: JESUS=74, Cross=74, Gospel=74, ‫ ,47=עד‬and even English=74.Jesus Christ (74x32) also factors 74 in Greek Theomatically: [Jesus] Ιησους=74(x12),[Christ] Χριστоς=74(x20). [Son of Man] υιος τον ανθρωπου=74(x40). For numericalvalues of words in Hebrew, Greek, and English see the chart on page 3 of Bible Code. - 26 -
  27. 27. 13. Write the Book=151 If Jesus had given them rest, he wouldn’t have spoken afterward of another day.Therefore there remains a rest for the people of God. (Heb. 4:8-9) Nevertheless [Jesus]told us the truth; how it was expedient for us that he go away: for if he didn’t, theComforter [REST] wouldn’t have come unto us; but since he departed, Jesus sent untous the [“Spirit [of] God”=117]. The Comforter brings with Him rest. (John 12:24) Nowthat He has come, He will reprove the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. TheHoly Spirit will reprove the world of sin because they didn’t believe on Jesus. The HolySpirit will reprove the world by righteousness, because Jesus went to our Father and wesee him no more [except in spirit]. (IICor.5:16) The Holy Spirit will reprove the worldthrough judgment because Lucifer has been judged. (John 16:11) “All were judged outof those things, which were written in the books, according to their works.” (Rev. 20:12) Jesus has said, he that believes on Me, shall also do works greater than I dobecause I go unto my Father. (John 14:12) Know that no prophecy of the scripture is ofany private interpretation. Holy men of GOD spoke, as they were inspired of the HolySpirit; prophecy does not come by the will of man. (1Peter 1:20-21) All things arepossible when inspired by the “Spirit [of] God”=117. Therefore judge nothing before thetime when the Lord comes [to your perception], who will bring to light the hidden thingsof darkness, then every man shall praise GOD. (1Cor. 4:5) Now that the Spirit of truth iscome, He [God Spirit=117] will guide you into all truth, for he shall not speak of himself.The Holy Spirit takes what belongs to Jesus, and shows all truth unto us. (John 16:7-15) The sign of the Son of man is now appearing in heaven; all tribes of the earth willmourn when they see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power andgreat glory. (Matt. 24:30) Having obtained the power of GOD, Jesus gives testimony tothe [witness book], because the “‫ עד‬Book”=117 was received out of the right hand of theone who sits upon the throne, [GOD the Father=117] (Rev. 5:7). He had in his hand alittle book open [this book]: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on theearth, (Rev. 10:2) GOD the Father has made the Son of man a watchman, therefore hearthe correct words in order to give proper warning. (Ezek. 3:17) This work acts much likea reporter of new facts or sounding the alarm as a watchman through the God Spirit.Now go, write it before them in a book, that it may [exist] for the time to come foreverand ever. (Isaiah 30:8) [The LORD JEHOVAH=151] said to plainly to write the vision for its appointedtime is (June 21st 2009). “Holy City Bible Code” now reveals truth, even though it didtake time. (Hab. 2:2-3) The LORD of Hosts=151 has resurrected Jesus to help build theHoly City. (Isaiah 45:13) The word of YHVH (Holy Spirit) is the maker of Holy Cityhelping to establish GOD’s spiritual kingdom. “The LORD’s” name is JEHOVAH. Callunto YHVH and He will show you great and mighty things not yet known. (Jer. 33:2-3) - 27 -
  28. 28. 14. Holy Bible Code=117: The GOD Graph A Holy Bible Code called “Holy City”=117, has been discovered within the AKJVBible. Holy City could be loosely termed as “the GOD graph” or “the picture show”.As a picture show has interconnected thoughts, so too does this code complete acompilation of illustrated ideas by “connecting all the dots”; presenting a bigger pictureof truth that is both factual and verifiable. The God graph combines diagramed ideas tocalculated number associations, presenting a much more comprehensive view of truth. I the LORD GOD=117 being responsible for you, will show you [ ] new thingsfrom this time, even [ ] hidden things, which you didn’t know, lest you should say,‘mine idol {I AM} hath done them, and my graven image [†], hath commanded them’.The Holy City has now arrived, which was not here from the beginning. People havecalled themselves of the Holy City=117, but not in truth nor in righteousness. The worddeclares the truth of Isaiah 48:1-8: I knew that you would act treacherously, and wouldbe called by men