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LO5 - Lesson 26 - Review


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LO5 - Lesson 26 - Review

  1. 1. Review – Final Review Lesson 26
  2. 2. Lesson Goals  Know the client requirements for your website  Understand how to identify main improvements  Be able to effectively evaluate the website created #aesthetic #evaluate
  3. 3. Assessment Criteria  The assessment criteria for this part of the unit is as follows: LO3 – Evaluate the new functional multi-page website. P5 Evaluate the website using the feedback gained through target audience user testing. M3 Use the user testing feedback to suggest improvements to the website’s functionality, navigation and design.
  4. 4. Client Requirements What were the requirements as defined in the client brief?
  5. 5. Website Review What key areas should an evaluation of your website cover?
  6. 6. Evaluation Know how to produce a test plan Be able to make improvements  Your evaluation of your finished web pages should cover the following: Fit for Purpose How well the website meets the initial purpose? Suitability How appropriate is the content of the site? #aesthetic #evaluate Navigation How easy is it to get from page to page? Aesthetic How have you made the site look good to the user?
  7. 7. Evaluation Know how to produce a test plan Be able to make improvements  Your evaluation should also include details of the following: Improvements Future Plans What could you make better if you had more time right now? #aesthetic #evaluate  Areas for improvement may include:  Layout  Ease of Use  Content  Rich Media  Colour Scheme What would you do if you were starting the whole thing again?
  8. 8. Your Task  Fitness for Purpose  Suitability of Content  Ease of Navigation  Aesthetic Quality  Areas for Improvement  Show evidence of where you have improved your work as a result of feedback and testing your site. Know how to produce a test plan Be able to evaluate your website  Create an evaluation of your new functional multi-page website by commenting on the following areas: #aesthetic #evaluate