Unit 206 - Lesson 1 - Comic Books


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Unit 206 - Lesson 1 - Comic Books

  1. 1. Comic BooksLesson 1
  2. 2. Lesson GoalsKnow of the types of comic books that exist indifferent countriesBe able to review the key features of comic books andmake comparisons #genre #methods #format #country #communication #audience
  3. 3. Know different types of comicCountries Review features of comics Different countries use comic strips in varying ways: USA – Newspaper origins Europe – Comic book series China – Lianhuanhua Countries often portray differing, often famous individual styles: Japan – Manga France – Asterix Belgium – Tintin India – Chacha Chaudhary USA – Super Heroes UK – Beano & Dandy #genre #methods #format #country #communication #audience
  4. 4. Know different types of comicHistory Review features of comics Over the years comic strips have been used for: Propaganda – Wartime, racism, patriotism, com munism etc. Promotion – Initiatives, government, link with education. Education – Illustrative comics used in the classroom. Entertainment – Leisure reading, various age groups and#genre #methods #format #country styles. #communication #audience
  5. 5. What genre might acomic book fit into?Think about the categories…
  6. 6. Know different types of comicComic Genre Review features of comics #genre #methods #format #country #communication #audience
  7. 7. Know different types of comicResearch Comics Review features of comics There are many things to consider when reviewing comics: Genre – What category does it fit into? Audience – Who will read it? What age/gender? Country – Where did it originate from? Methods – Cartoon style, photographs, digital images Format – Size, orientation, layout Communication – Speech/thought bubbles, captions #genre #methods #format #country #communication #audience
  8. 8. Know different types of comicYour Task Review features of comics Research at least three different types of comic book reviewing: Genre Audience Country Methods Format Communication Choose comics from different countries or those that are used for different purposes. #genre #methods #format #country #communication #audience
  9. 9. Know different types of comicExample Review features of comics Genre: This comic is based on action and adventure with super heroes trying to save the world. Audience: The audience for this comic would be young teenagers and children. Country: This comic was first made in the USA but you can get it in other countries too. Methods: The scenes in this comic are all drawn by hand and use a cartoon style but are quite detailed. Formats: This comic is produced as an A4 sized comic book with portrait pages. Communication: The characters communicate mainly through speech and thought bubbles but sometimes captions are used underneath scenes. #genre #methods #format #country #communication #audience
  10. 10. Key WordsGenre The style or category of comic bookAudience People who will read the comic bookCountry Where the comic book originated fromMethods What type of drawing is used e.g. cartoon, photo, digitalFormat Page orientation and size of comicCommunication The way in which characters interact