a transgressor starting at your spiritual rebirth from the womb of thesystems of religion and from the conception of the traditions of men. These shamefulbeliefs cause God’s glory to ‘fly away like a bird’, (Hosea 9:11) ‘I AM’, is‘the false God of religion’ which always distorts the truth of GOD. (Mark 13:6) Mathew 12:25 reads: Every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.Jesus is in the household of GOD the Father=117 and GOD the Father’s name in theancient script, means Hand-Behold-Nail-Behold. Behold, I [Jesus Christ=151] havegraven upon the palms of my hands the walls of the [“Holy City”=117], which are nowcontinually before me. (Isaiah 49:16) Proverbs 14:11: the house of the wicked shall beoverthrown: but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish. [“Holy City”=117] shall bebuilt upon her own heap (this means your old self), and the palace (new man) shallremain [as God’s Holy City]. (Jer. 30:18) God has become what God has become! The AKJV Bible has JEHOVAH expressed Four times, and JAH written exactlyOnce. Five-times is GOD’s Name stated in the singular form, the Bible code’s geometricequivalents are five squares (THE LARGE BOX=117 & four small=117 ). Thefoursquare layout of the “Holy City”=117, correlates with the Four times the AKJVBible uses JEHOVAH in singular form. (Rev. 21:16) YHVH is One GOD, which illustratesTHE ONE LARGE BOX ; this matches the one time JAH is mentioned in the AKJVBible. These combined facts along with the Bible code called Holy City offer rock solidproof that the AKJV is divinely inspired similar to the original manuscripts. This coderequires only paper, a pen, an AKJV Bible, a calculator, and the “Spirit [of] God” toverify. The second part of this book (not yet finished) deals exclusively with this code. - 28 -
  29. 29. (1Cor. 3:13,15: Every mans work (including this one) shall be made manifest: forThe Day=63 shall declare if any mans work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but hehimself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.) Our God, YHVH=63 is a consuming fire.(Heb.12:29) ‘I AM’ is tormented in the [GOD flame=63]. (Luke 16:24) Who among usshall dwell with the devouring fire? Who among us shall dwell with everlastingburnings? The righteous with Bible perception=151 will see The King=74 in his beauty.The unrighteous shall behold a futuristic land that is far off. (Is. 33:14-17 / Ez. 12:27-28) - 29 -
  30. 30. 15. The Day=63: YHVH=63 in A.K.J.V. Bible is JEHOVAH GOD’s Name is expressed four times in the AKJV Bible as JEHOVAH and once asJAH; JEHOVAH is also used in three places, illustrating “a trinity idea” of GOD withinthis translation. 1. In Genesis 22:14, Jehovah-Jireh means: “GOD will see” or “GOD will provide”; The God Son as Jesus appertaining to the provision back to GOD. (IICor. 5:19) 2. In Judges 6:24, Jehovah-Shalom relates: “GOD is My Peace” to the comforter, God’s Holy Spirit, because the Spirit of God brings GOD‘s peace to us all. 3. In Exodus 17:15, Jehovah-Nissi means: “GOD is My Banner”, which illustrates GOD The Father, because under GOD’s banner we all stand. (Psalm 60:4) I [YHVH=63] appeared unto Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by God Almighty, but MYName JEHOVAH was I not known to them. (Ex. 6:3) GOD’s name is spelled YHVH=63in English. The number sixty-three shows the connection between Exodus 6:3 andYHVH=63. This association is exposed in Hosea 6:3. “The Day=63 of the LORD” is thedoctrine of [YHVH=63]. GOD’s Word is prepared as the morning; and shall drop as rain.His speech shall distil as dew, His truth as mist upon the tender herb, and His Spirit asshowers upon the grass, as the [former rain=117 & The Latter Rain=151 ]. - 30 -
  31. 31. 16. Pentecost began the Former Rain=117 of GOD Pentecost=117 started the “Former rain”=117 , of “Spirit [of] YÄ”=117 reigning.At Pentecost, the kingdom of GOD began reigning in the souls of men, with the arrivalof the “Spirit [of] God”=117. GOD the Father’s Spirit, the “Spirit [of] YÄ”=117 begins todwell in man and with mankind. (Psalm 117:1-2: O Praise the LORD, you the nations:praise Him, all you people. For His merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth ofthe LORD endures forever.) There were 120 gathered together on the Day of Pentecost in the upper roomwhen they received the Holy Spirit. (Acts 1:15) This new [“little flock” [of] GOD=151]spoke [the truth=120] of the [Kingdom of GOD=120] to all the people, and the word ofGOD was heard by the “great crowd” (approx. 