LO2 - Lesson 7 - Survey


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LO2 - Lesson 7 - Survey

  1. 1. Planning – Survey Lesson 7
  2. 2. Lesson Goals  Know various questioning methods for a survey  Understand how to structure appropriate questions  Be able to create a survey to analyse your target audience
  3. 3. Assessment Criteria  The assessment criteria for this part of the unit is as follows: Detailed planning for the design and function of the website considering how information flows and pages link. Justify choices in relation to target audience appeal and usability. Relevant legal and ethical issues considered. D1 P2 Plan the development of a multi-page website: • Purpose • Target Audience • Content • Production Plan M1 LO2 – Plan the development of a multipage website Consider visitor needs and how they will navigate the website. The info provided on a budget, launch date and timescale is realistic. Some consideration to relevant revenue potential.
  4. 4. Understand good questioning Survey your target audience User Needs  The user needs were defined as the requirements of the end user of your website. The two categories analysed last lesson were: Technical The things the user would READ        Obtain Information Purchase Products Download Files View Multimedia Product Pricing Merchandise Contact Details Things the user would USE        Navigation Page Flow Loading Times Accessibility Consistency Web Browsers Colour Scheme #questioning #survey
  5. 5. Target Audience Describe the way you can categorise your audience…
  6. 6. Target Audience Understand good questioning Survey your target audience  Your target audience is the person or group of people that the final website will be aimed towards.  The audience for this project is young people, male and female, aged between 18 and 25 years old.  The audience can be categorised using the following key areas:  Age  Gender  Spending Power  Interests / Hobbies #questioning #survey
  7. 7. Website Specifics Understand good questioning Survey your target audience  You will be able to find out some very interesting information from your audience that will help you style the website being planned such as: Fonts Social Media Layout Contact #questioning #survey
  8. 8. Good Questioning Think about ways of ensuring a survey is full of good questions…
  9. 9. Understand good questioning Survey your target audience Questioning  To create a well structured question you must think about the following: What is it that you actually want to learn from the results of your questionnaire overall? Open/Closed Open Questions = Possibility of good ideas Closed Questions = Clear statistical results Allow someone to answer without leading them e.g. r Do you like this? aWhat do you think of this? Sequence Trying to build up questions will make a survey flow more naturally than jumping between topics. #questioning #survey
  10. 10. Your Task Understand good questioning Survey your target audience  List at least ten questions that you could ask your target audience:  Gender  Age  Spending Power  Interests / Hobbies  Website Specific Items  Create a survey monkey featuring your ten questions using a variety of question techniques:  Single Answer  Multi Answer #questioning #survey
  11. 11. Homework Publish your survey so that you can share it with members of your target audience. Try to get a range of users, male and female close to the target age range of 18-25 to answer your survey. Results of the survey will be analysed next lesson.