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Unit 206 - Lesson 4 - Planning


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Unit 206 - Lesson 4 - Planning

  1. 1. PlanningLesson 4
  2. 2. Lesson GoalsUnderstand the key requirements of the client briefBe able to generate a range of ideas for a comic bookto show to your client #theme #storyline #client #brief
  3. 3. Key WordsClient Brief Requirements for a task given to you by the clientStoryline An overview of the plot for the comic book storyTheme The topic or subject that the comic book will follow
  4. 4. Understand requirements of briefClient Brief Generate an original storyline The head teacher of a local primary school wants to introduce comics in lessons to teach students new topics such as healthy eating, food chain, habitats, four seasons etc. You must make a comic book of at least two pages and include characters that the primary school students can relate to. You must also make sure that the language used is appropriate for a primary school audience. The final comic must be exported in a format that can be distributed easily and viewed on any type of computer. #theme #storyline #client #brief
  5. 5. What are the keyrequirements?Think about your client…
  6. 6. Understand requirements of briefClient Brief Generate an original storyline Explain what you have been asked to make: What does the client want you to do? What requirements must you fulfil? Comment on your target audience: Who is the target audience? How will you consider them in your design? #theme #storyline #client #brief
  7. 7. Understand requirements of briefRequirements Generate an original storyline Think about the layout of your pages: What size pages will you use? A4 How many pages will you have? What about page orientation? How will your pages be set out? A5 Portrait Landscape #theme #storyline #client #brief
  8. 8. Understand requirements of briefStoryline Generate an original storyline Create an original idea for a storyline on your chosen theme: Beginning – Set the scene Middle – Tell the story Ending – Conclusion or cliff hanger? The storyline you write should be suitable for primary school students. It must teach the key areas of the theme that you have chosen. #theme #storyline #client #brief
  9. 9. Understand requirements of briefThink About Generate an original storyline #theme #storyline #client #brief