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Unit 306 - Lesson 14 - Review


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Unit 306 - Lesson 14 - Review

  1. 1. Review the ComicLesson 15
  2. 2. Lesson GoalsUnderstand the key requirements of the client briefKnow how to identify problems faced during creationBe able to critically review your original comic book #clientbrief #review #constraints
  3. 3. What elements of ourwork can we review?Think about all stages of production…
  4. 4. Understand requirements of the briefReview Identify problems & review comic Critically review the comic book that you have made: How did you meet the requirements? What software features did you use? How did you export the comic book? Where did your assets come from? Any legal issues? What was the overall quality like? Was a high level of technical skill involved? Does it look good aesthetically? #clientbrief #review #constraints
  5. 5. Understand requirements of the briefReview Identify problems & review comic Fitness for purpose Did the comic book do it’s job? How did you make it suitable for audience? Parameters and Constraints What limitations did you have during the project? Did any restrictions hold you back? Was there anything unexpected that happened? How did you overcome the problems faced? #clientbrief #review #constraints
  6. 6. Understand requirements of the briefReview Identify problems & review comic Improvements If you had more time: What would improve your work? How would it improve your work? If you were starting again: What would you do different next time around? How would this improve your work? #clientbrief #review #constraints
  7. 7. Understand requirements of the briefFeedback Identify problems & review comic Get feedback from your peers commenting on: Strengths of the work Improvements that could be made Does the work meet the client brief? Comment on feedback received Do you agree or disagree? Explain your reasons behind your response. #clientbrief #review #constraints
  8. 8. Key WordsClient Brief Requirements for a task given to you by the clientReview Evaluate the finished work and identify good and bad pointsConstraints Limitations or restrictions which affected the project overall