LO2 - Lesson 15 - Project Plan


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LO2 - Lesson 15 - Project Plan

  1. 1. Planning – Project Plan Lesson 15
  2. 2. Lesson Goals  Know costs associated with website creation  Understand how to create an effective project plan  Be able to plan tasks, timings, resources and personnel #planning #budget
  3. 3. Assessment Criteria  The assessment criteria for this part of the unit is as follows: LO2 – Plan the development of a multipage website P2 Plan the development of a multi-page website: • Purpose • Target Audience • Content • Production Plan M1 Detailed planning for the design and function of the website considering how information flows and pages link. Justify choices in relation to target audience appeal and usability. Relevant legal and ethical issues considered. D1 Consider visitor needs and how they will navigate the website. The info provided on a budget, launch date and timescale is realistic. Some consideration to relevant revenue potential.
  4. 4. Production Plan What should a typical plan include?
  5. 5. Resources The things you require to complete each task  A typical production plan will include the following pieces of information: Production Plan Know accessibility guidelines Describe technical aspects Timings How long you expect each task to take Personnel The people involved in completing each task #planning #budget  Good plans will also include a contingency to allow time for any unexpected issues.
  6. 6. Website Production List the main activities that could be considered when planning a website...
  7. 7.  The four main stages of production carried out in any project are: Website Production Know accessibility guidelines Describe technical aspects Research Plan Create Review #planning #budget  Project plans should also give the opportunity for both client and target audience feedback. * Page layout * Colour schemes * Font styles * Rich media * Content * User needs * Questionnaire * Intial ideas * Create assets * Set up template * Objectivity * Add schemes * Add text * Add rich media * Hyperlinks * Create form * Testing Table * Review quality * Testing * Check for errors * Feedback * Fit for purpose * Improvements * Target Audience * Existing Websites
  8. 8. Gantt Chart Know accessibility guidelines Describe technical aspects #planning #budget  Big projects can be planned using Gantt charts which show how tasks will be completed over a period of time:  As with any type of a project plan, a Gantt chart can also show:  Resources  Personnel  Status
  9. 9.  Sign up to Toms Planner and create a Gantt chart for your project:  Research  Plan  Create  Review  Explain what time you’ve built in as a contingency incase anything goes wrong and a realistic launch date.  Describe the impact of any costs researched last lesson e.g. budget, hosting etc. Your Task Know accessibility guidelines Describe technical aspects #planning #budget