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Unit 306 - Lesson 10 - Legal Issues


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Unit 306 - Lesson 10 - Legal Issues

  1. 1. Legal IssuesLesson 10
  2. 2. Lesson GoalsUnderstand legal issues surrounding the productionof your comic bookBe able to describe the ethical issues faced with thecomic book #copyright #ethics #creative commons
  3. 3. What issues surroundany original work?Think about potential problems…
  4. 4. Understand legal issues of comicLegal Issues Describe ethical issues faced Copyright Creative Commons • Protects the original creator • Allows work to be shared between • Prevents work being stolen people • Blocks anyone using your work • Breaks down barriers put in place with • Copyright infringement is theft of the copyright work • Sharing is done on the terms of the • Covers creator music, stories, art, photos, scripts, etc. • Some rights can be reserved • Allows creativity to be built upon by others #copyright #ethics #creative commons
  5. 5. Understand legal issues of comicEthical Issues Describe ethical issues faced These issues are the things that relate to the difference between what we know is morally right or wrong. Topic Safety Content • Is the overall topic • Will anyone be put at • Have you made sure it appropriate for the risk making this? doesn’t discriminate? audience? • Is there anything • Are you being • Is the topic suitable dangerous in the inclusive to all of your for this audience? project? audience? • Is the storyline • Will it cause upset to respectful? anyone? #copyright #ethics #creative commons
  6. 6. Understand legal issues of comicYour Task Describe ethical issues faced Describe the legal issues you may be faced with when creating an original comic book. Copyright Creative Commons Explain any ethical issues you might face and how you will try to prevent these occurring. Topic Safety Content #copyright #ethics #creative commons
  7. 7. Key WordsCopyright Work that has restrictions on it and can only be used with permissionCreative Commons Work that is shared by people for use with just a few rules attachedEthics The moral issues surrounding the difference between right and wrong