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John Archer. Lest we forget. Hardly likely, really.


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John Archer. Lest we forget. Hardly likely, really.

  1. 1. John Archer 10 Years of great service at Bates Indochina/ Singapore
  2. 2. The James Bond of Advertising Abroad in Scotland
  3. 3. Peter Miller explaining size variations…….
  4. 4. This is my office.. so go away.
  5. 5. Not another photograph of me in the dark
  6. 6. Get me a drink honey?
  7. 7. “ Hmm.. Don’t remember Seeing that before
  8. 8. “” Can you see me? I’m up the back here….
  9. 9. “ Wait until he sees what’s under the veil!
  10. 10. “ Sure, he’ll look better once I wax his back”
  11. 11. The new improved Bates Indochina team staring John Archer & his funny faces!
  12. 12. “ The Hills are alive with the sound of music..
  13. 14. Ooohhhhhh Please stop that Matthew…
  14. 15. Hey Hey Hey Clear the way…
  15. 16. I thought SCOTLAND was bigger than this!
  16. 17. “ Wendy.. I think I found where You left your “ Soap on a Rope””
  17. 18. Hello there.
  18. 19. John Archer and his team of performing dancers Including The Craigster
  19. 20. “ Wendy, this body Condom’s got a hole in it”
  20. 21. AI Grazby eat your heart out !
  21. 22. Chin up!
  22. 23. I just love this hat! Wait until I get to wear It in the office!
  23. 24. Come and sit on Santa’s Knee…. So what would you Like for breakfast… Err…Sorry, what would You like for Xmas?
  24. 27. I’m from Xmas past… No autographs please…
  25. 30. This boy is starting to fill out like me.
  26. 31. Sit on my knee and that’s what you are going to get Miller!
  27. 32. Ok, let’s see what was good this Year….there was Peter Miler, no that’s can’t be right. Scrub him out. Ok let’s start again. This year Brenden Arold….., No that can’t be right either. Which Alf wrote this list?
  28. 34. One for me ……and one for me That seems about right.
  29. 35. I hope you didn’t steal my pen my good man or I will have to get the DOCTOR onto you!
  30. 36. Listen here Langton, what do you mean by that?
  31. 37. Somebody please save me from the beer vat I have fallen into…..
  32. 38. After 10 years it’s time to move on to another adventure in Asia. See you in Vietnam.