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LO3 - Lesson 21 - Page Setup


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LO3 - Lesson 21 - Page Setup

  1. 1. Creation – Page Setup Lesson 21
  2. 2. Lesson Goals  Know how to make web pages from a template  Understand links between template and web pages  Be able to create and link main pages of your website #template #html
  3. 3. Assessment Criteria  The assessment criteria for this part of the unit is as follows: LO3 – Create a new functional multi-page website P3 Demonstrate web authoring skills by creating a new competent functional multi-page website that includes: • Consistent style across pages • Text and graphics • Method of user feedback M2 Demonstrate proficient design skills. The new multi-page website produced is suitable for the target audience and includes rich media. The website produced is generally of a good technical standard. D2 Make appropriate use of optimisation techniques and site management tools. The website produced is generally of a high technical standard.
  4. 4. Template  Your Dreamweaver template will be used to create all of the other pages within your website.  Once the template is complete you can create HTML pages from it and add the relevant page information into your editable regions.  Any changes made to the template in future will be reflected in the other pages on the website automatically. #template #html Know how to use site template Be able to make main pages
  5. 5. Editable Regions Editable Region When using your template you will be locked out of the other areas. This prevents you editing parts of the page that should be the same on each page. The editable regions are used for you to place the information relevant to that page.
  6. 6. Site Setup Website  It is important that you save your web pages within the root folder of your website.  Your homepage should be named index.html with all other pages given relevant names.  Your style sheet should also be in the root folder. Know how to use site template Be able to make main pages index.html about.html gallery.html merch.html contact.html style.css
  7. 7. Your Task  Use your template to create the main pages of your website.  Add some content into your home page using the editable regions:  Text  Images  Rich Media  Link your pages together using your navigation bar or buttons. This can only be done once your pages have been saved. #template #html Know how to use site template Be able to make main pages