5,000) in their own languages. There is great fractal consistency how we hear the word of God in our language,English (Based on 120 translators); the same amount as the 120 Christians preaching[the truth=120] of the [Kingdom of GOD=120] on the Day of Pentecost. The AKJVtranslation of the Bible was transcribed using the Greek Septuagint Bible as well as theHebrew Scriptures called the Masoretic Texts. Septuagint in Greek means seventy, asthere were seventy translators who worked on the first Greek Bible. In addition, therewere commonly fifty King James translators working on the AKJV Bible. Thus the totalamount of translators (70+50=120) bringing the good news to us matches the first 120. GOD the Father gives the Kingdom of GOD to us (His little flock) through theworkings of the word, the Holy Spirit which first preached starting on Pentecost.The truth of this is emerging from the shadows of our brethren bringing salvation to“all who walk the ground”! It seems GOD had intended to use the 1611 AKJV Bible to Judge Lucifer the notso ‘great I AM’, prince of this world! (John 16:11) This idea to Judge Lucifer ismentioned in Isaiah chapter 14:16-20: They that see thee {great I AM} shall narrowlylook upon thee, and consider thee, saying, is this the man that made the earth to tremble,that did shake kingdoms. That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the citiesthereof; that opened not the house of his prisoners? All the kings of the nations, even allof them, lie in glory, every one in his own house. But thou art cast out of thy grave likean abominable branch, and as the raiment of those that are slain, thrust through with asword, that go down to the stones of the pit; as a carcase trodden under feet. Thou shaltnot be joined with them in burial, because thou hast destroyed thy land, and slain thypeople: the seed of evildoers shall never be renowned. - 31 -
  32. 32. 17. Feast of booths: The Latter Rain=151 Beginning at Pentecost=117, YHVH=63 has come unto us as the former rain=117and now as The Latter rain=151. (Hosea 6:3) I the LORD GOD=117 shall give untoJesus=74 the throne of His father [Holy Spirit=151] as the Feast [of] tabernacles=151 orFeast of booths=151. God is tabernacling in his people, which you are also a part of, andJesus Christ=151 sits at the right corner of the hand of power of the complete GOD inthis “the Latter rain=151” . The one large box=151 is The LORD JEHOVAH=151,because YHVH is One GOD=151. Jesus said, “I go to my Father, and you see me no more.” (John 16:10) Andhereafter you shall see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming inthe clouds of heaven. (Matt. 26:64) The stone, which the builders rejected, has becomethe head of the corner. This was YHVH’s doing, and it’s marvelous in our eyes. (Mark12:10) Unto you who are disobedient, the stone which the builders excluded, the same[Jesus] has been made the head of the corner, “a stone=74” of “stumbling”=117, and a“rock [of] offence”=101, to even them who are disobedient and stumble at the word of[=‫ 1( .]51הי‬Peter 2:7-8) In the light of [YHVH] “the Kings” countenance is life; and His favor is as a cloudof “the latter rain”=151. (Prob. 16:15) For the Lord himself shall descend from heavenwith a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead inChrist shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up togetherwith them in the “clouds”=74 [of “the latter rain”], to “meet the Lord” in the air: and soshall we ever be with the Lord. (1Thess. 4:16-17) Meet(43) Jesus(74) (43+74=117). The Greek word here is [αηρ] âər meaning: “to breathe” as to respire air. Αηρ inGreek is translated from the Hebrew word [‫ ]רוח‬Rwü äkh meaning “Breath of GOD”,[YHVH Breath=117]. All that were filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost spoke theword of God [YHVH Voice=117] with boldness. (Acts 4:3) Let us also speak His wordwith confidence, seeing we also are compassed about with “so great a cloud” ofwitnesses. (Heb. 12:1) They that are Christs have crucified ‘their flesh’ with all theaffections and lusts. (Gal. 5:24) They are the dead in Christ of 1Thess. 4:16. (Eph. 5:14) The religious have been inadvertently deceiving many with their Lucifer-inspired‘flesh-escaping’ false doctrines. (Mark 13:6: For many shall come in my [ Jesus=74]name, saying, ‘I AM’ {εγω ειμι}; and shall deceive many.) For this cause God shall sendthem strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. (2Thess. 2:11) One such illustratedlie in Christendom is to ‘fly away like a bird’. (Hosea 9:11) - 32 -
