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Meet Altitude


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This is a general overview of Altitude.

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Meet Altitude

  1. 1. We are dedicated to your success. Altitude is a collective of creative thinkers united in a common purpose: to bring our clients business success. We believe that true innovation arises when talent and spirited intellectual engagement meet business acumen and a deep understanding of consumer needs and desires. Our expertise in Capabilities design innovation, product realization, and brand expression allow us to help clients Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 design strategy, clearly define their goals, differentiate themselves from competitors, lessen their impact on the environment, and offer solutions that are wholly relevant to consumers.
  2. 2. Our philosophy > We care about the world around us. As a company and as individuals, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us, to "leave things better than we found them." This philosophy guides Altitude's everyday practices. Each of us has made a personal and professional commitment to do more for the health of our Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 environment. Our office conforms to environmental standards. We also actively support many organizations, but focus on three in particular: the Somerville Homeless Coalition, Environment Massachusetts, and Sweat Equity Enterprises. We organize fundraising on their behalf that involve participation from the entire office.
  3. 3. Our approach > We know what keeps you up at night. We’re committed to your success. By understanding your business, immersing ourselves in market trends, developing expertise on sustainable practices, and focusing on what consumers value, we create strategies for products that break new ground. Capabilities Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008
  4. 4. 1st Strategy > INNOVATE What’s next for your company? Making significant advances in revenue growth often requires radical, next-generation products and product platforms. Altitude has the experience you need to reach a shifting customer base, identify new markets, and target new distribution channels. With our knowledge of consumer needs, Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 emerging trends, sustainable thinking, current technology, and business requirements, we can take you in a bold, new direction.
  5. 5. Innovate > EXAMPLE Tuned in. When DeWalt, the leading professional power-tool manufacturer, asked Altitude to conceptualize new products, our team suited up and spent time on location at numerous job sites. By identifying an untapped opportunity, Altitude was able to define a new product category that brought DeWalt Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 profits of unexpected proportions. The Worksite Radio/Charger is the most successful new product introduction in DeWalt’s history and has became an icon, driving the brand expression for other new DeWalt products. A decade after its introduction, the radio remains unchanged and continues to sell without any price erosion.
  6. 6. 2nd Strategy > LEAD Are you a market leader? Altitude's strategic acumen will help you secure industry leadership. We roadmap the right products, create innovation that resonates with consumers and benefits the environment, and develop distinctly differentiated products. The end result: increased demand and higher profit margins. Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008
  7. 7. Lead > EXAMPLE Sit, sip, or saunter. Altitude partnered with Black & Decker to redesign its complete line of 12-cup, Brew 'n Go, and Cup- at-a-Time coffee makers. The design strategy focused on breaking the usability and quality precedents of the market by emphasizing such areas as ease of use, human factors, cleanability, Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 small footprint, and by crafting a compelling aesthetic. A discriminating design language was developed to bring premium looks to the low margin, high volume segment of the market. Since the introduction of the SmartBrewª coffee maker line, Black & Decker's market share has increased 12.5 points, making them number two in the market in dollar sales volume.
  8. 8. 3rd Strategy > REDEFINE Is your approach to innovation optimized? Leading companies dominate their markets by having clearly defined innovation processes: these are codified systems for generating, evaluating, and acting on ideas. Altitude has the perspective and expertise to build upon or create a process that makes the most of your opportunities, from Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 reassessing your consumer base to exploring the best ways of incorporating green advocacy into your business.
  9. 9. Redefine > EXAMPLE Tee it up. When Nike asked Altitude to help segment its golf customers, this strategic assignment led to a re- evaluation of one of the most basic components of the sport: the golf tee. With the ultimate goal of increasing sales of Nike golf products, we conducted extensive contextual research with golfers to Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 understand their needs, attitudes, and values. We were also tasked to re-invent the golf tee, increasing its height to enhance the performance of Nike's new over-sized driver. Our research and design efforts yielded a diverse range of 33 concepts, and a standing ovation from Nike.
