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LO2 - Lesson 14 - Assessment


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Published in: Education
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LO2 - Lesson 14 - Assessment

  1. 1. Assessment Lesson 14
  2. 2. Lesson Goals  Know key definitions and examples of planning topic  Understand structure of typical exam questions  Be able to use feedback to improve work #assessment #planning
  3. 3. Assessment A few things to consider: ✚ Write neatly ✚ Attempt every question ✚ Stay silent throughout ✚ Don’t be tempted to copy!
  4. 4. Your Task Know key planning definitions Improve revision guide  Use the feedback given on your R081 Revision Guide to improve your work:  Client Requirements  Target Audience  Primary and Secondary Sources  Work Plan  Hardware and Software  Health and Safety  Legislation  Make sure you add a comment on the teacher feedback to explain how you have improved your work. #assessment #planning