  33. 33. Perception of the second coming of “Jesus Christ”=151 is understood with theindwelling of the Holy Spirit=151. The [“Spirit [of] God”=117] meets him that rejoices thatYHVH is GOD=117 and works righteousness. Those who remember [‫]711=יהוה חאלהים‬“The Savior”=117 shall be saved. (Isaiah 64:5) Paul in Hebrews 9:28 explains this: SoChrist was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for Him shallHe appear the second time without sin unto salvation. The the Holy Spirit=151 on the dayof Pentecost “was” “the second coming” of Jesus Christ=151; Jesus=74 “in spirit form”with NO sin attached to Him. The [Holy Spirit=151] makes alive. What would Jesusreturning for a second time (in the flesh) profit? (John 6:63) I The LORD GOD=117 havegiven you both the “Spirit [of] God”=117, and “life”. (John 17:3) - 33 -
  34. 34. 18. English=74 is the AKJV structure The word “Bible” originates from the Greek word [βιβλος] Bĭb’-lŏs, meaning“Book”. The common held belief is, that in around 400 B.C. seventy linguists translatedthe Hebrew Scriptures into Greek, which later came to be known as the Septuagint Bible(meaning 70). Long after this ancient script was penned, newer texts and letters writtenby Jesus’ Apostles were included; what we know as the “New Testament”. These lettersand Gospels were written predominantly in Greek from 33-96 A.D. and thus needed notranslation. English-speaking bible enthusiasts are appreciative of this Greek manuscript. John Wycliffe initiated the first English translation of the Bible in 1382; becausehe felt the Catholic Church’s teachings were biased. At that time the Catholic Churchread exclusively out of the Latin Vulgate Bible. John Wycliffe went about translating theLatin Vulgate into the common people’s English. He had reportedly been helped fromother translators as well. One of which was John Purvey, who produced the firstcomplete English copy released to the public in 1388 that was called the Wycliffe Bible.In late 1408, 20 years after Wycliffe’s death, the Oxford Convocation solemnly votedthat no new translation of the Bible should be made without England’s prior approval. The Tyndale New Testament was the first un-Authorized English version sincethe ban of 1409, printed in 1525; followed by His Old Testament’s printing in 1530. Ithad vocabulary and appended notes that offended both the English clergy and King.Tyndale’s books were banned by royal proclamation soon after in 1530. In 1538, Sir Thomas Cromwell was directed to make the first Authorized Versionby proclamation of King Henry VII of England to be read out loud in Church services orwhere parishioner’s resorted. In 1539, The Great Bible was first published; it was called“The Great Bible” partly because of its great size, but also because of the large contentto which it held. It contained books called the apocrypha, the deutercanonical, alongwith 3rd Estras and Paul’s letter to the laodiceans; since some of these books are not evenin the Greek Septuagint Bible. The “New Testament” writings contained non-italicizedparts taken directly from Tyndale’s work; parts that offend the King were retranslatedfrom the Latin Vulgate and italicized. The “Old Testament” in it was considered weakthough, because most of it was translated from the Latin Vulgate instead of the originalHebrew texts; with the exception of the portions that Matthew Parker worked on.The Great Bible was mostly “a translation of a translation”. In 1560, the un-Authorized Geneva Bible was first published. It offended theKing of England with its opinionated commentary. The New Testament contained 80-90% copied directly from Tyndale. The Old Testament portions translated by MatthewParker were from Hebrew; those by Myles Coverdale were translated from the LatinVulgate with crosschecking from the (1523) Luther German Bible. This Bible containedcharts, graphs, and commentary; and was considered to be the first study Bible. - 34 -
