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LO4 - Lesson 1 - Review


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LO4 - Lesson 1 - Review

  1. 1. Review Lesson 1
  2. 2. Logo Review  Review the logos on your worksheet writing the good points in one colour pen and bad points or areas for improvement in another colour.
  3. 3. Lesson Goals  Know areas to review in pre-production documents  Understand how to identify areas of improvement  Be able to review a range of pre-production documents #improve #review
  4. 4. What is a review? Describe the reasons for reviewing a piece of work…
  5. 5. Review Know how to review a document Identify areas of improvement  A review is typically used at the end of a project and will focus on two main areas to help the reviewer make some judgments about the work: Requirements Check to see if the products made actually meet the needs of the client Improvements Identify areas of weakness in the product that could be changed  A good review will always be balanced, looking at the main strengths but also identifying some weaknesses. #improve #review
  6. 6. Requirements Know how to review a document Identify areas of improvement  When reviewing the requirements of a digital media file the following are areas that are typically covered:  Format  Style  Clarity  Use of Colour  Use of White Space  It’s also important for you to review the suitability of the product for:  Client  Target Audience #improve #review
  7. 7. Improvements Know how to review a document Identify areas of improvement  When reviewing work you should try to decide whether the product is actually fit for purpose.  As part of this a user could suggest improvements in the following areas:  Colour Scheme  Content  Additional Scenes  Areas for improvement could cover practical areas such as correcting spelling or grammar mistakes. #improve #review
  8. 8. Reviewing Products Describe the good and bad features of the following designs…
  9. 9. Review Good Points * Nice bold writing, very readable * Very clear and clean design * Easy to see what it means at a glance Bad Points * Appeals mostly to an adult audience * Smaller text a little harder to read
  10. 10. Review Good Points * Colourful design, catches the eye * Creative design * Text easy to read Bad Points * Looks like a church window * Quite complex design * Hard to work out what it is from a distance
  11. 11. Review Good Points * Looks very creative * Pizza crust style around the edge * Easy to read the text Bad Points * Looks a little bit like Christmas style * Colour scheme is a bit boring * Flower pattern unnecessary
  12. 12. Client and Audience How can you find out if your product is suitable for both of these?
  13. 13. Feedback Know how to review a document Identify areas of improvement  There are two different types of feedback you can get to help make some comments on the quality of a project that you are reviewing: Client Feedback Feedback from the person or group who asked you to create the product. Target Audience Feedback from the intended audience or the end users of the final product #improve #review
  14. 14. Your Task Know how to review a document Identify areas of improvement  Describe why a review is used and explain the following areas:  Requirements  Improvements  Explain the differences between client and audience feedback.  Review your own pre-production documents from this unit:  Mind Map  Moodboard  Storyboard  Visualisation #improve #review
  15. 15. Homework Complete the review of the movie poster shown here on the homework worksheet provided. Your review must include comments on the quality of the product and any areas of improvement.
  16. 16. Key Words  Review  Assessing the good and bad points of a piece of work.  Improvement  Identifying methods of making a file or document better.  Target Audience  The person or group of people you are designing a product for. #improve #review