  10. 10. 4th Strategy > REALIZE How do you make an idea real? Altitude has the strategic vision and creative ingenuity to transform a nascent concept, an emerging technology, or a desire to "green" your operations or into a tangible product and marketable experience. Rather than using research to verify developed propositions, we employ research up Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 front to generate insights that drive and inspire the innovation process.
  11. 11. Realize > EXAMPLE Hot commodity. Partnering with the textile company, Malden Mills, Altitude co-developed a low voltage heat blanket, safe for children and pets. The Polartec Heat Blanket is a result of insights gleaned from research into the adaptation of a new technology for consumer applications. Malden Mills developed Polartec Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 Heat, a technology that actively provides warmth through metallic fibers that are interwoven into Polartec fleece, thus creating an undetectable heating element within the fabric. Altitude went from market research to shipping the product in only eight months. The first heated blanket was introduced through Land's End, and the complete inventory was sold out in only three weeks.
  12. 12. 5th Strategy > IMPROVE How can we improve your product? We will make it vital to the consumer by strategizing every aspect of the brand experience. A great product resonates with consumers at each point of interaction. This includes incorporation of green materials and lifecycle analysis to ensure that your products minimize their carbon footprint. Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008
  13. 13. Improve > EXAMPLE Dialing up design. Altitude created a series of mobile telephone concepts custom-tailored to different user groups, a highly successful design exercise that kick-started Kyocera’s innovation process and began to re- energize consumer enthusiasm for the brand. Highly targeted segmentation allowed each phone to Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 achieve the perfect balance of function, features, size, and aesthetics.
  14. 14. Consumer > Medical > Industrial > Harmon Car Stereo Amplifier Cambridge Heart MTWA Test Thermo Electron Corp. XRF analyzer Additional product examples. Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008
  15. 15. Leadership & Capabilities > We are up at night too. At Altitude, we encourage adventurousness. Innovation requires the freedom to break boundaries. At the same time, we are serious about our integrity: our accountability to our clients and their consumers, and our collective responsibility to our planet and its inhabitants. Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 We create an environment where different approaches, ideas, and disciplines can come together in the united purpose of finding the solution that works best. The resulting direction may be unexpected, but breakthrough ideas often are.
  16. 16. Leadership & Capabilities > Company Brian Matt, Founder and CEO. Brian builds fruitful client relationships upon the foundation of integrity and respect. He asks thoughtful questions and listens intently. His creativity is informed by what he has heard, his formidable experience, familiarity with developing markets, and keen observational skills. His Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 discerning acumen has made Brian one of the business community’s leading thinkers, achieving market success for his clients.
  17. 17. Leadership & Capabilities > Company Haven Tyler, Vice President of Product Development. Haven loves learning about your business, your design and branding challenges, and providing you with an exceptional solution that works for your needs. She is a very active listener, and is interested in what you have to say. What makes Haven tick is learning. Whether it.s a new industry, Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 process, or system she loves to roll up her sleeves and dig in. For her, the diversity of daily life is energizing. Working with clients whose industries range from entrepreneurial start-ups with a cool new technology, to behemoth companies who need to reshape their future, Haven is prepared to engage.
  18. 18. Leadership & Capabilities > Research and Strategy Development We are dedicated to your future. Designing for business success goes beyond knowing your competition. It requires the delivery of relevant and compelling experiences to your customers. Altitude’s Design Strategy team works to define these user experiences by developing a deep understanding of your customers. Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008
  19. 19. Leadership & Capabilities > Research and Strategy Development Ed Ahigian, Principal Design Strategist. The strategy team lives in the future. Under Ed's guidance, Altitude helps clients define "what's next" through a process that is customized to their unique needs. Ed crafts the research approach and guides his team through the analysis of data and synthesis of meaningful insights. His ultimate goal Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 is to formulate design strategies that take advantage of business opportunities, differentiate clients from their competition, and answer consumer desires and demands.
  20. 20. Leadership & Capabilities > Research and Strategy Development Cortney Rowan, Senior Design Strategist. Cortney is a hunter-gatherer of opinions and experiences. She structures, executes, and analyzes the user-focused research that gives clients valuable insights into their consumers. As part of the design strategy team, she then translates these observations into actionable strategies that make Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 the most out of potential business opportunities.