  35. 35. The Bishops’ Bible, first published in 1568, was produced under the authority ofthe Church of England (Authorized); it was meant to replace The Great Bible of 1539.Most of the New Testament was translated directly from the Greek. However this Biblelacked the accuracy of the Geneva Bible, because large portions of the Old Testamentwere translated from the Latin Vulgate instead of the Hebrew Masoretic text; theexception was the portions translated by Matthew Parker, since the Geneva Bible. In 1603 King James I Authorized 54 Godly Bible scholars and educated men totake on the task of going back to the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts and do a“word for word” translation. This had never been done before, as most Bibles of thattime were translations of translations. King James I wanted a non-biased translation ofthe purest form, God’s word (the Bible) produced directly from the original texts. It’s interesting to look how English Theomatics plays a part even in this area. Itseems to be by divine appointment that the numbers seem to add up to the number 117.If you add the total number of translators (54) to the Theomatic value of “the Bible”(the Bible=63) (54+63=117) you come up with 117. This sum seems to be just another ina series of numerical anomalies using English Theomatics that points to what I call the“finger print” of “GOD the Father”=117 known as (‫ )711=יהוה חאלהים‬JEHOVAH GOD! For those who are unfamiliar with the origination of the New Testament here is alittle background. The New Testament was originally part of a compilation of early 4 thcentury Christian texts being circulated amongst churches in the early days ofChristianity. However because some considered many of them to be non-canonical thereseemed to be a growing rift amongst some factions in the early Church. Because of this a “Christian consensus” was needed to determine which textsshould be considered “inspired of GOD” or as we now call “canon” (Inspired of GOD).In 325 A.D an ecumenical gathering was held which has become to be known as theNicean council. It was held partly to measure the authenticity of the newer texts andletters that the Church was using to teach its parishioners; and other matters of concern. We want to focus on just the “qualifications” that were adapted to test for canon,which gave us the Bible we know today. The council settled many conflicts but the mostimportant in the authors view was which texts were included and considered inspired ofGOD. The council’s aim was to filter out the documents that should be used, becomingultimately the “New Testament” of the Bible, befitting for any Christian organization. One such test, for it to be considered canon, it had to be penned by an eyewitnessof Jesus or a scribe of that person. Another test was that the text had to be written priorto 100 A.D. The logical conclusion is that the closer one is to the event the more accuratethe accounting thus keeping the integrity of the sacred writings as pure as possible. - 35 -
  36. 36. They must have done a good job because most modern theologians still agree thatthe 66 books chosen, which 40 authors penned over a 2,000-year span, is one that wecan fully trust. It’s funny that the translated words “the Bible” in Theomatic terms is 63(the Bible=63), the same value of the translated tetragrammation of ( ‫ )יהוה‬YHVH=63 thatwas translated as JEHOVAH. This may seem like a stretch but, take the Theomatic valueof Christ (Christ=77) and add to it the (40) authors and you get (40+77=117); thusilluminating (‫ )711=יהוה חאלהים‬Jehovah God. Are these just random anomalies or arethey the very “finger print” of GOD contained in History? (40 authors + Christ=77=117) To the English-speaking world, the AKJV Bible has become the standard becauseof the strict parameters that were put in place requiring a “word for word” translation;avoiding perceptual interpretations that may alter what the manuscript actually meant.They also had to agree upon each and every word of the translation. Whenever a wordhad two or more possible meanings the most popular meaning was inscribed into thetext; with the second choice was italicized and listed at the end of the verse. One suchexample is in 1Thess. 4:15 where the word prevent is inserted into the text whileprecede is listed as an alternative word at the end of the verse. Because of the concise and sound translation into English which is found in theAKJV, resource material such as the Strong’s Concordance complements the AKJVBible by defining each word in its original language; helping to present a morecomprehensive look into God’s word making it the study standard of choice for the moreserious student of Scripture. The Young’s Concordance defines each word based onlyupon its usage in the texts (according to Mr.Young); because of this it is used less. It istherefore rare to find scholarly theologians, modern and ancient and alike, not using theAKJV Bible for in depth study based upon these reasons. The AKJV is, by default, thestandard by which all other English versions (translations) of the Bible are compared. English as we speak today, uses PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE tenses expressedseparately; this is not so with the 1611 King’s English. It seemed, therefore that sinceGOD isn’t limited by time or space, the old English from the King James era was perfectfor translating “word for word”. Just as the arts embrace Shakespearian writings for theirintrinsic value and superior prose, the King James translation has some of thesequalities, being romantic and poetic as well. Words from the King James era also havemultiple tenses built right into them for a more exact “word for word” translation. Let’s take a look at a few examples of multiple tense words: holpen, meetest andsaith. Saith means: “is said and says”, meetest means: “is met, meets, and will meet”,and holpen means: “is helped and will help”. The original texts have many instancesmodern vernacular lacks the clarity of single words containing past, present, or futuretenses combined. - 36 -
  37. 37. In modern English, the word “you” lacks exactness of meaning and is rarely usedin the AKJV Bible. Modern usage of the word “you” could mean “an individual”,“a couple of people”, or even “a large group of people”. 1611 lexicon is more precisewith words such as “Ye” used for a group and “Thou” for an individual. Also words likethy, thee, and thine are among many such words used in the AKJV Bible. Withoutunderstanding of the originally written texts, the current reader wanting a modern wordfor word translation usually overlooks these “technicalities”. In the world today, English is the official language of business, air traffic, science,computers, and medicine ect. It seems only appropriate then, that the English-speakingcountries are in the unique position of bringing the “Word of GOD” to the entire world.People don’t yet realize that the Authorized King James Version (because of it’s accuracy)is the Bible most English-speaking Bible societies translate into other languages. It’s also interesting to note: King James I Authorized 54 linguists in 1603, sevenyears later 47 translators finished the work in 1611. If you take the (47) translators thatfinished the AKJV Bible, then add that to the number of translators of the SeptuagintBible (meaning 70). 117 total translators (70+47=117) were responsible for bringing theHebrew Scriptures to the entire world; included with it (‫ )711=יהוה חאלהים‬is YHVH God. With translations of the Bible all over the world based on the AKJV, with it comesthe accepted English translation of [‫ ]יהוה‬JEHOVAH Jä-hō-väh; English peoples’ firstattempt to vocalize the tetragrammation of [‫ ]יהוה‬YHVH, GOD’s most sacred Holy Name.In Judaism, ‫ יהוה‬is reverenced to the degree that they don’t dare speak GOD’s Name forfear of saying His Name in vain; based on the 3rd commandment (of 10), “Thou shall nottake the Name of the Lord thy GOD in vain.” (Exodus 20:7 / Deuteronomy 5:11) There is much confusion today not understanding the title “LORD” in the AKJVBible. Many lay people and even clergy alike seem to overlook the imperative fact the“title” LORD (in all caps) is used as exclusive tenure, to illustrate [‫( ]יהוה‬GOD’s Name).This ‘title-substitution’, which occurs over 6,000 times, distances [‫( ]יהוה‬YHVH=63)from “His Word” (the Bible=63), failing to carry the depth of (GOD the Father’s Name).The correct pronunciation of GOD’s Hebrew Name [‫ ]יהוה‬YHVH is YÄ-hä-vā. (Ps.45:17) The AKJV Bible has made use of italicized words, to help clarify translationaldifferences, “words added” to the ORIGINAL TEXTS. These words are italicized toavoid the accidental corrupting of GOD’s word; because these linguists realized that the‘added words’ might alter the very meanings that GOD had intended. Translationalproblems have indeed corrupted the Word of God causing many divisions in the Church.Prompting some denominations and offshoots of Christianity to write their own versionsof the Bible. In most cases, their teaching grew out of existing religious ideas. But forthese groups, the AKJV Bible had become unsatisfactory and had to be changed ormodified in one way or another (massaging it) to fit their own personal doctrinal beliefs. - 37 -