  21. 21. Leadership & Capabilities > Product Design and Innovation Compelling design stems from a strong strategic foundation. The ideation process requires a delicate balance between unfettered creativity and being mindful of goals. All concepts must align user demands, business needs, and design strategy to achieve compelling consumer experiences. Brand communications and graphics Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008
  22. 22. Leadership & Capabilities > Product Design and Innovation Gregor Mittersinker, Director of Industrial Design. A cheerful dynamo, Gregor makes the design process both positive and productive. Clients appreciate his sociable nature and sensitivity to their business needs, as well as the boundary- breaking creativity that he inspires in the design team. He is not only a gifted designer, but also has Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 a deep understanding of mechanical engineering and technology, enabling him to evaluate and discuss successful innovation on many levels.
  23. 23. Leadership & Capabilities > Product Design and Innovation Philip Leung, Industrial Design Studio Head. As Altitude’s resident “design guru,” Philip generates brilliant ideas. He ensures that our clients’ products will be visually appealing and intuitive. Indeed, many of Altitude’s award winners bear his imprint. As Studio Head, Philip partners with the Director of Industrial Design in managing the Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 design team, shaping its strategic direction while also overseeing day-to-day contact between Altitude staff and clients. Imaginative, confident, and affable, Philip is an inspirational leader.
  24. 24. Leadership & Capabilities > Engineering Innovation Exceptional products require thinking across boundaries. Innovative engineering can take the sliver of a concept and make it not only tangible but also relevant and necessary to consumers. Altitude's engineers find the technology, systems, and solutions that result in cohesive, coherent products that function optimally. It is a process that Brand communications and graphics Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 requires problem solving on many levels.
  25. 25. Leadership & Capabilities > Engineering Innovation Paul Cox, Engineering Manager. Paul brings with him over 14 years of product development and program management experience. With his blend of product design and program management skills, Paul has mastered the skills to design a new product and push the design into production even under difficult conditions. Having Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 been on the client-side of the relationship gives him sensibilities that guide all parts to success. His goal is to help Altitude design products that meet all of the client's needs by providing fully functional concepts, delivering the final production-ready design, and matching suitable manufacturing partners.
  26. 26. Leadership & Capabilities > Engineering Innovation Heather Andrus, General Manager. As the chief of operations, Heather keeps Altitude running smoothly, ensuring that we deliver our clients the right solutions at the right time. She knits together the work of all of Altitude’s disciplines, coordinating the strategy, design, engineering, and brand teams. She helps team leaders pressure- Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 test ideas to confirm that they meet clients’ business needs, acting as arbiter when there are differences of opinion. She maintains a watchful eye on each project: its strategic goals, client concerns, and team needs, as well as budget and schedule. Heather is a master of prioritization, able to identify the most pressing concerns on the longest of to-do lists.
  27. 27. Leadership & Capabilities > Strategic Branding and Graphics Your brand is more than a logo. We look at brand in a holistic way, exploring how it can be experienced in its totality. We begin by defining it, exploring meaning, values, and goals. Clearly defined visual and lingual guidelines shape subsequent manifestations of the brand, such as naming and nomenclature development, brand Brand communications and graphics Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 identity, packaging, printed materials, and three-dimensional objects. When we look at a product, we ask how it best embodies the brand.
  28. 28. Leadership & Capabilities > Company Debra Fleury, Branding and Graphics Specialist. With degrees and experience in both design and marketing, Debra has unusual insight into the power of brand and its thoughtful expression. This sensitivity makes her essential to Altitude’s strategy team, aligning project goals with brand considerations. Debra also manages the Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 communications team, overseeing naming, identity development, establishment of brand guidelines, and the execution of graphic brand expressions. In short, she brings a brand to life. In this role, she is both visionary and detail oriented, and she does it all with her characteristic warmth and wit.
  29. 29. Let’s get started. Collaboration begins with a conversation. Interested in working with us? Contact us at: Address: Phone/Fax: Web/email: Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008 363 Highland Avenue Phone: 011 +1 617.623.7600 Somerville, Massachusetts 02144 Fax: 011 +1 617.623.7755
  30. 30. Thank you. Capabilities Copyright Altitude Inc. 2008