  38. 38. Translational problems between the original tongues and English are compoundedby interruptive translations such as: NIV, NAS and NWT. These ‘new versions’attempting to simplify GOD’s Word (to the unlearned), fail to identify either theoriginally “added words” by the AKJV translators or they’re own. Readers inadvertentlybelieve that these newer versions are what the original manuscripts actually say. Many of these ‘improved versions’ also conveniently leave [‫( ]יהוה‬GOD’s Name)out of the very book written about Him (YHVH=63), the Bible=63. Failing to includeYHVH YÄ-hä-vā (GOD’s Name) in his word is poor representation of ‫ 62=יהוה‬GOD=26.Interpreting what GOD had intended in conjunction with attempting to simplify GOD’sword (to the unlearned) has in many cases corrupted the very “Word of God” that theyplanned to purify in it’s understanding. Individualized ‘perceptions of truth’ change overtime, yet they are usually argued as ‘the truth’. Yet “Truth”, remains constant over timewaiting only for the time to be heard. Holy City Bible Code will help in this area. Certain historical events concerning the Bible have played an active roll in thedevelopment of the Bible code called “Holy City”. They are: 1) Steven Langton dividedthe entire Bible into chapters in around 1228. 2) R. Nathan divided the Old Testamentinto verses in 1448. 3) Robert Stephanus numbered the New Testament verses in 1551.4) The Authorized King James Version was translated in 1611, adding the punctuation.The punctuation placement along with the chapter/verse numbers play a critical role inthe Bible code, helping to illustrate Spiritual perspective. The English language will helpto prove GOD’s existence through linguistics along with theomatic numbers-verification. - 38 -
  39. 39. 19. Comparing versions of the Bible=63 Different translations present different problems. One translation of 2Thess.2:8(referring to Lucifer) says: ‘Jesus will kill him simply by breathing on him.’ Thisoversimplification is misleading because it’s “The Word” (YHVH Voice=117), speakingBible truth=117, that destroys ‘Lucifer’s influence’; which has almost nothing to do withbreathing. AKJV has this verse 2Thess. 2:8: “Whom the Lord shall consume with thespirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming.” (2 Peter 3:7) People say let the Bible explain itself. In Rev. 19:15 of the AKJV Bible it says:“A sharp=63 sword” (The Word of YHVH=63) goes out of His (God Spirit=117) mouth,that with it He (YHVH=63) should smite the nations. Holy Spirit=151 (God’s word) smitesthe nations, those who have the ‘great I AM’=74 influence of ‘Lucifer’=74 upon them. Philippians 2:6 is the best verse to use to compare different versions of the Bible.The AKJV Bible (Philip. 2:6: “Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery tobe equal with God:”) The preceding verse tells how we too should have the Christ mind,thinking it not robbery to be equal with (‫ )62=יהוה‬GOD=26. Christ saw that hisequality with GOD was not only something that didn’t take anything away from,but only added to, helping to prove “YHVH is One GOD” , as ours should be too!“Christ mind” (77+40=117) Theomatically matches ‫( 711=יהוה חאלהים‬JEHOVAH GOD).Christ(77)+mind(40)=117: Christ exemplifies perfectly the mind of our GOD, JEHOVAH.(Heb. 8:10 / 1 Peter 4:1). Let’s see how different version of Philippians 2:6 don’t. The New International Version (N.I.V.), a popular version of the Bible, has thisverse (Philip. 2:6: “Who, being in the very nature God(Christ), did not consider equalitywith God something to be grasped,”) Philip. 2:5 says this is the attitude we should have.Perhaps Christ couldn’t really grasp who He was? Perhaps these translators can’t quite“grasp” who they are in Christ either? (Hebrews 2:10, Eph. 1:5, Gal. 4:7, Romans 8:16.)This version of the Bible contains no mention of GOD’s Name. (Rom. 10:14 / Ps. 45:17) The New American Standard (N.A.S.) Bible, considered by some to be moreaccurate than the AKJV Bible, has this verse (Philip. 2:6: “Who, although He(Christ)existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped,”) TheN.A.S. Bible says this is the attitude we must have. Does this mean Christ couldn’t quitegrasp the idea of being equal with GOD? This Bible leaves GOD’s Name completely outof it too. The (N.A.S.) Bible addresses the instances where modern vernacular lacksclarity of single words containing past, present, or future tenses by using the mostcommon word usage, noting it with a special character for explanations outside the texts.I’d like to here the explanation of why they left GOD’s Name out of His book, the Bible. - 39 -